Online Dadu Gambling Agent – ​​Indonesian Online Dadu – Real Money Online Dadu This game is widely known as sicbo and is one of the legendary bets, this game covers all circles in Indonesia. Of course, everyone is very familiar with this one game because you can find these bets in all online casinos in each country. This online dice gambling is a game that uses 3 dice to start betting, the online dice will be shaken live and can be seen directly by bettors who place bets on Online Dice Gambling.

Dice Online this gambling game has become one of the favorites for all bettors, you could say that of all the bets in this online casino, this is the one that has the highest interest. Because playing Real Money Online Dice betting types, you can get a sensation in playing Judi Dadu Online and also get a lot of benefits. Of course, all of these bets are not as easy as you think because to get a lot of profits you must have an ego that must be patient in playing.

One of the reasons why online dice gambling has become so popular throughout the world, this online dice gambling game you can choose various bets, including big and small, even odd even you can guess numbers at once and of course guessing numbers is not an easy thing because it has a high payout value. To play online dice, it is enough to play from your mobile phone because this game is equipped with the most sophisticated system, even a server that no longer needs to be in doubt, only requires an android or IOS mobile version to be able to play the game with Depobos judi slot bet murah Online Dice Gambling Site.



Big or small is the most popular online dice bet. This bet is simply guessing what the total number of the three dice will be in the large or small section. For those who make big bets between numbers 11 to 17 and online triple dice are not included, because if the dice results after being shaken 4-4-4 even though the total is 12 big bets you will not win. And for small numbers 4 to 10 triples are also not included. If you get 3-3-3 with a total of 9 though, you will be declared lost even though the number of dady numbers is small. And for the payment value of Online Dice Betting, the size is 1:1, for example, if you make a bet of 100 thousand, you will be paid according to your bet of 100 thousand as well.


Odds / even or odd / even online dice bets are also often played. The way to play is almost the same as big/small, for this type of bet it’s quite easy, you just need to guess what the total number of dice that appears from the total number is even or odd, but for triple it’s still not included. For the payment value, it is also the same as the small size, which is 1:1 as well, for example, if you make a bet of 200 thousand, you will be paid according to your bet of 200 thousand as well.


For triples, you are asked to guess when 3 of the same dice will appear in the bet. And to guess this type of bet is not easy because almost the same 3 dice will appear, if you guess right, of course, the payout value is also very high, for example, if you guess triple dice 1, then you will be paid 150 times the amount of your bet. . For example, if you bet 100 thousand on the triple 1 number then you will be paid 15 million.


online dice game that gives players the opportunity to bet by choosing one number that will come out among the three dice to be shaken. In this bet there are no multiple wins like double or triple games. For example: The player bets on the number 6, and after being shuffled the numbers that come out are (2-4-6), (2-3-6), (6-1-3) thus the player has been declared a winner because he got one number 6.


Unlike the single bet, in the double bet, players are required to bet by choosing one number that will come out at least on 2 dice after being shaken. For example: Player bets on number 6, then to win the player must get 2 dice number 6 such as (6-6-3), (6-1-6), (2-6-6) so the player has won the bet


Combination bets are different bets from specific single bets that can only be single bets. Usually, combination bets give players the opportunity to bet not only on one number but can place bets on two different numbers that will come out after the dice are shaken.

Contohnya : Player melakukan taruhan pada angka 2 dan 6, dan angka yang keluar setelah dikocok adalah (2-5-5) maka player akan kalah dalam taruhan tersebut. Angka yang dibutuhkan player untuk mendapatkan kemenangan adalah (2-6-4) dimana terdapat 2 angka yang player taruhkan keluar saat dadu tersebut di kocok.

Taruhan kombinasi juga ada yang memasang dengan jenis taruhan double dan single bet. Pada kombinasi ini, player diharuskan memprediksi dua angka yang sama dan satu angka yang akan keluar setelaht dadu dikocok. Contohnya : Player memasang taruhan double 6 dan single 5 maka player harus mendapatkan angka (6-6-5) untuk mendapatkan kemenangan.

And the most difficult thing is the combination of three single dice, which requires the player to guess the three numbers that will come out. In accordance with its high level of difficulty, this three single combination game also has the highest prize for players.

There are certain provisions in playing gambling that are detrimental to us and there are also beneficial ones. This must be seen from a different perspective and contains elements that must be our basic point when playing gambling or playing gambling games.

In playing gambling games, there are now facilities via online so that we can play them only through online media, namely online casinos. Usually, there are many gambling games in online casinos. However, here we will only discuss a gambling game that is quite difficult to win, namely Roulette.

