Guide on how to play handicaps on sbobet

Guide on How to Play Handicap on sbobet. Nelayanbet, the largest soccer betting site, wants to provide guidance on how to play handicap games on the SBOBET server. In addition, fishermenbet also provides many online games that you can play easily without having to look for bookies directly. This time I want to provide an even better service than before by providing information — information about how to play bets in SBOBET products.

Guide on how to play handicaps on sbobet

The handicap game itself is by playing judi bola euro 2021 the difference between the goals of the competing teams, whether they want to be played when the ball is running or not. Of course, it is very easy to play the biggest online bookies handicap, because you only need to choose the team you want to install. For example, those who give poor or receive poor and you just see the odds of what is given on the market.

Below we will provide an explanation of the steps for playing Handicap betting: Handicap betting, of course, the type of game that we often find on the ball table on your screen. This game has many varieties of pooran that are marketed as well as the odds.

Here are also some things you need to understand first, before playing handicaps such as how to play handicaps on online soccer sites:

The team marked in red is the team that gives pooran.

The team marked in blue is the team that received pooran.

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Some of these also need to be understood in reading pooran before you start betting to play handicaps, as follows: Daftar Taruhan Bola 0 means no giving or no pooran.

  • Poor 0–0.5 means giving a poor 1/4 (0.25).
  • Poor 0.5 itself also gives pooran 1/2 (0.50).
  • Poor 0.5–1 which gives a pooran of 3/4 (0.75).
  • Poor 1.0 means giving pooran only 1 ball.
  • The same goes for the next one.
  • How to Read Football Betting Handicap

We will also provide a sbobet guide on how to read soccer betting handicaps that many players also don’t understand for this, as follows

Handicap with pooran 0

If you have placed a bet on a team, then the player will win the bet when the team is selected with a minimum of 1: 1–0, 2–0 and so on.

A draw when the match ends with a score of 0–0, 1–1 and so on.

Full loss if the team at stake loses the goal 1: 0–1, 1–2 and so on.

Handicap score 0–0.5 or 1/4 (0.25)

  • Will win if the team is placed a winning bet with a minimum of 1 goal.
  • Found to lose half if the team placed a bet ends with a draw or draw.
  • Complete loss if placing a team bet gives pooran a loss.

Handicap with pooran 0.5 or 1/2 (0.50)

  • Find the victory when the team placed on the bet wins with a minimum goal of 1: 1–0, 2–0.
  • Lose when the team selected to bet finds a draw or lose score: 1–1, 0–1.

Poor by 0.5–1 or 3/4 (0.75)

  • Full win if the selected team bets to win with a minimum goal score of 2: 2–0, 3–1.
  • Receive a half win if the selected team places a bet wins with only 1 goal: 1–0, 2–1.
  • Full loss if the selected team finds a draw or loses: 1–1, 0–1.
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Pooran by 1

  • Win if the team wins by a score of 2 goals.
  • The draw when the pick finds the result of 1 goal.
  • Lose if you choose the team and get the final result with a draw or lose: 1–1, 0–1.