Guide to Placing Handicap Betting SBOBET Online Football Betting

Actually, the handicap is in the form of a decimal number that can affect the outcome of a football competition. The far ball handicap is known by the public as voor-vooran. Then it seems, you also had time to do it with friends when you were going to watch football.

Handicap is a type of adult bet that has unique rules and conditions and is in conflict with other market classifications. Because in the relevant market there are nominal handicap odds that you want to understand in order to get a gap to win the bet.

So through that, in this discussion we will review all the things about handicap shops which will be explained in stages. Starting from the meaning of the handicap, the type of Asian handicap, the table handicap, so how to bet on adult bets and learn about Asian problem odds. After that we will also offer an explanation of the technique of placing bets with examples of layout images on mobile phones.

That way, you will still become an adult handicap gambling Daftar Judi Bola Terbaik player who is good at taking advantage of the possibility of winning. Then you will also get very large profits with minimal capital.

Stage one: Understanding Depobos Handicap Recognition

As previously explained, the meaning of the handicap sbobet online is very commonly used by online lovers is voor or voo-vooran. And the ball handicap is a bet to determine which one football team still wins the battle.

However, one of the claires who will compete will be given an inconveniente or nominal voor value to balance the power.

Why is that?

Because the football team has a different composition of strengths, then it is usually favored by online lovers. That way, the value of the handicap appears to provide a counterbalance to the possibilities in the team that will compete. Because, online soccer gambling also uses a fair structure to provide selected and trusted services by associates.

Problem soccer gambling has two types of versions which include the following:

one. European Handicap

Handicap Europe is a market that only provides bet options for the home, draw, and away team. However, the related European handicap market variant is rarely used by online soccer betting in the Philippines. Because in these shops usually the less favored team will be given a high odds value without other conditions.

2. Asia drawback

If the European handicap provides bets on back, away and draw. Then in the Asian Indonesia handicap you can only look for two possibilities, home or away. However, in this type of market now has various handicap values ​​(hdp / voor), in order to increase the chances of winning for you. With the HDP value, the draw result will not occur for the bet results. And later you will meet with half win (½), win full, or lose half (½). Therefore, this type of part of Asia handicap market is more popular with all soccer gambling in life.

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Those are some basic explanations of betting the ball problème as an illustration for an explanation at a later stage.

Then, because of the higher type of Asian inconvenient market used in Indonesian online soccer betting sites. Then this discussion will only explain about Asian countries handicap shops in depth.

Stage 2: Explanation of the Asian Problem Soccer Market

To clarify the discussion in the second stage above, namely the Asian countries’ handicaps have various possible scores. Because in betting on unconvenient markets, you are required to understand the trick to reading nominal odds with HDP values. So that you can estimate the profit opportunities that will be obtained on the full team that will compete.

So for that, here are the positive and negative handicap values ​​as a benchmark in determining betting profits.

Those are some of the positive and negative handicap prices/voor values ​​that you must understand seriously in the soccer betting market. So, you can find out a little bit about the HDP value through the information on winning or losing serious bets. Therefore, the type of deposit market concerned has a very high level of profit expectation when compared to very large profits.

For the purpose of the payback bet in the table above, you do not receive a profit or loss. Then winning by half is when the total profit should be 100, even though with this voor value, you only win 50. And vice versa by losing half.

In addition, when you place bets for the Asian handicap market. Therefore you will see the nominal handicap which is in decimal form. That way, this is a way to predict the value of the handicap so that members don’t misinterpret.

And that’s some explanation of the Most of asia handicap for an overview of the policy in playing and placing bets. That way, you already have an overview for the explanation that will be discussed in the next stage.

Stage 3: How to Play Asian Handicap Soccer Gambling

After you understand some of the explanations from stage 1 and stage 2 above. So at this stage we will immediately practice by giving sample images on the cellphone display. And the picture we will explain as an example is a display through one of the most trusted and largest online agents, namely Sbobet.

And to play and install handicap ball shops, you must first have a Sbobet ball account. This is because without having a sbobet gambling account, you cannot log in and access the game. So for that, register first with a domestic sbobet agent to create an account then follow the official registration process. If you don’t know how to create an account, then you can predict how to register SBOBET which is explained in stages and is easy to understand.

