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Online Casino Indonesia – Basic Guide to How to Play Roulette Online Gambling – Who doesn’t know the type of online Roulette gambling? This game uses a ball that spins in a round place that has thirty-seven number slots and the ball will randomly fall on one of the numbers. If you manage to shoot the number where the ball will fall you can get the winning prize.

Calculation of Win Loss Playing Roulette

In the game of roulette there is a choice of numbers ranging from zero to thirty-six (0-36). The total choice is thirty-seven numbers (37), you can install how many numbers you want, there are no restrictions or restrictions. The following is the winning value in installing Roulette numbers at agen nova88 terpercaya.

  1. 1 Number x 35 Pairs
  2. 2 Number x 17 Pair
  3. 3 Number x 11 Pair
  4. 4 Number x 8 Pair
  5. 6 Number x 5 Pair
  6. 12 Numbers x 2 Pairs
  7. 18 Number x 1 Pair
  8. Large or Small x 1 Pair
  9. Even or Odd x 1 Pair
  10. Black or Red x 1 Pair

So in the simple explanation above if you put 1 number and it’s correct then the win is multiplied by 35 from your partner’s nominal and so on. For more details, see the example below.

In the description above the ball falls on the number 9 so that all installations that lead to the number 9 will get a prize following an example if you put 1,000 in each hole that leads to the situs judi slot online 9.

  • On Hole number 9 Total Win x35 is 35,000 On Hole 12 Total Win x2 is 2,000

    On Small Hole Win x1 is 1,000

    On Red Hole Win x1 is 1,000

    On Odd Hole Win x1 is 1,000

    On Third Column Hole Kemangan x2 is 2,000

That is an example of the installation calculation in the roulette game, it is very easy to understand, isn’t it.

How to Place on the Roulette Table

About the calculation, maybe you already understand, and then you have to know what menus are available in the roulette game in detail, here we provide detailed details.

  • Straight Up, placing on 1 single number.
  • Split Bet, placing on the line between 2 numbers.
  • Street Bet, placing at the end of each number line between 3 numbers.
  • Corner Bet, Placing at the midpoint between 4 numbers.
  • Line Bet, placing on the bottom line between 6 numbers.
  • Column Bet, placing in one corner of the right-hand side box between 12 numbers, zeros are not included.
  • Dozen Bet, placing in every box among 12 numbers
  • Red / Black, guess the color where the ball will fall between 18 and 18
  • Even / Old, guess the number where the ball will fall odd or even compared to 18: 18

After knowing all the installation methods, you can immediately try to create an ID on the trusted Roulette Gambling Playing Site in Indonesia today, Solaire99. For those of you who are confused about how to create an id, please visit our other article on how to register at Solaire99.

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