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Online Football Betting Exchange – For some people watching a football match feel less overwhelming if there is no value at stake. Big and small bets are not a parameter but the extraordinary feeling that is felt when playing soccer gambling is a certain distraction. Remember that the number of fans of this football sport is huge, so soccer betting is an inseparable part of a football match, be it a local league or a big competition such as the World Cup.

The strict ban on gambling in Indonesia has made some people start to look at online betting via the internet. The rapid development of internet technology has made online soccer gambling websites scattered everywhere, from those that market themselves as soccer agents to several sites with increasingly fantastic bonus promos.

For those who are interested, of course it is better if you know how to play link alternatif fontana99 online soccer gambling first and understand the terms used before playing directly on online gambling websites.

The Most Popular Online Football Betting Exchange Euro 2021

The Fontana99 online soccer gambling website that markets games on online soccer betting must have a place where bet values ​​are placed and how the betting market moves. The place is found to be a betting market or betting exchange. On online gambling agen sbobet casino terpercaya, such as poker bookies, players can follow the betting exchange in the sports menu or sportsbooks.

Basically, the betting exchanges that are displayed include several types of sports ranging from tennis, badminton, basketball, karate and others, but what is discussed in this article is about how to play online soccer gambling, so the sports discussed are football or soccer betting exchanges.

The following are the meanings that are often found in online soccer betting exchanges, namely:

  • Full Time (FT): in football FT means a set full of matches as far as 2 x 45 minutes. If online soccer betting bets are handled based on FT, then the score that makes the reference is the score at the end of the game as far as 2 x 45 minutes.
  • Half Time (HT): called 1/2 set because HT is only a 1 x 45 minute football match. Online soccer betting bets on the HT place are scores up to 1/2 a set which is a reference.
  • Odds : the value of kei or the value of one running bet and what is the winning value received if the soccer betting bet wins. For example, -1.25 means that a bet on that number requires an amount of Rp. 125,000 for a win of Rp. 100,000, – or +1.05 means that by betting an amount of Rp. 100,000, – so when you win, you will receive an amount of Rp. 105,000, -.
  • Home (H): is the meaning for the home team or the team on the left.
  • Away (A): is a call for the away team or the team placed on the right side.
  • HDP : is the handicap betting market which will be explained in this article.

Types of Online Football Gambling Games

The betting exchange or ball market tonight, on the legal soccer gambling website, there are many types of soccer gambling, for example:

Handicap: online soccer betting betting using a voor pattern between a team that is getting stronger and a team that is less strong. There are provisions and conditions in the voor handicap that work internationally, especially the Asian market.

  • 1 X 2 : the type of 1 X 2 soccer gambling is one of the oldest online soccer betting bets found. How to play soccer gambling 1 X 2 only guesses at the end of 1 match whether 1 (home team) wins or X (balanced result) or even 2 (away team) wins. This 1 X 2 game does not use a voor pattern and is very easy with the odds value displayed so you are sure how much the winning payout value will be received if the guess matches
  • Over/Under: guessing the number of goals scored in a football match. This type of online soccer gambling is betting on the Over (above) or Under (under) place of 1 limit value that has been confirmed in the soccer betting market or soccer market. The determination of the limit value follows the same provisions as the handicap.
  • Mix Parlay: another call for this soccer betting is multiple options. The decision to play mix parlay is to determine at least 3 teams or match parties at a bet value. If only one team loses, then all bets are seen as losing. Mix parlay provides a high odds value if all the options taken successfully win all of them. This type of Mix Parlay soccer gambling is really loved as a game on a trusted lottery agent website.
  • Outright: is a type of soccer betting bet that determines one team to be the champion of 1 particular competition or certain league. Odds on outrights always change as the competition progresses but valid bets entered will be based on the odds running at that time.

There are still many types of online soccer gambling but these five types are the ones that are often played and are the favorite types of betting games. To get to know other games, you can directly visit online gambling websites or talk directly to the customer service that works.

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How to Play Handicap Online Football Gambling

As discussed above, handicap is a type of ball gambling that uses a voor pattern and the provisions of this pattern have the following calculation provisions that run internationally:

  • Note: A: B means that team A is on the left side and team B is on the right, if the placement of numbers is on team B, then team A will give voor to team B and vice versa.
  • 0 : 0 : place of lek-lekan means that the two competing teams have the same chance. The goal that is scored determines the victory and when the score ends in a draw/draw, the bet that occurs is called a draw and the bet money is returned to the member.
  • 0 : 1/4 : is the voor given from team A to team B. This 1/4 voor writing on the football betting market is usually recorded with the numbers 0 – 0.5. The provisions of voor 1/4 if the score ends with a draw then bets on team A will lose 1/2 the value of the bet. To win, you have to go by 1 goal.
  • 0 : 1/2 : voor 1/2 is recorded 0.5 where if the score in a match is over draw then team A that gave voor will lose the total bet value. In order to get a full win, team A must score one more goal.
  • 0 : 3/4 : voor 3/4 if in the ball market it is registered 0.5 – 1 which means if it goes 1 goal different for team A’s advantage, the bet value won is 1/2 and in order to win fully it takes 2 goals different for the team A. The result of a draw of course bets on team B will win all of them.
  • 0: 1: voor 1 is given team A where in order to win soccer betting bets in full it takes 2 different goals. Football betting money will be reversed to members if the score is only 1 goal for team A.
  • 0 : 1 1/4 : This voor decision repeats the same as voor 1/4 where it is necessary to add only different goals. For example, team A in order to win all bets must have a difference of 2 goals and if team A can only lead by 1 goal then the bet value on team A will lose 1/2.
  • 0 : 1.5 : then equal to voor at 1/2 by adding only to different goals only. Thus the next voor voor. This voor provision applies to both Asian and world football betting exchanges.

If you already understand the voor handicap decision, it means that an important way in how to play soccer gambling has been skipped. The provisions of this handicap provision apply the same as the limit value in the over/under game. So for example, in over under there is a value of 1.5, so the goals called under are two goals down and called over are two goals or more.

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How to Play Soccer Gambling on Trusted Online Gambling Sites

Before playing soccer gambling online, first determine which gambling website you want to take to place the bet value. Choose a website that is trusted and has a valid license and has an office abroad. Create a member account on the gambling website and start the first deposit. For new members, it is optimistic that the bonus given is in accordance with the promotional conditions of the related online gambling website.

How to play this soccer gambling by specifying the sports menu or sportsbooks and looking at the existing betting market along with the visible odds value. The calculation of odds is really easy to understand, for example -1.36 means to bet IDR 100,000, – it takes IDR 136,000, – while +115 means if you bet an amount of IDR 100,000, – so if you win, the money received is IDR 115,000.

If you are sure of the preferred party that will compete, then it’s time to place the amount of bet value. Watch the table where there is a game type and the desired match time limit is FT or HT. To enter the bet value, click on the number taken with the desired game type table. The following example image:

Please enter the amount or credit value of the expected bet in that match. Don’t forget to always click verify bets to make sure the bets that have just been handled are legitimately entered in the soccer market.

Check the remaining credit and bet history, if the numbers match and the party being bet is visible, it’s safe, online soccer betting bets are legal and successfully entered the soccer betting market. Taste live shows and the sensation of watching a football match.

Isn’t it easy to start a soccer betting bet? How to play online soccer gambling is made as a guide for beginners to soccer gambling through internet websites. No need to hesitate if you have difficulties to talk via livechat 24 hours immediately. Legally trusted online gambling websites still provide the best, fast and professional service for the satisfaction of playing members.