Tricks to play super 10 IDN poker Indonesia

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Super 10 gambling is a new gambling game owned by IDN Poker, using playing cards as the main gambling tool.

This super ten or super 10 gambling is taken from China and this game is very famous there and is called samgong.

IDN Poker Indonesia always puts its members first and always provides new games so they don’t feel bored.

IDN poker or IDN play daftar idnplay poker88 as the largest gambling company in Asia always wants to be at the forefront of other gambling companies.

This super ten game is now starting to be liked by many people. In Indonesia, this gambling game is not too prominent.

However, how to play and bet is very easy to learn, just like online poker gambling.

In the Super 10 game there is the term dealer button, which is the person or player to the left of the previous winner. This dealer button position will get the last street position.

And the first way is the position to the left of the dealer button, which is the person who won before. So he will do the ante first.

Ante here means that you bet the first time with a minimum value of 500 chips or in other terms a blind set.

To know the super ten uses chips as a means of money. So when you want to play super ten gambling then you exchange your money for chips first.

For a minimum of buying chips, the minimum is 5000 chips. This super ten game method is to use playing cards.

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In their limit table, there are things starting from the smallest to VIP. When you want to play and enter the table, the minimum chips you have to buy is 5000.

How to play super ten

  • One round in this super ten game consists of 4 rounds, namely:
  • ante (blind set) first,
  • bet fighting second,
  • last card third,
  • final bet and open card fourth.

In this super ten game, you have to collect the highest point value, which is 30.

And in a card with a picture of KING, QUEEN, JACK will be worth 10 and the rest for numbers will follow all.

For As itself can be worth 2, namely the value 1 and the value 11.

If you have a card with a total value below 20 then your ace will be worth 11.

And vice versa if your card with a total value is above 20 then your ace card will change its value to 1.

The more often you play then the more you will become an expert in this super ten gambling game.

Indonesian Poker IDN Site

There is also an IDN poker site that always provides bonuses for its members who make deposits on the Indonesian IDN poker site.

Then there are daily bonuses, turn over bonuses, referral bonuses and much more.

Always play any kind of online gambling on trusted online gambling sites such as the IDN poker site.

For super ten gambling, this is only owned by the IDN poker site, so if you want to try playing this super ten gambling, register yourself immediately.

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Get jackpots and promotions that are always given by the IDN poker gambling site. There will be 24-hour service and non-stop live chat if you need direct assistance.

Local banks that have collaborated with IDN poker sites will be ready to meet all your needs to make deposits and withdrawals of money smoothly.

On the IDN Poker site, all your gambling games will be smooth, safe and comfortable when playing online gambling.

Having a special agent for the IDN poker site in Indonesia will also really help you, especially in Indonesia itself.

Of course, the server and network will be more stable as well as service and live chat services that use Indonesian.

Of course, it will be very helpful for online gambling members in Indonesia, because the majority of Indonesians cannot speak English.

So what are you waiting for, register now and try the new game from this IDN poker site, SUPER 10.