How to Play Dominoes Winning

Poker according to Wikipedia is one of the generic card games, which came from Indonesia. Where the move to play dominoes uses 28 small cards that have a size of 3 x 5 cm, with an unequal number of circles on each card. Initially, this game was meant for entertainment only, but sooner or later, over time, the role of this game has changed.

Domino is now one of the most popular online gambling games that can be opened by several bettors through their best online gambling website. It is not surprising that now there are many articles that discuss how to play domino correctly, as well as tricks to play dominoes so you can always win. Situs Bola Terlengkap, from the research we did on Google, the articles in positions 1-10 are still not able to provide the correct information, or effective tricks to play.

It is not surprising that many domino gambling players always experience defeats, as well as big losses. In this regard, as an official Poker partner, it will provide motivation to provide the article you are reading right now. We make playing tips that are simple, and easy for beginners to understand though. Of course, the tips and tricks that we provide are also guaranteed to be effective because they come from professional players who already have experience on domino websites or professional poker players.

Tips on how to play Domino Qiu Qiu the right way

Domino games are one of the online gambling bets that have the simplest rules, and are easy to understand. Just a little motivation, as well as a desire to learn, so you can master this game in no time. Make sure to read how to play domino qq carefully:

QQ Domino Play Beginner’s Guide

In the first round, some PLAYERS who participate will also receive 4 cards given by BANDAR.

In the second round, the 4 cards are added up in value, and divided into two sets. As you can see in the picture above the player gets cards 8 and 7.

If the number of a set of cards reaches a two-digit number, then the value taken is only the number behind it.

The winner is determined by looking at the first set of cards, if the first set of cards is a draw, so we use the second set of cards to ensure the winner.

As we can see in the picture above there are two players who get the number 9, or Qiu. Because the first set is a draw, the winning selection is calculated from the second set of cards, where the winner is the player who has 9 and 8 cards.

How To Properly Play Domino Qiu Qiu

In practice at the betting table, the steps for playing domino qiu qiu are as follows:

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In the first round, some players will also be given 3 cards at random by the dealer. All players who participate can make sure to continue betting by means of CHECK, or RAISE to take the 4th card.

You also have the option to do FOLD, or stop betting if the card you get has no chance of winning.

To ensure the winner in the DOMINO ONLINE game, this is done by looking at the value of 2 sets of cards that are close to the number NINE. (in domino games, the number 9 or what is commonly referred to as Qiu is the top value)

If at the end of the game the result obtained is SERIES/DRAW. So to ensure that the winner is decided by complaining about the HIGHEST LOG (twin cards) that each player has.

If the number of BALAK SERI, then the victory is set late by looking at the number of HIGHEST CIRCLES owned by the player.

In the example above we can see that both players have the value of the first set of cards, and the second is a draw. So the victory is determined by looking at the log value owned by each player. Finally, the first player to have six logs wins because the second player only has five logs.

Same with POKER games, DOMINO bets also have their own SPECIAL CARDS. Where when you get this combination of cards, your chances of winning will also multiply along with additional JACKPOT bonuses. You can see the special combination of cards in the picture above, and read the following narrative:

  • 6 GOD CARDS: A player has four cards, each with a value of six circles. This is a combination of cards that have the highest ability in the game of cuddles. (this kind of thing because in 28 dominoes there are only 4 cards with 6 circles)
  • 4 BALAK CARDS: namely 4 cards that are owned by a player, all of which are BALAK (twin cards).
  • HUGE PURE CARDS: that is, when someone has 4 cards which if the total number of circles is more than 40 circles.
  • SMALL PURE CARDS: that is, when someone has 4 cards, if the circle of cards is added up, no more than 9 circles.

Secret Guide to Winning Domino Kiu Kiu

After fully understanding how to play dominoqq online correctly, the next step you need to study is how to play dominoes to win always. Indeed, in every online gambling game there are specific tricks and techniques that you can use to increase your chances of winning. If you are interested in acquiring that knowledge read on this article until the end.


