Poker139 provides TRUSTED ONLINE POKER games

Poker139 provides TRUSTED ONLINE POKER games, namely balak play, 1 gaming and idn play. Only with 1 online poker id can play capsa susun online all online poker gambling games. Gaple card gambling games and poker card gambling are very well known by the general public in Indonesia.

The types of games provided by real money online poker include playing online poker playing cards, train gaple gambling, ceme qq gambling, mobile ceme gambling, capsa poker gambling, online domino gambling, online omaha gambling and super 10 poker betting.

Balak play Online

Balak play is one of the poker card games and gaple cards in the latest online poker games that can be played with real money.

Balak play games can be played via your smartphone or PC easily and easily. The way to be able to play on your smartphone, you can download the balak play apk on your smartphone by asking for a direct link to the agent who already exists on this site.

Meanwhile, for members who have registered for log play and have a log play account, they can make a balance play deposit or real money play deposit and then you can immediately play in gaple play logs online.

Balak play has provided several types of gaple card games and poker playing cards, including:

Domino gaple

Gaple domino gambling is a game that is played by 2 to 4 people, each of whom gets 7 cards. Each player connects cards to each other in a clockwise direction. Each player who does not manage to insert a card will be subject to a fine and the one who manages to spend the first card will be declared the winner


ceme around

ceme keliling gambling is a gaple card game that is played by 2 to 8 people. one of the players will be the city of gaple cards, this system alternates with other players to become the city of each round. When one of the players gets the number 9 or higher from the city, then the victory will be in times 2. But when the city gets the number 9 then all players are declared losers.

ceme town

Ceme city games online, almost have similarities with mobile ceme. The difference is that the dealer does not move – moving to another player every round. Furthermore, the system and calculation of numbers is the same as online ceme

domino qq

Domino qiu qiu or known as qiu qiu gaple is usually played by 2 to 6 players. Each player will be dealt 3 cards at the beginning and can bet again to get the 4th card.

For players who manage to get the highest number of these 4 cards will be declared the winner

black jack poker

Black Jack Poker game uses playing cards which are played by 2 to 5 people where each player will be dealt 2 cards first. And players can bet to get additional cards if the cards you have have not reached 21.

Each player can request a maximum of 5 cards with the highest value of the highest 21 numbers.

poker dice

Poker dice game is played by 2 to 6 players using 5 dice and then the dice are shaken by each player. The player who gets the highest score will be declared the winner and the player who loses or the lowest score must pay a fine to the player who has the highest score.

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dice bite ham

The dice gambling game can be played by 2 to 6 players with the highest value being 5 twin dice with the highest point which is calculated from the numbers 1-6-5-4-3-2. And get five small bulls with a total of 10 points from the 5 dice.


1 Online poker is one of the real money online poker that can be played safely and comfortably. By using an id from Poker139 without having to have another id.

In the 1poker game, there are 11 one poker games that you can play safely, among them are:

  • Game Texas Holdem
  • Judi ceme online
  • ceme around Indonesia
  • Domino qq online
  • bandar ceme gaple
  • real money bag
  • 1poker omaha
  • card box susun


This poker game 1 is made and presented to members without the presence of robots and is handled in a mature and fair manner.

1 poker is very well known by people outside Indonesia and now with 1 online poker it has been present in Indonesia.

Members of 1 online poker now don’t need to go abroad, just play at 1 Poker 139 and are assisted by the osg88 1 poker live chat provided on this site.


Poker idn play or known as idn poker is the largest online poker in Indonesia, almost 6 million poker players in Indonesia who used to play on texas poker facebook or poker live that do not use coins, can play on idn poker real money. Currently idn poker online has collaborated with Poker139 to help soccer gambling members, online slot members or online gambling players who want to play poker. Now it’s enough with 1 id you can play poker idn play real money at Poker139 Idn play poker has provided online poker games including:

  • Texas poker online
  • Domino online
  • Bandar ceme
  • Ceme around
  • Suspended box
  • Great one
  • Omaha online
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To all members of Poker139 online gambling, if you are interested in joining and playing with Poker139, you can register for online poker in online poker live chat or online poker social media at Poker139 for free.