How to play mix parlay handicap

Asian Handicap (HDP) is a different type of soccer bet with Over Under soccer betting. This Asian Handicap is a type of soccer bet that can be interpreted to balance the possibility of a match between the two teams being disproportionate by giving the team a “Handicap” in the form of points or goals, before the match takes place.

In other words, the underdog team will be awarded a goal deficit at situs judi depobos, because that team is more likely to win. And vice versa, for the underdog team will get a profit in the form of goals because the chances of winning are smaller. That way, the underdog team will give a value (Voor) to the underdog team.

3 Handicap Playing Guidelines That You Need to Understand

1. Value of Voor / Points on Asian Handicap (HDP)

0.0 = for 0 bola (tidak ada yang for)

0-0.5 = for 1/4 bola

0.50 = for 1/2 bola

0.5-1 = for 3/4 bola

1.0 = for 1 bola

1-1.5 = for 1 1/4 bola

1.50 = for 1 1/2 bola

1.5-2 = for 1 3/4 bola

*and so on.

2. How to see which team is giving voor

We will give an example so you can find out how daftar agen bola terpercaya see the team that gives voor in Asian Handicap soccer betting on the official SBOBET website.

A team is said to give the ball voor, you can see in the example image above. Where, in the example image, it can be seen that the name of the red ball team is the team that gives the voor.

This means that in that match, the red team, namely Western Sydney Wanderers, gave voor to the blue underdog team, namely the Newcastle Jets.

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3. How to Calculate Odds / Key’an (Price Comparison)

Odds / key’an is a comparison of the price of wins / losses in soccer betting. In the example image below, the odds / key’an minus value (-) is displayed in red numbers with a minus sign.

Meanwhile, odds / key’an plus are displayed with black numbers and there is no minus sign on these numbers.

Example Odds / Key’an plus = Suppose you choose Western Sydney Wanderers (Home) with a value of 100 thousand then,

1.09 x 100k = 109k your winnings.

Nb: If Western Sydney Wanderers lose, you still pay according to your bet, which is 100k.

Example Odds minus (-) = Suppose you choose Newcastle Jets (Away) with a bet value of 100 thousand rupiah then,

-1.20 x 100k = your losing 120k.

Nb: if Newcastle Jets lose, then you pay 120rb and when you win you still get a win of 100rb.

That’s how and how to play the Asian Handicap along with how to calculate based on the Asianbookie Odds Market. Furthermore, if bettors are interested in trying to play this type of Asian handicap soccer bet, you can immediately register as a member so that you can directly login to SBOBET and enjoy this soccer gambling game.