After fully understanding how to play domino correctly, the next step that you need to learn is the trick to playing dominoes to win always. In fact, in every online gambling game there are specific tricks and techniques that you can use to increase your chances of winning. If you are interested in acquiring that knowledge read this article to the end.

1. Bring in large capital

Big capital to win playing domino online

One of the things that is often underestimated, or ignored by some bettors, is bringing enough capital. Some bettors like this have the mindset to get as big a win as possible using small capital.

Remember the main purpose when we play domino gambling is to get a big win, not to experience a small loss. I understand correctly that your mindset is to make a small deposit, which is to avoid big losses. That’s what’s wrong, before betting you have planned to lose, it’s no wonder the results you receive are not maximum.

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Therefore we highly recommend for you to make a large deposit to score wins. This is because there are many advantages that you can get when you make a large deposit, which of course will also increase your winning percentage:

When your cards are bad, you can bully your opponents who only carry a small number of chips. You can be sure they will also be scared, because the capital they carry in the game is little, or just mediocre.

Avoid bullying opponents with originality. When you have a large capital at the betting table, so your opponent will also think 2x to bully, because there is a big chance you can retaliate with the large capital you have.

There is a rumor that says that players who make large deposits usually have a higher winning percentage.
A large capital gives you the opportunity to play in a long round of games to enjoy the game.

2. No need to bet every round

Playing often, does not mean that you have a greater chance of winning. Conversely if you play continuously without anyone taking into account the ability of the cards you have, so you lose more and more often.

One of the tricks of playing dominoes is in the patience we have in betting. Make sure to only bet when you have a card that has a large percentage to win. Take a look at the 3 initial cards given by the city whether you earned a KIU, or not. If the card you get is 9 -0, 9 -1, 9 -2, or 9 -3 do not think 2 x, and do all in immediately. These 4 combinations of cards have a fairly large winning percentage in a game of dominoes.


And vice versa if your cards are bad like 8-7, 7-5, etc. Make sure to FOLD, and fight in the next round. The more often you choose the right one in betting, the greater your chances of becoming a champion in this domino qq game.

3. Learn the conditions, as well as the special cards in the game of Dominoes

You will not be sure if you know that there are so many domino 99 players in Indonesia, who still haven’t fully mastered how to play domino qq. Even 70% of them still don’t completely memorize the special card arrangement in the domino game.

This kind of thing can definitely be a problem in the future. For example, at one time you get three very good starting cards. and almost a great pure combination. But because you don’t know it, you do FOLD assuming the card you have is bad. Then you lose, and have no chance to win or get a JACKPOT.

4. Buy Jackpot and play at Poker

To get a big profit in the domino game, one of the tricks you can do is to get a JACPOT REWARD. We never know when luck will also come to us, so we recommend buying Jackpot as often as possible.

The jackpot prizes in the game of dominoes are quite large, as well as lucrative. If you are lucky you can get a Jackpot prize that amounts to several millions, up to several tens of millions of Rupiah.

5. Know the chance of one card appearing

In the domino game, the card that has the greatest chance to come out is 6 circles. This is because there are four cards with a total of four circles. While the cards that have the smallest chance to come out are 1, 3, and 9 which only have 2 cards. For other numbers, there are three cards each. By knowing the percentage of the emergence of a specific card, so we can improve the technique of playing dominoes so that we often win.

6. Play at the HOKI table and chairs

According to one online domino admin, there is one step you can take to increase your percentage of getting good cards. That way is to play at odd tables, and sit in even seats, or vice versa. (plays at an even table, and sits in an odd chair)

For example, you play at a table with an even number ending, so sit in a chair with an odd place counting from the top seat is number 1. Although it has not yet been scientifically proven, this method is actually quite effective, and is liked by Indonesian people who are still believe in mystical things & hockey.