The Best Ways to Play Super 10 Online For Beginners in Indonesia

How to Play Super 10 – Super 10 game is actually another word for samgong game, where the goal of this game is to get the highest card combination.

The Super 10 game is actually very easy to understand, because there are not many rules contained in the Super 10 game, with frequent practice we will easily play it.

Super 10 games have not long appeared among online gamblers, but have quite a lot of fans because they are easy enough to play daftar idnplay poker99.

To be able to play Super 10, of course, you must have an official account on the Kaspoker site, by registering and providing valid data (active data) such as email, phone number, account number and account name.

If you are registered on the official Super10 website, then enjoy 7 types of popular games, such as: super 10 (samgong), capsa stacking, ceme, online ceme, domino qiu qiu, poker and omaha. You need to know that all types of bets use real money.

You can play Super 10 from your PC, laptop and smartphone, both Android and IOS versions. If you want to play through a smartphone, you must first download the mobile version of the application.

Tutorial How to Play Super 10 For Beginners

In how to play Super 10, it can be played with a maximum of 9 (nine) players in 1 table, the game moves clockwise the same as other card games.

In this game each player will be dealt 2 cards first, before being distributed the 3rd card all players can bet or fold, at this stage the player who folds will not follow the next stage.

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After that, the 3rd card will be dealt and form a combination of the number of values, the one with the highest combination of values ​​will be the winner.

The essence of super 10 is to add up 3 cards with the highest combination being 10, the player who has a value of 10 will win the game.

The order of the highest cards in super 10 is as follows, for King, Queen and Jack cards are worth 10:

A. Three picture

Is a card arrangement consisting of a combination of 3 cards, namely King, Queen, Jack, free flower symbols.

B. Super 10

Is an arrangement of cards that has the number 10, for example: 6, 3, 1.

C. Value 10

A combination of 3 cards that have a value of up to 20 or 30, where on the cards there are King, Queen, Jack and combinations with numbers. Example: 6, 4 = 10 with King, Queen or Jack

D. Value 9

Combination of 3 cards with a total value of 9. Example: 6, 3, Jack

E. Value 8

Combination of 3 cards with a total value of 8. Example: 7, 1, King

F. Value 7

Combination of 3 cards with a total value of 7. Example: 2, 5, Queen

G. Value 6

Combination of 3 cards with a total value of 6. Example: 5, 1, Jack

H. Value 5

Combination of 3 cards with a total value of 5. Example: 3, 2, King

I. Value 4

Combination of 3 cards with a total value of 4. Example: 3, 1, Queen

J. Value 3

Combination of 3 cards with a total value of 3. Example: 2, 1, Jack

K. Value 2

Combination of 3 cards with a total value of 2. Example: 1, 1, King

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L. Value 1

A combination of 3 cards with a total value of 1. Example: 10, 10, 1
It is not enough just to know the order of the cards and the basic techniques, if you want to win the bet we have to learn a few tricks from how to play Super 10 online.

The following are super 10 online tricks that can help you win bets, please read carefully the explanation below so that you understand and can apply it when you make a bet:

1. Prepare Capital

If you are the type of gambler who likes to play attacking, you should prepare more capital so that you can play an attacking strategy. When you want to play casually, you should prepare enough capital and play attacking when you get good cards.

2. Set a Winning Target

You should have a winning target that you want to achieve, if that target has been achieved, stop immediately or make a withdrawal.
Example: your target is 5x of the capital brought.

3. Learn Opponents’ Tricks

Before we sit down at the table, the thing we have to do is read all the opponent’s strategies so that we understand what kind of tricks we should play when making bets.

4. Bluffing

You can bluff if the card you get is not good, by bluffing you can make your opponent give up so that you will win the game, but keep in mind, this technique is sometimes not very effective for some players, so be careful when doing Bluffing.

5. Switch Strategy

Play smart, every player must have a strategy, but if every round uses the same strategy it will be easy for opponents to read the table, so every few rounds change your strategy.


I am sure you will play correctly and be able to use the right strategy, if you read carefully the explanation above and to increase your confidence before betting, I will give a few tips on how to play Super 10 online.

Tips for Playing Super Ten Online

We will give you a few tips before you place a bet, you should clearly read the explanation below.

Here are tips for playing Super 10 online:

1. Have a Special Account

You should have a special account to play online gambling and don’t combine it with the savings account you have.

2. Choose a table with many players

If we win the game with a large number of players, then we will get maximum results.

3. Play With Focus

You should play with focus, because if you don’t focus, you will lose.

4. Moving Tables

If you experience consecutive losses in several rounds, immediately switch tables and look for luck at another table.

5. Start Betting With Small Bet

When you have determined the table, start playing with the smallest bet first, so you can read the pattern of the game.

6. Playing Experience

Learn from your experience playing Super 10, so you can find strategies and what actions need to be taken in every condition that is being faced.

For those of you who want to play Super10 but have not registered as a member, please fill out the FREE registration form below using valid data.