Come back again with us in the article on how to deposit a capsa stacking agent. To be able to play situs judi qq online terpercaya, you must register first.

As you already know, if you want to make a deposit at an online gambling site, you must first fill out a form called the deposit / deposit form.

  • For those who are playing for the first time usually experience difficulties and of course confusion.
  • Therefore, we created this article to make it easier for you all.
  • When you first register, you must register with a valid account number.
  • This is very influential when you make a withdrawal of funds.

If you are going to make a deposit, transfer it using the account that you have registered, do not use someone else’s account because your deposit request will not be processed by a domino agent.

Before you make a deposit, of course, you must first be registered as a member.

If you are already registered as a member, the first step you have to do is login to the gambling site.

After you have successfully logged into the game, a web page menu will appear. After that there will be several kinds of menu options, select the menu deposit funds.

After that, fill in the amount you have transferred then select the date of sending Slot Deposit Pulsa to the time you transfer.

Select the bank you want to transfer to, adjust it to the bank you use to make it easier, then please fill in the blank “validation” column with the validation number that you have above the blank column.

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You need to remember that not all banks will be fully online for 24 hours. Therefore you need to pay attention to the OFF/ONLINE hours of your destination bank.

You can also ask this if your destination bank is offline to CS for a solution.

Filling out this fund deposit form you do if you have made a transfer to the game city. Always keep your proof of transfer in case CS asks for it.