How to Play Live Casino Roulette at SBOBET

As we know that this game originated in France, and was brought down by immigrants to the USA and finally arrived in the online world. Originally this type of game had 2 0’s, but it was considered too easy to get a 0 value, so casino owners in America omitted one 0. This last type which only has one 0 is adopted worldwide even by SBOBET, so the rules used here are international/American regulations.

Immediately, we will discuss below how to play fortunebet99 live casino roulette. The installation and playing rules will be discussed briefly and clearly so that they can be put into practice immediately.

This game is also the same as other games such as live baccarat, blackjack 21 and sic bo dice, namely using chips to participate. While the main tools used in this game are an iron ball and a table that can be rotated clockwise.

When the table has been rotated, the ball will be rolled beside the lip of the table in the form of a circle until finally the ball stops at a number / color. If we put the number or color then we will win.

Chips Type Introduction

There are several kinds of chips that can be used when we make bets, these chips have different values ​​from one another. If we deposit our money at a bookies with a nominal value of less than 5 million, we will only get small types of chips such as 1, 5, 10, 25, and 100.

For example, you can see the yellow box at the bottom left of the image that we have marked. There are 5 chips with different numbers as mentioned above. For a brief explanation, here are the number of chips we have marked in the agen casino terbaik:

  • Chip number 1 = IDR 1,000,-
  • Chip number 5 = IDR 5,000,-
  • Chip number 10 = IDR 10,000,-
  • Chip number 25 = IDR 25,000,-
  • Chip number 100 = IDR 100,000,-
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For those of you who just want to play or join in the roulette game, it is advisable not to be eager to make bets right away. But it’s better if you look at the column that we have marked green, because there is a track record of the results of each round that has passed. So you can really guess at what number the ball will
fall later.

All gambling games can definitely be calculated using statistical data, try to create and reset from the number data already so that you too can win the online roulette game.

Starting a bet

For those of you who already have predictions or calculations, please place your bets on the betting table that has been marked with a blue box. We can put numbers starting with 0 which is green, numbers 1-36, black and red, odd / even, horizontal rows according to which numbers have been grouped, as well as vertical groups that have also been grouped.

Then wait for the dealer to turn the table and the ball after that the ball will spin and stop at the location where it should have stopped. If the ball stops not at our choice then all bets that we place are considered lost.

Professional Tips:

Make bets like James Bond did. This technique requires a fund of 2 million. Divide the chip into 3 parts; 1.4 million on high numbers (19-36), 500 thousand on 6 numbers (13 -18), and 100 thousand on 0. This will make your chances of winning bigger because you spread your bets in many places.

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If the number that comes out is between 19 and 36, then our profit is 800 thousand. If the number is 8 to 13, then the profit that can be obtained is 1 million. And if the number that comes out is 0, then you can get a profit of 1.6 million

The defeat that occurs when the number that appears is between points 1 to 12, which means our loss is 2 million. But if the table often brings up numbers 1 to 12, then we can outsmart by using the Martingale tactic to avoid big losses.

Roulette in general is very suitable to be played by gamblers who are waiting for the results of online soccer and basketball betting they are placing, so they don’t feel bored while waiting for the results of their wins.

There are still several other tips that you can use to benefit from this gambling. But the most often used to beat trusted online sbobet agents are tactics like the ones described above.

One more thing, before you start your first bet on the roulette gambling table, you are required to have an online account first. How to get it, find the answer at a trusted sbobet agent.