The Most Awaited Android Game by Slot Gambling Lovers in 2021

The Most Awaited Android Game by Slot Gambling Lovers in 2021

With the rapid development of technology, games on mobile promo slot online gambling sites are expected to develop. The 90s remember that in their spare time there was only Snake or Fruit Ninja in mobile games. Now you can play MOBA, FPS and even Battle Royale on mobile devices, they have also evolved into esports. Of course the technology will continue to develop in 2021 and existing Android games will be even more interesting. Which Android game do you think will be released in 2021 ?.

List of the Most Awaited Mobile Games by Gambling Agents

  • Tom Clancy, Tim Competition

First announced at E3 2019, Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad is a real-time strategy game. This Ubisoft game continues the Tom Clancy franchise with police characters from around the world who each have special abilities. So you can see characters like Caveira, Montagne from Rainbow Six: Siege and even the legendary Sam Fisher from the Splinter Cell series in this game.

Judging from the trailer, this game will feature a group of heroes that will allow you to collect characters from various Tom Clancy series and assemble the best troops to defeat the horror in the world. However, the release date for this game is still unclear, but it will likely be released on Android first.

  • Game : Apex Legends – Mobile

This game has been very popular with gamers for a while. Apex Legends is rumored to be released on mobile for everyone to play. Based on rumors, Electronic Arts developer finally confirmed the existence of Android Apex Legends.

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However, there is no further information regarding the release date or appearance of the upcoming game. Some say it will be a live port version. This means Android Apex Legends is not the same as PUBG Mobile, which is comparable to a standalone game for mobile devices. If it is true that Android Apex Legends has a direct port similar to Fortnite Mobile where players can play with players on a PC or console.

  • Mobile Game: Final Fantasy Final: Remaster

Unsurprisingly, Final Fantasy, one of Square Enix’s most successful series, is full of new stories. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicle is a collaborative role-playing game released in 2003. Fifteen years later, Square Enix announced that they would finally re-release Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicle and launch it in late 2019.

However, the release of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is still being delayed due to a series of technical issues. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicle has been delayed until January 23, 2021 and is expected to be released in the summer or third quarter of 2021. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is a cross-platform game that can be played on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android.

  • Game Teamfight Tactics Mobile

Since 2009, Riot Games initially focused exclusively on developing League of Legends. Until he celebrated his 10th birthday but decided to develop another game with League of Legends. With a special edition called Riot Plus: 10th Anniversary Edition – League of Legends. He announced his plans for the future, one of which was the Auto Battler League of Legends called Teamfight Tactics.

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With Dexterto TFT Mobile, it will be available in most countries around the world in mid-March. The game is then played on a platform between a PC and a mobile device. For now, you can pre-register on the TFT Mobile Play Store page.

  • Game Exile Mobile Road

Although little known in Indonesia, the path to exile is a phenomenon. Developed by Grinding Gear Games, this game offers a gaming experience like Diablo, but because of its characteristic, fast combat. This game was first released on PC in 2013 and grew until it finally made its way to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Now the next upgrade is the mobile version. Path of Exile Mobile was first announced in November 2019 at ExileCon. However, Chris Wilson, CEO of Grinding Gears, said the title was a “live” game. He was careful and didn’t want to go wrong like a blizzard. Therefore, the exact release date for this game is questionable, as development may continue or stop depending on feedback from fans.

  • Game : League of Legends: Wild Rift MObile

The new and highly anticipated Wild Rift with League of Legends. After Moba battles on mobile since 2018, “Moba Boss” has finally been activated. Wild Rift, Both Riot Plus: The 10th Anniversary Edition – announced in League of Legends, immediately garnered a lot of attention with its promising trailer.

However, their existence carried a sign. Could this game be as successful as League of Legends? Will Mobile Legends succeed in the Moba mobile competition in Indonesia? As for the release date, Riot Games cannot confirm anything. He didn’t say the Wild Rift would be out before the end of 2021. You can now pre-register on the official Wild Rift page below.

  • Game Mobile : Activision Blizzard
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Activision Blizzard announced its new game for mobile devices at the launch of BlizzCon 2018. Game – Diablo Immortal. Suddenly, this announcement made fans angry. No, it’s not because Diablo Immortal was announced, but because it was announced by Blizzard, which immediately crushed the expectations of the fans who flocked to BlizzCon.

However, this does not mean that this Android game cannot be expected in 2021. One of the reasons is that with good graphics and dynamic gameplay, this game is as simple and promising. According to Gamespot, the alpha test for Diablo Immortal is scheduled for 2021. Diablo Immortal, made with NetEase from China, does not yet have an official release date.

Although many interesting Android games will be released in 2021, unfortunately most of their release dates are yet to be determined.