Tips & Trick To win in the Super 10 game which is currently viral on online gambling sites. Currently the Super 10 game is enjoyed by many poker players in Indonesia because the win rate is greater than other games.

However, not many poker players daftar poker idnplay know how to play Super 10 well and correctly and the tricks for playing Super 10 we must know and learn, so that we can achieve a greater level of victory.

How to win playing Super 10, we shouldn’t be afraid to lose or have thoughts like that. We have a little solution for how to play super 10 poker, you are a member who plays super 10. Don’t worry too much because this time we will give some tricks to play super 10 on IDNPLAY with Poker139 Online Gambling Agent.



Previously our members played more seriously. It’s good you have to test the Hockey of your card. By looking at the cards from your first 5x round. If in the 5x round you win 4x or only lose 1x, then you have to continue by increasing the value of your bet. Because you’re there hockey to play.


For super game play 10 IDN PLAY. We recommend that you avoid rooms with only 2 or 3 players. Because it could be that there are only 3 people at the table who just want to trap or they are a team. In Try, you choose a room with an amount above 3 and it’s better if you play in a full room. It’s guaranteed safe and no traps.

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Members must be able to set their own game strategy by increasing and decreasing the bet value from each round. Don’t just on good cards raise your bets. Because your opponent will know how to play you easily.


This is a very decisive role for your victory. You have to really use your feelings well to be able to win in this game.


Avoid playing super 10 gambling in crowded places such as internet cafes or when you are together with friends who have a riotous nature. If you can advice from us. For our members Play in APK or on HP only. Because it concentrates better. Hockey or luck is also the cause of your victory. However, if you use the super 10 tips and tricks that I provide, the chances of your defeat will be reduced.

That’s how to win playing Super 10 gambling that I wrote, hopefully it will be useful and can help you to win continuously playing Super 10 online gambling.