How to Play Handicap For Beginners

Handicap is one of the most popular types of soccer bets played by bettors. The popularity of the handicap makes many new players try to play this type of soccer bet, but many of the novice players still do not have knowledge about various things related to this type of bet. Therefore, consider the steps for playing handicaps for beginners below:

The procedure for playing Cara Daftar Judi Bola handicaps for beginners, the first thing that needs to be done for novice players is to create an account or ID, if you don’t have one, you can look for a trusted and verified and safe gambling agent to register.

After that, the procedure for playing handicaps for beginners in this handicap, the team name listed in red is the team that gave the voor or the team that gave the handicap, while the blue team is the team or team that received the voor. Odd numbers or minus odds with a red code are the team that is affected by % or tax. There are three furs (members can choose what they want), numbers with a red code, if they win, they win according to the amount posted, but if they lose, they are required to pay % tax. After creating an account, you will be taken to the main page. On the main menu, you can make bets and on this page you can see various markets.

On the main menu there is a green column called FUR or handicap. While the black column is KEI or market price. But for beginners who don’t know the steps for playing handicaps for beginners, especially for how to read FUR, below is explained how to play handicaps for beginners for how to read FUR. Example :

  • 0-0. 5 = ¼ ball
  • 0. 50 = ½ ball
  • 0. 75 = ¾ ball
  • 1. 0 = 1 ball
  • As well as so on
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If you already know how to play handicaps for beginners about how to read FUR, then you can make bets without fear of making mistakes. To place a bet, you can click on the kei number to select the team that will be bet or installed. Then, akun slot online will see an installation column on the left side of the online soccer gambling screen. Prior to placing carefully the partner or opponent first, because after clicking the process bet bets cannot be canceled. Apart from that, also sometimes pay attention if the competition is over but the winnings haven’t dropped. All because of the system or the investigation that is still ongoing. Funds or winnings will be returned or paid no later than 3 x 24 hours.

In handicap competitions, high payouts will be obtained if you succeed in winning the match. In order to win the handicap competition itself, one must be able to analyze each group or team that will be bet or placed as a betting material in order to win in each handicap competition. Meanwhile, for the procedure for playing handicaps for beginners, some say it is very difficult, especially for beginners, but there are also those who say it is easy.

For those who are proficient in playing handicap bets, they already know the meaning of voor in each handicap competition, because in each competition the market offered will be different. Therefore, the size of the voor offered in each handicap competition will affect the bet.

In addition, for beginners, apart from the things that have been explained beforehand, you should also first understand the various menus on the handicap monitor:

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1. The top menu contains various menus that are used to view account details such as bet lists, winners / losers, and so on.

2. The left menu is filled with sports branches whose matches are opened with various types of bets. You can choose to bet on sports such as football, basketball, and others.

3. The main window, the main window is filled with a list of competitions with their market. In this main window, the list of competitions will change according to the sport and the type of bets taken on the left menu. Why is it said to be the most important window? Because various bets are made on this side

Below is a description of the sides in the main window:

  • Time, shows the time in competition.
  • Event, shows the competition and the type of competition.
  • Full Time, is a guide about the final result of the bet or FT (2×45 minutes). In full time betting, you can choose 1×2, HDP (handicap), OU (Over Under) or OE (Odd Even). For more details, please learn about tips for playing full handicaps.
  • First Half, is a guide on betting throughout the first half only (45 minutes). In the first half you can choose 1×2, HDP (handicap), OU (Over Under) or OE (Odd Even).
    In addition, in the main window there are also help features. One of them :

Refresh, used to refresh or reload if there is a market change or voor. Every minute or 60 seconds it will refresh automatically and the numbers in brackets indicate how long it will take to refresh again.

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Before 10 pm, in this section shows select the competition that starts before when it shows 10 pm. After that, to select it can be done by clicking the down arrow signal.

Double Line, this feature is used to change the appearance format. Double line means one competition, the appearance form has two lines. Double line can be exchanged for single line for one competition with one line.
-Select League, this feature is used to present competitions based on the selected league or match.

Today, this feature shows today’s competition.

Those are the steps for playing handicaps for beginners, hopefully they are useful.