How to Play Handicap in Sbobet Online Soccer Gambling Agent

The next discussion we also want to present how to play handicaps in online sbobet soccer gambling agents for beginners who don’t know it for sure.

If we mention handicap gambling, maybe most bettors from Indonesia already know for sure this type of soccer Daftar Judi Bola, because it has the most fans among other types of sbobet soccer bets.

Because this handicap gambling itself is considered one of the fairest bets, because there are several teams that receive a number of vooran points to balance the final result of the match so as not to experience a draw or draw.

In addition to the vooran value given in this handicap soccer gambling, the agen judi depobos players can also feel the victory at the odds points given by the sbobet soccer gambling agent.

Inside the sbobet soccer gambling bookie itself, it is very widely known by the public or bettors from all over the world, especially Indonesia itself.

Because within the sbobet soccer agent itself there is a good and detailed update of the soccer betting market and the payment is always on time.

In order to understand well and clearly understand how to play online soccer gambling handicaps, the first step for beginners is to know some of the terms used in the handicaps.

Below is a set of handicap terms, of course we have summarized them well:
HT: Half Time can be interpreted as the first round.

  • FT : Full Time as 2 innings.
  • Home : Host.
  • Away : The visiting team.
  • Odds: A decimal value to determine the payout of a win or loss that the bettor will receive.
  • Voor : A score or points to give a balance to one team that is considered less than the opposing team.
  • W : Win is Win.
  • L : Lose is Lose.
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If you have understood all these terms in how to play the online sbobet soccer gambling handicap, maybe members can also find out the voor / furran value as well.
Furr 0 means there is no vooran between the two teams.

  • Furr 0.25 might read 1/4. Wins if the final score in the match is 1 goal difference.
  • Furr 0.50 or 1/2. Can win if the score in the match with a difference of 2 goals.
  • Furr 0.75 or 3/4. Will be won when the score is more than 2 to 3 goals.

Furr 1 means giving furr 1 ball to one of the opposing teams and will win if the score difference is 2 to 3 goals as well.

After studying the value of the vooran and the goal difference that can allow the player to win, then also know the payment for the two odds values ​​played in the way of playing the handicap. The two odds values ​​are plus and minus.

A. For example finding a match between As Roma vs Juventus with furran from Juventus at 0.75 odds plus @2.42 and the player choosing Juventus for IDR 100,000.

At the end of the match ending with a score of 0 – 3 won by Juventus, the player will get a payment of IDR 100,000 x 2.42 = IDR 242,000 not including capital.

If you lose, the player only needs to pay Rp. 100,000.
B. For example, a meeting between Leicester City vs Manchester City with a vote for Manchester City 0.25 and odds minus @ 1.95 and a bet of IDR 100,000. If you win with a score given by Leicester City 2-0 and will get paid IDR 100,000 according to the bet value only.

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Another thing is that if you lose, the player must pay according to the minus odds value, which is IDR 100,000 x @ -1.95 = IDR 195,000. To be able to bet at this minus odds value, usually the player must have a credit balance in an online soccer gambling account that exceeds the minus odds value.

If you clearly know how to play handicaps in this online sbobet soccer gambling agent, then players can immediately determine all types of matches with what odds and vooran values ​​they want to play.

The betting process can first determine whether you want to play for the first half or the second full round, after determining you want to play for any round then click on one of the odds on the two teams according to your choice.

In the next summary we will try to share some tips to get a win in how to play the soccer betting handicap. Let’s watch and pay attention to the next few tips.

Tips for Winning Handicap Betting

To get a win is certainly not an easy thing for every online soccer gambling player, because they have to go through many things such as determining the value of the vooran and understanding the market well in how to play handicaps. Below are tips on winning soccer bets that you can try when determining the match:

Decide in advance how much you want to bet or bet in one match, because by determining a nominal you can avoid the risk of greater defeat. Because the minimum bet for this handicap is IDR 25,000.

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Reviewing the prediction of the ball score given to the online soccer gambling agent, because reading a soccer prediction can provide player information or the results of the meeting between the two teams.

If you are in doubt when playing, you can also try to find or determine the match in the big game first, because in the match the big teams have good quality players and can also win.

Try betting on the first half (HT) first while reading the moves or match results in how to play the handicap.

Playing using a feeling or the assessment of the players on the results of the match, if you bet using feelings can increase the percentage of victory.

Thus the summary of how to play the handicap on this online sbobet soccer gambling agent, we hope that by reading the summary we have explained, the same as in the explanation above, it can give each player a meaningful and big win

If players encounter obstacles or obstacles when betting, they can also ask for assistance from the customer service of the online sbobet gambling agent.