When we play Roulette, there are things that are complicated to understand, especially for us as novice players who are still very new to this game. Indeed, playing solaire99 Roulette is usually found in casinos but there are still no online facilities. Until now, there have been many changes, so now playing Roulette can be played at online casinos.

The reason for the creation of Roulette in online casinos is the convenience that has been felt in terms of internet access, regular deposits or bets in our respective accounts, complaints and problems related to Roulette can be directly resolved by one user without having to queue for other users.

Some things that are important for you to prioritize promo slot online others are:

The basic thing when you want to know how to play Roulette is to be careful at the first observation of the minimum numbers that appear on the online casino table. The reason is, when you position yourself to occupy the table of your choice, the number of the bet value will also affect. For example, in one place at the online casino, the bet costs USD 120. Of course, you have to adjust this to the ability of the bet that you can place.

The second thing how to play Roulette is related to color. Because, every chip that is on the online casino table will be available in many types. Starting from the price value of USD 10, 50 or 100. In playing you must understand and understand without making the slightest mistake to prevent placing wrong bets.

Know the right way and time to place bets when playing Roulette. Basically, before the dealer spins the game, there will be a session for you to put a number of chips. It should be avoided not to put a value with a large number first. Usually, pro players are proficient enough to avoid this in anticipation of the opportunity to place big numbers.

There are also some terms in playing Roulette, namely Odd and Even. If Odd then you have the possibility to call values ​​with numbers 1,3,5,7 or odd numbers and so on. And, if Even then you chance to have a value with numbers 2,4,6,8 or even numbers and so on. When the number of zero appears, then in the position of Odd and Even will experience defeat.


The no deposit casino bonus is an attractive offer from the casino where there is no risk of losing money at all from the player. Online casino without a deposit is actually a bonus that can be used if you are a beginner and feel unsure how to play online casino. playing casino without a deposit has nothing to lose and the results can be better saved if you win.

Most online casino sites offer a free no deposit casino bonus as a Welcome Bonus. This offer allows new players to try online casino games without a deposit, play agen nova88 for the first time with free casino money, and provides a fun and enjoyable experience that will keep players coming back to play. Even when the free bonus has run out, sometimes players can get additional online casino bonuses.

The type of bonus offered is similar to the name, the no-deposit casino bonus, where a certain amount of money will be daftar situs slot to the Casino Better account without having to make a deposit first. free money is given by online casinos, they will not demand better to make a deposit to get the money. Online casino offers no deposit such as free trials which allow better to play various games for real money. In this way, it is better to determine if you prefer this casino and make a deposit later, and if you are lucky, you will make free money. All without having to make risky payments.

However, no deposit casino bonuses are often very small, or if the amount is large it will require betting requirements that are difficult to meet. But online casino free money without a deposit is real money and can be played for bigger jackpots or withdrawn in one play through a series of conditions that must be met.

In online casino promotions and casino coupons, there are certain games you can better play to take advantage of the no deposit bonuses. The most popular no-deposit bonuses for games include: no-deposit casino slot bonuses, no-deposit casino blackjack, no-deposit casino roulette and no-deposit video poker casino game bonuses. Real prizes and lots of money will certainly be won by players who make deposits at the casinos they like.


Regarding Gambling – Roulette is one of the games that usually exist in a casino. We will explain how to play, the type of bet, and the winning percentage.

Roulette Tables There are usually 2 types, Online Gambling Tables that have the numbers 0 and 00, as well as tables that only have one number 0. Usually at Live Casino such as Sbobet and Ioncasino, Roulette tables only have one number 0. We will explain the tips play solaire99 Roulette as well as his winning percentage.

Points A to K are the types of bets that we can do on the Roulette table. We will explain the types of bets and the number of wins and the percentage of wins on that bet:

  • Point A (Straight Bet): Choose only one number on the existing Roulette board. In the picture above if the ball falls on the number 7 then it can win around: x36, the percentage of wins is 2.7%
  • Point B (Split Bet): Choose 2 numbers side by side on the roulette table. In the picture above if the ball falls on the number 11 or 14 then it can win around: x18, the winning percentage is 5.4%
  • Point C (Street Bet): choose 1 line that is divided into 3 numbers from the roulette table. In the picture above if the ball falls on the number 19, 20, or 21 then it can win around: x12, the percentage of wins is 8.1%
  • Point D (Corner Bet): choose 4 numbers side by side on the roulette table, in the picture above if the ball falls on numbers 25, 26, 28 or 29 then you can win about: x9, the winning percentage is 10.8%
  • Point E (Four Number Bet): choose 1 line judi slot terbaik is divided into 4 numbers including the number 0. In the picture above if the ball falls on numbers 0, 1, 2, or 3 then you can win around: x9, the winning percentage is 10.8%
  • Point F (Line Bet): select 2 adjacent lines and are divided into 6 numbers. In the picture above if the ball falls on the number 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9 then you can win about: x6, the percentage of wins is 16.2%
  • Point G (Column Bet): choose 1 column which is divided into 12 numbers, the roulette table consists of 3 columns. If the ball falls on one of the numbers in the column taken, you can win about: x3, the percentage of wins is 32.4%
  • Point H (Dozen Bet): choose the first 12 numbers 1-12, or the 2nd 12 numbers 13-24, or the 3rd 12 numbers 25-36. If the ball falls in the range of numbers taken then it can win around: x3, The winning percentage is 32.4%
  • Point I (Red or Black): select the ball will fall on a red or black number. If the ball falls on your choice then you can win about: x2, The winning percentage is 48.6%
  • Point J (Even or Odd): select the ball will fall on an even or odd number. If the ball falls on your choice then it can win around: x2, The winning percentage is 48.6%
  • Point K (High or Low): choose the ball will fall on a small number 1-18 or a large number 19-36. If the ball falls in the range of your choice, you can win about: x2, the winning percentage is 48.6%

