How to Play the Most Powerful Asian Handicap Football Gambling

Welcome fans of online betting games, especially soccer gambling. Of course, we will discuss how to play the Asian handicap which is certainly very easy for you to understand and apply in the game.

But before that, you really need to know what the Asian handicap is? Handicap is one of the many types of bets in online sportsbooks. This bet is most often situs depobos played because it brings big profits and easy to play.

Playing a handicap itself is playing a goal difference from a competing ball team, but it also depends on the amount of poor that the player chooses or the dealer is selling. For beginners, of course it will sound very difficult, right? Well, that’s why we will discuss everything in this article.

Previously, for those of you who have not registered. Then you can register first, how to enter the online gambling website and enter the list menu to fill in some of the data needed in it.

Come on, go straight to the core of today’s discussion for how to play Asian handicap gambling. Listen below.

How to Play Asian Handicap with Pooran Reading

So that you can understand how to play the Asian handicap properly and correctly, it is also very necessary to know beforehand about which team gives or receives pooran. As follows :

  1. Team name written in blue : Accept pooran
  2. Team name written in red : Giving pooran

After that, the way to play the handicap itself is actually just to determine the pooran you want to pair and install it by pressing the odds that are marketed by the dealer in the table.

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Besides, how do you read pooran in this handicap soccer gambling? As follows, we provide a complete agen bola terbesar.

1/4 or 0.25

You can say you win if you get a goal with a difference of 1 goal.
If you get a draw, you will lose half.

1/2 or 0.5

It can only be considered a win if there is a difference of 1 goal.
If you get a draw, you will immediately lose.

3/4 or 0.75

To be considered a win if the result is a difference of 2 goals.

If you get 1 goal will be considered a half win.

If you win a draw, you will be considered a loser.

That’s how to play the handicap and pooran reading of this game, it’s very easy, isn’t it? The key to victory in this game is of course understanding the pooran reading first. Not only that, we will also provide an explanation for the calculation of winnings in this handicap gambling along with a discussion of kei or taxes.

Winning Calculation and Discussion of Tax Policy in Handicap

The calculation of the victory obtained for example as follows:

When playing in the Juventus vs Real Madrid match with poor 1/4, odds 1.25 and capital of 10,000

If you manage to guess, of course the calculation will be 1.25 x 10,000 = 12,500 including the capital you get.

Different if from the odds there is like -1.25, if you win then you get 22,500 including capital.

If you lose, of course, your funds will burn 12,500.

That’s how the calculation of the victory will be obtained if successful, imagine if you bet with a large nominal? Of course, it will be very big too isn’t the result obtained?

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Likewise, from how to play Asian handicaps today, hopefully this information can give you everything you need when playing online handicap gambling. We thank those of you who have read from this article and thank you.