Guide to How to Play Asian Handicap Betting Soccer Gambling

Beritaliga – Handicap game is a type of ball betting that can be interpreted to balance the results of the match between the two teams that are not comparable by giving a “Handicap” to the team in the form of points or goals, before the match takes place.

In other words, the winning team will be awarded a goal agen judi depobos deficit because that team is more likely to win. And vice versa for the underdog team will benefit from goals because the chances of winning are small. So for the superior team, it will give value (voor) to the Underdog team.

How to Play Asian Handicap

For this type of bet, there are many enthusiasts on online gambling sites. This bet is more commonly known as handicap/hdp using the Voor system, meaning this system where the ball team that has a red indicator and the team that has an advantage called the handicap which will give Voor to other players who have a blue warrant indicator (receiver) voor)

Guide to Playing Handicap That Needs to be Understood

  • Handicap Bet 0 – means No Voor (Draw)
  • Handicap Bet 0.05 / 0.25 – interpreted as Voor 1/4
  • Handicap bet 0.5 – interpreted as Voor 1/2
  • Handicap bet 5.1 / 0.75 – interpreted as Voor 3/4
  • Handicap Bet 1 – interpreted as Voor 1
  • Handicap bet 1.15 / 1.25 = interpreted as Voor 1 1/4

And so on as in the explanation above, it is very easy to understand.

Here’s how to play Asian Handicap:

The Asian handicap with a score of 0:0 indicates that both teams do not have and do not receive a voor from Daftar Judi Bola Online, the draw option in this system is omitted. as described above

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For example if you bet 1 million on one of the teams in the match with a handicap of 0:0 then your asian handicap is 1.90 oods to win the bet hoping that the team you bet on can win the match.

Luck also affects your victory, if the team really wins then you can use the formula 1 million x 1.90 = 1,900,000, including the betting capital calculated in this formula. If the result of the match is a draw, then your capital can be returned, aka not forfeited. However, if the team you bet on loses then your bet capital will still return 1 million.

The betting game is certainly easier than other types of bets even though it uses a calculation formula, but if you like soccer betting, this is certainly a fortune in itself, especially having advantages or reading which team matches won the match.

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