What are Handicaps? Instructions on how to calculate Handicap at Depobos

Nowadays, passionate brothers are very interested in this type of Handicap. This is a very simple type of bet, but you also need to know it well to ensure a win in your hand. So what is a handicap handicap? How to play, through this article, our Depobos sends instructions on how to calculate the Handicap at Depobos in the most specific way.

What is a Disability?

The name handicap can be interpreted as another name for the Asian handicap. This type of market is represented in the form of numbers, and is calculated based on the goal difference between the two teams.

Asian bookmakers have to rely on the odds provided by European bookmakers to be able to offer the right handicap available to Asian depobos players. In every bookie, there will be an expert who studies the upcoming football match. Based on this, the bookmaker will consider many aspects to calculate and provide the right handicap for the ball game, and at the same time provide the appropriate bet for each door.

So, do you already understand the concept of Handicap? That’s how to read, please continue to learn more about this handicap in the next section.

Handicap 0 (ball): with this type of handicap, you place it on any door, you will win if the team wins, if it is a draw, you will not lose money, meaning you do not lose and do not win either.

Handicap 0.25 (1/4): the top team will receive an underdog of 0.25 remaining, so if you bet on the over side, when that team wins, you will win the bet, losing the entire amount. Likewise for Daftar Agen Bola Terbaik underdog team.

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If you choose the top team to win, but draw will lose half of your bet.

Handicap 0.5 (1/2 or half left): the top team receives the bottom left 0.5. If the score is tied, the top team will also lose, the bottom team will eat all, only when they win the top team will eat money.

Handicap 0.75 left (3/4): the top team receives the bottom team 0.75 remaining. When you choose the top team, you will eat all the money if the top team wins more than 2 goals, and 1 goal will take half of the money, if you draw, you will lose enough money.

1 left handicap: top team receives bottom left team. If the over and under are only 1 goal apart, they will be considered a draw and the money will be returned to the participant. But if you choose the top door and the result is a win by two goals or more then you win the bet, if the underdog wins or the score draws, you lose your bet.

Odd handicap 1.25 left (1-1/4): the top team receives the bottom team 1.25 left. If you catch the top team and the top team wins by 1 goal more than the underdog team, you lose half of your bet, you will only bet if the top team wins by 2 goals or more.

Left handicap 1.5: The top team receives a handicap under 1.5. When you bet on the top team and they only win by 1 goal, you lose your bet. If the top team scores 2 goals or more then you win the full bet.

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Left Handicap 1.75: In this category, if you bet the top team and they win by exactly 2 goals, you will get half of your original bet. The top team wins 3 goals or more, you will win the whole bet.

Left 2nd handicap: top team receives bottom left team 2. Therefore, top team wins only by eating 3 goals or more, and if 2 goals are correct, the match is considered a draw and bets are on both teams, and less than 2 goals you will lost all bets

Some experience in choosing a Handicap should not be ignored

Although betting on football handicaps is a matter of chance, you can still increase your chances of winning Handicap bets by gaining the following experience:

1. Learn about the soccer team

Before placing a bet, you need to know basic team information such as confrontation history, performance, players … in order to consider carefully and make wise decisions. about your bet. In addition, during the game, focus on watching the football match, and pay attention to your ability to win the highest bet.

2. Choose half bet

With this form of halfway betting, you can better assess the strength of both teams, thereby adjusting the stakes. In addition, when the dealer changes the odds or an unexpected situation occurs, it is also possible to change the situation flexibly.

3. Select a weight scale

The thing to note when betting is that you should choose a market where the matches are evenly matched with each other, without too much difference in strength and power.

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4. Not all bets

It can be said that betting is a game of luck also depends on the luck of each person. Therefore, you must have a smart betting strategy with your capital. Don’t miss much of the day, you have to stop and sit and watch, because those impulsive moments will make your decision making less accurate.

5. Important matches

The handicap market has relatively large opportunities, so players can freely choose important matches that are of interest to many people. A match is considered important if there is a strongest team participating and many brothers are participating. Therefore, choose the Handicap in this match to get a greater chance of winning.

6. Teams have differences

If you observe and find that the odds of the top half are too high, and then drop rapidly for a few hours before the game starts, this is a sign that you will see that the top team could you are at a disadvantage, so to ensure safety, you should choose to bet with the unseeded team.

Always the same, you have to watch both teams closely, if the handicap goes down and the win is still the same, you have to choose the weaker team. In particular, with a left handicap of 0.5, a high win, you should also consider choosing a weaker team to bet on.


Important information regarding the Handicap Handicap above will help many brothers and sisters in making betting decisions. Visit Southeast Asia’s leading prestigious bookmaker Depobos to participate in the best football matches.