How to Play Online Soccer Sportsbook Handicap for Beginners

How to play handicap – Football betting, of course, has now become a big favorite for bettors everywhere, plus the number of football events like today, of course, making soccer betting more and more interested.

In the world of soccer gambling itself there are various types of bets that you can play nova88 deposit pulsa such as: Handicap, Over Under, 1×2, Odd Even and Mix Parlay.

In addition, you also have to understand some important terms in the world of soccer gambling, including:

  • Home : Designation for the home team.
  • Away : The term for the visiting team.
  • Full Time : Full time in 1 game.
  • Half Time: The name for the first half.
  • Odds: A number that is usually used as a calculation of the winning payout.

On this occasion, we will provide a complete explanation of how to play sportsbook handicaps through the Sbobet provider, where this one bet is the most common and you must play.

Explanation of How to Play Online Football Handicap

How to play the handicap or usually called this street agen casino terbaik, is played based on the voor-vooran value and in this bet you can also place a bet in the middle of the match.

What is voor? what is meant by voor in handicap betting is that 1 team gives more points or goals to the opponent, basically the team that gives the voor value is the superior in the match.

Below are some of the voor handicap values ​​and their explanations contained in the handicap bet:

1. For 0

Voor 0 means lek-lekan where in 1 match there is no team that gives voor at all, usually this can happen because the two teams are both superior or equally strong.

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2. For 0-0.5 (1/4)

Example Match: Tottenham Hotspur (Home) Vs Aston Villa (Away)

In that match, Tottenham Hotspur gave a voor 1/4 for Aston Villa, the condition if you place a bet for Home, the calculation is:

You can learn the full payout if the host team wins with a minimum score of 1 goal.

If the final result of the match is a draw or draw, bets are counted as losing 1/2.

If the final result of the away team is the winner, then bets will automatically be counted as losers.

3. For 0.5 (1/2)

Example Match: Bayern Munich (Home) Vs Union Berlin (Away)

The condition of the home team giving voor 1/2 to the away team, where you place a bet on the home team, the calculation is as follows:

If the home team succeeds in winning at least 1-0 or the away team, the bet is counted as a full win.

If Bayern Munich gets a draw or loses, bets will automatically be counted as losers.

4. For 0.5 – 1 (3/4)

Example Match: Atletico Madrid (Home Team) Vs Osasuna (Away Team)

The condition in the match is that Atletico Madrid gives a voor of 3/4 for the away team, then you also place a bet for the home team, then the calculation is:

The full winning payout can be earned, if Atletico Madrid win with a minimum score of 2 goals.

If the final result of the match is Atletico Madrid 1 – 2 Osasuna, it is counted as half win.

When Atletico Madrid lose, of course the bets are also counted as lost.

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5. For 1

Example Match: Inter Milan (Home) Vs Hellas Verona (Away)

Inter Milan acts as home (home team), giving voor 1 to the opponent, Hellas Verona, then the calculation is if you choose the home team as a bet:

You can get the full winning fee, if Inter Milan wins by a score of 1 goal.

If the final result of the match is a draw, bets will count as draw.
If the home team loses, the bet will also be counted as losing.