Tips for Registering and Depositing Gaming Capsa Susun from the IDN PLAY Site

Judi Capsa Online is a gambling game that is much loved by the world community, including the people of Palembang, of course. If we look back at the beginning, this Capsa Game we know through the land gambling game that is usually played on Chinese New Year’s Eve or lunar day.

Until now, we can easily play Capsa gambling. With technological advances that are increasingly sophisticated and innovative, we can even play Capsa gambling games on daftar poker online the current smartphone platform. So bettors no longer need to play Capsa Susun on devices such as computers or PCs.

It is also supported by the increasing number of agent sites that provide Capsa gambling services that you can choose freely, making it easier for you to play Capsa Susun freely, safely and relaxed.

Well, tonight, Mimin wants to discuss a theme entitled Secret Register and Depo Gaming for Capsa Online Gambling from Wap IDN PLAY. For those of you who are still confused about how the process is to register and fill in the Capsa Online Gambling Gaming Balance, please read this theme to the end.


Before you start playing Capsa gambling, of course, you must have an ID or account to be able to access and play. For that, Mimin would like to recommend a Capsa Susun gambling site which of course is already known and trusted, namely the Capsa IDN Web.

Don’t forget to also provide recommendations for the best and most trusted agents in the registration process, namely the Poker139 agent site. This site has been trusted since 2015 and has become one of the trusted partners of the IDNPLAY Capsa IDNPLAY Capsa gambling agent.


In order for the registration process to run smoothly, the bettor must first prepare personal data that will be used as a registration requirement. The conditions that bettors must prepare are as follows:

  • Full name :
  • Account number :
  • Bank name :
  • Email address :
  • Contact Number :
  • Games Type:

For the sake of security and convenience when you become an IDNPLAY Capsa Online participant, it is better if the data that Bettor provides to the Poker139 agent site is valid and original data. The goal is that in the process of making a deposit or withdrawal there is no difficulty.


For the problem of the Deposit Procedure itself, of course, the IDN PLAY Web applies a very easy and easy Balance Fill system that does not confuse IDNPLAY Capsa Susun fans themselves. But still, you have to comply with the methods that are already on the Poker139 agent website and the IDNPLAY Capsa Online Site itself.

Mimin will discuss some techniques and guidelines for doing DP games for IDN PLAY Capsa Online gambling on the Poker139 agent website. Here is an easy key, namely:

Ask the account to which you want to top up your balance before you make a deposit

This aims to avoid transfer errors made by members. All forms of transfer errors without prior confirmation are considered to be the member’s own fault.

Make a deposit from a registered account

Always and always make a deposit from the account number that has been registered on the Poker139 agent site. If you fill in the balance not from a registered account, but the account is yours, please confirm it with customer service first.

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Fill in the Depo form and check the amount of DP

After you send proof of DP, customer service will check the funds you sent and will fill in your credit or account balance according to the nominal transfer you sent. Check again the amount of balance that is filled in and make sure it is appropriate and correct.

Please queue when the Fill Balance queue is busy

When the conditions for the Deposit process are crowded, please wait and be big. Wait for the queue in the order and don’t spam chat with customer service. All receipts of incoming transfers will be processed in accordance with the order.

That’s all, Mimin’s discussion about tips on registering and Depo Gaming Gambling Capsa Online IDN PLAY on the Poker139 agent website. Mimin, I hope that my article with the title How to Register and DP Games Gambling Capsa Susun from Wap IDNPLAY can be useful for you.

Thank you for those of you who have read this article to the end and see you again in the next interesting discussion about the IDNPLAY Capsa gambling game. For more information, please contact the live chat facility next to this theme or call the contact number below.

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