Guide to Playing Dragon Tiger Online

Guide to Playing Dragon Tiger Online – Game dragon tiger as a game that is very simple and easy to play, because this game only requires us to guess the dragon or tiger and get the highest card in this game. The dragon tiger game uses a set of Casino Online Terbaik playing cards as in other online casino games, for the dragon tiger game, the king card is the card with the highest value and the american card is the card with the lowest value. This game is easy to understand by all players, as well as beginners.

  1. Players can bet on “Dragon”, “Tiger” or “Tie” options.
  2. The dealer can give the player one card in the “Dragon” and “Tiger” models.
  3. After that, make sure who is the champion on the “Dragon” or “Tiger” with the highest value, which can be confirmed for the champion. However, when “Dragon” or “Tiger” have a similar value, so the result can be ascertained for “Draw”.
  4. The king card has the highest value, and the Ace card has the lowest card value. I can give you a row of cards: K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, USA.
  5. In this game the victory can be calculated for 1: 1 (Example: you enter Rp100,000 and become the winner of the game, so you can get Rp100,000. You will not get a disc. From the dealer).
  6. If you are in this “series” game, so it is calculated for 1: 8 (Example: You enter Rp 100,000 and get a “Series” / Double Card, you can get Rp 800,000).
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In Dragon Tiger, players do not get a disc. from the dealer when the player becomes the winner of the “Dragon” or “Tiger” guess. When a player has a “Tie”, the total bet on “Dragon” or “Tiger” can be deducted by 50% for commission. Giving it the rest of the player wins against the player.

Now that you understand the rules of the game, now I can talk about the rules and decisions of the Dragon Tiger game:

  1. In the game Dragon Tiger, one card can be discarded for each new shoe, the first card can be opened then the discard card depends on the first card. Jack, Queen, and King cards are matched with a card of 10.
  2. When at first there is confusion in the game, then it is corrected / corrected when it does not affect the game, if it goes otherwise then the game can stop and there is no substitution. It all depends on the situation and the rules of the game scheme to stop the game.
  3. Burn cards / conquer cards, Before starting a new game, one card must be discarded and the next drawn. If there is a Agen Online Terpercaya in underestimating the card / photocopy card, this can have the effect of canceling the collection of new cards after that, but the revision can be implemented first if it does not affect the outcome of the game. The scheme has the power to stop the next card that can be taken. Terms and conditions of the Dragon Tiger card game:

1. Yellow card

Play Casino Online Dragon TigerIn the dragon tiger game, the last cardholder in the game can be signaled with a yellow card or can be said with dealer chops. If the yellow card is flipped on the 2nd card, it can be the last cardholder. When the game is over and the yellow card is discarded for the next competition, the next game will not start. Refill cards can be issued when the last cardholder ceases to participate in the next game or may not be redeemed.


2. Unlock card

In this game, open cards and writing cards have no effect on the game.

In any game, and if there are only a few cards at the moment, it can stop the hand and shoe. Management can deal with players unlocking cards while shuffling everything depending on the shuffling stage but also the number of cards unlocked.

3. Mistakes in card terms

If there is an error in the treatment of the card then a revision is implemented, in this game the scheme has the power to stop or correct the results of the wrong cardholder. It all depends on the situation, if the scheme has rules for stopping or resuming the game.

4. Opening the card by accident

If there is a card that is accidentally displayed, then the card can be confirmed as a photocopy card. If two or more cards are wrong at the time of drawing, you can return to the game card rules and the boot can be canceled.

5. Drop card

  • Dragon: You bet on the Dragon Card which is worth more on the Tiger.
  • Tiger: You bet on the tiger card which is worth more than the dragon card.
  • Tie: You bet on Dragon Cards as well as Tiger Cards of the same value/tie.
  • B / Big in Dragon Column: You bet big on Dragon Cards (8-13).
  • S / small in the Tiger column : You bet small on the tiger card ( 1-6 ).