IDN POKER is a Poker139 site equipped with real money online poker gambling games directly in Indonesia that offers the game idn poker 88 apk. This official online gambling game guided by the Pagcor & Bbmtestlabs gambling license was launched in Indonesia in 2021. We are here to offer you registration to become the newest member with several advantages. By joining here you can enjoy playing the 10 best types of games that use real money when you deposit and play


Poker139 is the IDNPLAY gambling site, the official online idn poker server, login & list of the best online idn poker, the trusted IDN POKER88 apk agent with various types of games that you can choose from. As the largest and most comprehensive online poker site in Asia, it certainly has the types of games that can be played and certainly profitable for all players. Poker139 always maintains your safety and comfort when playing poker online uang asli. We guarantee that all your data privacy is safe and unpublished which is supported with a modern and responsive appearance by providing 10 types of the best and most popular idnpoker games in Indonesia, including:

Poker Online

The most popular game is ONLINE POKER, one room is usually filled with at least 2 players up to 8 players and each player will be dealt 2 cards. The two cards will later be combined with 3 of the 5 cards on the game table. For the player who gets the highest card combination, of course, the winner in this game, for the level of the card arrangement that has the highest value is the combination of cards from the royal flush and for the lowest card arrangement is the high card which is the value of the card itself The popularity of the game is very popular today, the original real player vs player game system.


The next game, dominoqq, is not played using gaple cards or dominoes as the name suggests. Each player will get 3 cards and before the 4th card is given the players are given the choice to follow the game by placing a higher bet amount or withdraw from the game by closing their cards. The two parts or groups are the sum of 2 cards with the highest value of 9 or kiu kiu. A main basis that makes it called domino qq or qiu qiu.

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CEME is a domino card game that makes the number 9 as the highest value, the city of ceme has little comparison with qiuqiu dominoes. In the ceme game, one player has the opportunity to become a city in a game room, each player is only dealt 2 cards.

Ceme Online

For players who have the assumption that the city’s position is more favorable, CEME ONLINE is more suitable for you. Because in this game the position of the ceme city is not always sort of on the ceme game. Ceme online game of course every player has the opportunity to become a city without having to have a larger capital first and the turn into a city that is clockwise.

Susun box

This game uses the same mixed rules as Poker88, but is slightly different in its application. Based on its name, capsa which means 13 and stacking which literally matches its name, the game of capsa stacking is played by arranging thirteen cards. In general, the Capsa Susun game has 4 players, the optimal way to play Capsa Susun is that each player will get 13 cards which will be arranged into 3 parts, in the first part the player will arrange 3 cards and in the second and third the players will arrange 5 cards. cards to form the highest card rank. All players are required to arrange a mix of poker cards with layers 3-5-5 (order from top to bottom).


The Super10 game may still sound foreign to the ears of Indonesian citizens. But when you look at the game, of course you feel often heard because it is similar to samgong. The cards used are playing cards and each player gets 3 cards. If in Sakong the 3 cards can be added up to 30, it is extraordinary that it is only 10. The highest card value in an extraordinary game 10 is a mix of 3 poker cards.


Omaha is an innovative development of the official texas holdem poker game. Omaha game is dealt 4 cards. But the cards that can be combined are still only 2 cards. This game was created in order to increase the chance of a bigger victory.


Blackjack is a popular name for gambling games in casinos and virtual, certainly no stranger to the game number 21 as the highest number. How to play blackjack is that each player only needs to collect cards until they get the highest card value, which is 21 and if the player gets a card value that exceeds 21, of course the dealer is immediately declared the winner of this gambling game. And if there are players who are lucky enough to get an ace and a card worth 10, of course the player immediately gets a blackjack & the profit received also increases from the bet.

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Superbull is a type of gambling game that can be said to be the newest idn play which is quite good and interesting to try. The determining factor for getting a win in this gambling game is that the player must be supported by the luck factor, fast hands and fast eyes. And if you manage to get a win from this game, of course there are a number of benefits that can be received even greater.

QQ Spirit

The last game is still categorized as the latest game on the idnplay server. The latest QQ spirit appears in a series of idn play games to increase the excitement and satisfaction of members in gambling online for real money. So that satisfaction creates its own sensation for players.

This is the best trusted Poker139 online idn play poker site in Indonesia with the 10 most popular types of idn poker 88 apk games 2021.


One thing you need to know that Poker139 is the best online poker site that provides login facilities and a list of trusted idn poker sites with many advantages & benefits that you can get when you join and play with us. Here are some examples or how to login and register or create an idnpoker account which is certainly very safe and easy to do, so you don’t have to wait long to be able to play the games that we have prepared.

  • Press the register or register button.
  • Then you are immediately directed to our Poker IDN list page.
  • Fill in the form with your complete and valid data.

You can directly fill out the online poker registration form that we have prepared and then click send, a notification will appear that your account has been registered.

  • Open the main site or idn poker alternative link
  • Look for menu or login button tombol
  • Enter username and password
  • Next look for the deposit menu to top up your account balance saldo
  • When you have completed the deposit, you enter the game lobby
  • Choose one of the games
  • Play the game of your choice


Poker139 which really prioritizes member satisfaction is to provide completeness and convenience in terms of deposits or withdrawals that can be done in various ways such as credit deposits, OVO, Gopay, Dana, BCA, Mandiri, BNI, BRI. The standard deposit or withdrawal process is also very fast, no more than 3 minutes! In addition, we have many more advantages, which can certainly generate profits for all of you who play here, including:

Easy to find and access

Poker139 provides a security guarantee because this site is unblocked, you can easily find us by typing the word Poker139 in the google search engine, and you can access it anywhere at any time via your cellphone or PC.

Cheapest Deposit

The advantage of this one is very much sought after by players who have little capital but want to participate in playing online game betting while making big profits. Poker139 as an official agent is very concerned about all members and wants to help those who have limited capital by providing the cheapest minimum deposit of 15 thousand and the minimum bet that can be made starting from 1000 silver!

Big Jackpot Bonus

The existence of a large jackpot bonus in the game is one of the important considerations before joining. Poker139 is very concerned about this, therefore Poker139 provides a progressive jackpot where the total jackpot prize can continue to increase to reach hundreds of millions of rupiah every day.

Customer Service Service IDN Poker Online 24 hours

A trusted online poker site can be officially recognized if it has quality services for its members. For that, we provide a professional 24-hour online idn poker customer service to help you register. With online poker listings from the best idnplay servers, you can play idn poker anywhere, anytime, 24 hours a day. IDN Poker 88 site services non-stop as well as fairplay so that every online gambling lover can carry out online betting activities optimally without any obstacles. That’s some important information about how to login and register and you can find out some of the advantages and advantages that Poker139 has.