Techniques for Playing Handicap Soccer Gambling Correctly on the Sportbook

How to play online soccer gambling handicaps is a game that is familiar to Indonesian citizens, the tutorial for playing is also really easy to do. Most people call handicap the term lisonjero street, in the handicap game the betting method is like giving points or receiving points from both workforces, we usually call voor-vooran.

Of course, everyone likes sports such as football, bag, volleyball and others. Members can play all of this in handicap gambling in the seportbook menu, and now you can play situs depobos handicaps online via a PC or mobile phone based on Android and IOS.

If you usually play gambling with land dealers / with friends, if you have difficulty finding a betting opponent.

You don’t need to be nervous anymore, you can primary through famous gambling sites like Sbobet agents. Sbobets itself is a football betting site that has long been present in Southeast Asia.

Agent Sbobet is a well-known soccer gambling company that is safe and reliable, every guarantee of success will be paid on time.

We as gambling agents also certainly provide service and convenience for all of you. In problem gambling there are several betting terms as well, here we explain in detail how to play.

Know the inconvenient way of online soccer gambling using small capital, of course you can play, even winning is the goal for bettors to get bigger profits.

Immediately, see in the discussion of the technique of playing handicap, below, what are the terms in the game now? Below is a detailed explanation of Indonesia: game slot online terbaik

1. Handicap Betting Terms

Handicap is a means of ball game or betting variant in soccer gambling that plays a pooran difference, there are several terms in Indonesian betting that should be known as follows:

LEGS ( Full Time )

Full Time is a match of two halves (two a 45 minutes).

FH ( First 50 % )

First half is a match played only one round (1 populace 45 minutes).

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Odds as we know it are the market is one bet.

H ( Home )

Home or willing kindertageseinrichtung call as the host of residence.

A ( At a distance )

Away is a term for the opposing team.

T ( Win )

Gain means getting the best possible win.

Phase ( Lose )

Drop is to get a defeat in a match.

WH ( Get Half )

Gain Half means getting half success.

LH ( Drop 50 percent )

Lose Half means you lose half.

2. How to Read Voor-Vooran in Inconveniente Gambling

In real handicap gambling, there are several voorans that must be understood, as follows:


Such related bets can be said to be leg-legkan / willing to be said to be \ real vooran.

0-0. five

Yielding is said to be pooran 0.25.

0. 5

Pooran 0.5 is also known as pooran 1/2.

0. 5-1

0.5-1 is termed pooran by 3/4.

just one

Marked give or receive points 1.

Likewise, through the next pooran which is the same as the example above.

3. How to Predict Kei

Kei is divided into 2 types, namely kei plus and kei minus, these kei affect the details if you win.

Make the kei minus itself have an effect, if you lose in the bet you will be subject to tax money. That’s how to read kei you need to know.

We provide some calculations and examples on how to play online gambling handicaps as follows:

AIR CONDITIONING UNIT Milan as opposed to AS Roma

AC Miami gives 1 point to AS Roma, if the final score through the match is 0-0. If you choose AS Roma then you get a full win, for example playing 100 thousand with probabilities 1. only two means that the details of the victory get 100,000 x 1 . 2 is equal to 120.500 (excluding capital).

Barcelona vs Real Madrid

Barcelona receive 1/4 points from Real This town, if the final vardagskl?der for the Barcelona vs Authentic Madrid match is like 0-0.

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Obviously, the bet for Barcelona is half superior, if the playing capital is 200 thousand with several chances, of course the method of calculating the win is for example 200,000: 2 equals 100,000 (not including capital).

Strategy vs Gatwick

Arsenal receive a 3/4 vote from Liverpool, if the final scores Menu 0 ~ 1 Liverpool. If you look for Arsenal and then you lose half, for example playing 90 thousand with odds of 2.4, of course the calculation becomes 100,000: a couple of = 40,000.

Atl vs Bologna

Atlanta gives voor a couple of against Bologna, if the final credit score of Atlanta vs Bologna 1-2. When you choose Bologna, you win in full, for example, place a bet of 2 hundred thousand with odds of -2. 5.

That means you will get a winning bonus of only 200 thousand, which does not include capital and kei dollars. Because the odds of subtract are hit by kei money.

Lazio vs Parma

Lazio receives voor one from Parma, if the score ends between Lazio vs Parma 0-0

If you choose Parma and then you fall to your knees completely, if you bet moderately 200 thousand using odds -1. 4 of course the calculation becomes 100. 000 simple -1. several = 145,000 (includes kei/tax money).

That’s how to play the online Adulador handicap for newbies, easy isn’t it? However, before you start betting, make sure you check out our problem ball winning tips.

The guidelines for this method are guaranteed to be effective and accurate in achieving any serious betting success.

Here are the suggestions that we promised before, surely you can’t wait, right? If you want to know tips on how to play online gambling handicaps, you don’t have to go too far. We will give 7 tips and tricks for this lucky game as follows:

Reading the Guide

Try predicting and re-understanding the information about the guidelines above, clearly this is useful for you to make it easier for you later when betting.

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View Prediction Reference

No need to feel confused when making a bet, of course we have provided accurate predictions for you to make reference later.

Using Thin Capital

When you are going to play bets, it is a good idea for us to use a little capital first, it is intended that you experience extensive losses when you lose.

Betting on the Big Team

We also recommend all members to bet on big teams, because often in these teams there are many star players who will make it easier to win.

Integrating Feeling

When betting, it is important for all members to use their own feelings, because that can be more certain.

So, but there’s nothing wrong with combining the sensation with suggestions from other people, because it will make you feel more confident later in making sure to place bets.

Do not rush

Make sure when making bets it is not done in a hurry, because the market in the agent can change, change, change at any time by itself. Also, make sure that the selection of members and the market is suitable and not wrong.

No need to be greedy

If you have won a lot, we recommend making a withdrawal or withdrawal first and after that you can continue again later.

That’s how to play handicap betting online that you need to understand, we believe this df can help how to play handicap gambling easily and correctly.

Don’t forget to look at our tips to make success easier, I as a well-known betting agent always pray for the famous ones for all of you, including to get great success.

Thank you for your time and happy testing, I hope you guys also enjoy this handicap soccer betting game.