If you have registered and already have an online gambling account, then log in to access and access the game. Then here are some serious tips for playing the Most of Asia handicap soccer gambling on the net.

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1. The Main Page of the Sbobet Ball Site On the web

When you get access to your sbobet betting account, you will see a display like in the example picture above. When compared greatly, you still see a few display features when compared to different uses. If you don’t understand the use of these display options, then you can read Tricks to Play Lisonjero Gambling first. That way, members will understand some of the uses in the display features of soccer gambling websites along with some terms in playing.

2. Asian Handicap Market Table

And the example image above is a display of the market table with several display options with different types of battles. In fact, in the left amet table column are the types of handicap shops that have HDP readings. Then in the middle column there is an above under (OU) market, and the rightmost column table is a 1×2 market.

3. Launching Bets On The Problème Bola Market

On the market table you can see the readings FT HDP and FH HDP which means Full Moment then First Half. Which means you can make bets in the full match (FH) round and can launch in the main round (FH). Then there are also the words H and Some sort of which means house after that away with a column containing the value of prospects. After that the blue decimal writing in the away bet column is a big inconvenient in this match. In this way, the team at a distance gave a voor of -0-0. 5 for first of all 1/2 and full time period.

And to place a handicap bet is fairly easy, we simply press or click the value of the possibilities which will then be your bet. Therefore, the odds column will change to a simple blue color as indicated by the arrow above.

If you have selected the probability values ​​at these handicap shops, then access the betting value installation menu. With after, enter the nominal scale of the bet that you bet. Then click place guarantee to confirm the value of the bet that you have installed. Then the placing of bets is directly recorded and stored in my table bet records.

That’s in some explanations about how to hold a handicap soccer gambling market which is explained by an example of a cellphone display image. That way, you already have an idea for placing bets on handicap online gambling markets in Sbobet portable.

Step 5: Formula for Showing Handicap Possibilities of the Ball

It is as if we have understood and explained in the next stage, that the odds price on the problem market can be negative and positive. If the odds value listed on the adult handicap market is positive, then the number of successful bets is still multiplied by the possibilities value. While the negative odds scale on inconvenient soccer betting shops is negative, then the quantity of your bet success is about the whole. However, if you lose, the bet will be multiplied by the odds value. To clarify this, here are some formulas for calculating the odds value in an inconvenient ball.

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Let’s take the example of the Everton vs Arsenal competition.


If you make a bet of 100 on Everton with an inconvenient value of and a prospect value of -1. 12.

Then the nominal income corresponds to the gambling value, which is 100. So your credit balance will increase by 200 (with capital).

And if you lose so the number of losing bets is 1. 12 back button 75 = 112, this is because the negative odds scale has a tax or is usually considered when compared to kei.
If we bet 100 for Strategy with a handicap value of -¼ (minus a quarter) and an odds value of 1. 05.

So the total winning bet is 1. 05 x 100 = 105, through that your credit balance increases by 205 (with capital).

And when you bend your knees then the member’s defeat is still 100.


If you win or lose by half, the guide will show you the same, as long as you divide by 2. For example, you place a bet of 100 for Everton with an unconvenient value and a probability value of -1. 12.

Then the amount of the win is 100: only two equals 50. Then your credit balance will increase by one humdred and fifty (with capital).

Then if you lose then the number of losing bets is (1.12 x 100): 2 = 112: a couple of = 56, because negative prospects have a tax / commonly referred to when compared to kei. With the meaning of kei on your bet is 6th.

If you bet 100 for Menu when compared the handicap value -¼ (minus a quarter) and greater possibilities 1. 05.

Then the magnitude of the winning bet is (1. 05 x 100): 3 = 105: 3 equal to 52. 5, when compared so the credit balance of the member will increase 152. a few (with capital).

And the magnitude of the loss is 100; two equals 50, with very forte you return 50.

For the return of capital, then you do not get serious income and losses from gambling. That way our gamble will return complete with no deductions and no nominal additions at all.

And that’s more or less an explanation of the adult problem which consists of how to play, the conditions, then the trick to placing a bet. Moreover, you have also explained how to read the dificultad value with the formula to calculate the Depobos handicap odds. That way, you have got an idea to play and then place a problem bet, let’s try good luck.