How to Play Handicap Ball Online to Break through the Card Parlay

How to play handicap ball online for beginners so that it is easy to get an advantage in playing it, let’s see the discussion below to be able to understand the explanation more fully.

Handicap betting is a form of betting that can now be played through all Android soccer agents, handicaps are believed to provide a large chance of winning in playing agen judi online resmi.

Therefore, to be able to win in playing handicaps, you must first know and learn how to play the correct online handicap ball as we will discuss below.

Tutorial on How to Play Football Gambling Handicap

Handicap is a type of soccer bet that is played as a voor-vooran value, what is voor? What is meant by voor is the point given by 1 team to the opposing party before the match starts.

Various kinds of voor in betting how to play handicap balls, including:

A. For 0

In how to play handicap voor 0 means that the player does not give voor at all to both teams, so the winner will be chosen from the net victory between the two clubs until the final round of the match

B. For 0 0.5 (1/4)

Example match: Real Madrid Vs Chelsea

In that game, Real Madrid gave Chelsea a 1/4 voor, how to calculate it:

Real Madrid will win in full if they win the game daftar slot online terpercaya.

Madrid will lose half if the match ends in a draw or draw.

Will lose full when the result of the match Real Madrid lost.

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C. For 0.5 (1/2)

Example match: Manchester United Vs Manchester City

In that match Manchester United gave Manchester City a voor of 1/2, how to calculate it:

Manchester United will win in full when they win the match.
If the result of a draw or match, then it will be declared a full loser.

D. For 0.5 1 (3/4)

Example match: Barcelona Vs Liverpool

In that match Barcelona gave a voor of 3/4 for Liverpool, how to calculate it:

Barcelona have to find 2 goals to be able to win in full.

If the final score is 2 1, it will be declared half lost.

If the final score is 1 1, then Barcelona will be declared a full loss.

E. For 1

Example match: Lecce Vs Juventus

In that match Lecce gave a voor of 1 for Juventus, here’s how it’s calculated:

Lecce will win if they get 2 goals until the match.

However, if the final score is 2 1, it will be declared a draw or draw.

If the final score is 1 1, then Lecce will be declared a full loss.

Information :

The red color indicates the team gives voor

The blue color indicates the team that gets the voor

Example of Calculation of Winning Results:

Example of Betting Handicap Count

How to calculate the Odds:

If there is a half win (Won ), then the results can be calculated first, for example:

> 1.63 1 : 2 = 0.315 + 1 = 1.315

Then the results of 1,315 are multiplied again by all the wins obtained “Draw and lose do not count”, for example:

> 1.315 x 1.65 x 1.66 x 1.59 = 5.72

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Then after that the final result is 5.72 will be divided by the value of lose , for example:

> 5.72 : 2 = 2.86 x 25 (capital) = 71.5 25 = 46.59 (Final result)

That’s an explanation of how to play handicap ball online, if you can master these basic calculations, later on you can master the game properly and correctly.

Next, below, we will share tips to prepare for a win, the goal is to provide insight to you lovers of online soccer gambling so that it will be easy later when playing handicaps.

Tricks Doing Betting Balls To Win A Lot

1. Understanding the voor handicap is an important thing that every soccer gambling player must understand, because when you know how to play voor-vooran, it will certainly make it easier for you when you do it directly in the game later.

2. Paying attention to the odds in the match is also very important for every player, because later each team that competes will have different odds values.

3. Having a winning target in playing is certainly the main goal for every player, because all players must have wished they wanted to win in the game later, so end the game if you have won.

Enough here for an explanation of how to play handicap ball online for beginners, hopefully it can help you in achieving a maximum victory.

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