The calculation of the victory above includes the staked capital, for example Bet one number of 100 and win, therefore 100 × 36 = 3600 (100 is capital, and 3500 is a win)

Here are the types of games and how to play Roulette along with the winning percentage. You can choose a combination of several types of bets to increase the winning percentage.

Online Casino Indonesia – Basic Guide to How to Play Roulette Online Gambling – Who doesn’t know the type of online Roulette gambling? This game uses a ball that spins in a round place that has thirty-seven number slots and the ball will randomly fall on one of the numbers. If you manage to shoot the number where the ball will fall you can get the winning prize.

Calculation of Win Loss Playing Roulette

In the game of roulette there is a choice of numbers ranging from zero to thirty-six (0-36). The total choice is thirty-seven numbers (37), you can install how many numbers you want, there are no restrictions or restrictions. The following is the winning value in installing Roulette numbers at agen nova88 terpercaya.

  1. 1 Number x 35 Pairs
  2. 2 Number x 17 Pair
  3. 3 Number x 11 Pair
  4. 4 Number x 8 Pair
  5. 6 Number x 5 Pair
  6. 12 Numbers x 2 Pairs
  7. 18 Number x 1 Pair
  8. Large or Small x 1 Pair
  9. Even or Odd x 1 Pair
  10. Black or Red x 1 Pair

So in the simple explanation above if you put 1 number and it’s correct then the win is multiplied by 35 from your partner’s nominal and so on. For more details, see the example below.

In the description above the ball falls on the number 9 so that all installations that lead to the number 9 will get a prize following an example if you put 1,000 in each hole that leads to the situs judi slot online 9.

  • On Hole number 9 Total Win x35 is 35,000 On Hole 12 Total Win x2 is 2,000

    On Small Hole Win x1 is 1,000

    On Red Hole Win x1 is 1,000

    On Odd Hole Win x1 is 1,000

    On Third Column Hole Kemangan x2 is 2,000

That is an example of the installation calculation in the roulette game, it is very easy to understand, isn’t it.

How to Place on the Roulette Table

About the calculation, maybe you already understand, and then you have to know what menus are available in the roulette game in detail, here we provide detailed details.

  • Straight Up, placing on 1 single number.
  • Split Bet, placing on the line between 2 numbers.
  • Street Bet, placing at the end of each number line between 3 numbers.
  • Corner Bet, Placing at the midpoint between 4 numbers.
  • Line Bet, placing on the bottom line between 6 numbers.
  • Column Bet, placing in one corner of the right-hand side box between 12 numbers, zeros are not included.
  • Dozen Bet, placing in every box among 12 numbers
  • Red / Black, guess the color where the ball will fall between 18 and 18
  • Even / Old, guess the number where the ball will fall odd or even compared to 18: 18

After knowing all the installation methods, you can immediately try to create an ID on the trusted Roulette Gambling Playing Site in Indonesia today, Solaire99. For those of you who are confused about how to create an id, please visit our other article on how to register at Solaire99.

Online Roulette – Surely we are curious to play roulette via online? Surely fans of betting like us will definitely try once, the game of roulette itself is one of the casino games that is on the rise throughout Indonesia, even throughout the world. Online roulette games are a distinct advantage for Indonesian gamblers, of course in our own country it will be rare to provide online roulette games.

What is certain is that nowadays everything is modern, roulette is easily accessible through online casino gambling sites, so we can all have the opportunity to try the game, almost the same as offline roulette, online roulette games use real money as bets. If the gamblers win then the profits will be multiplied.

How to win online roulette? Just a simple way, we just need to understand how and tips are applied to the game so that we succeed. We as gamblers certainly want to beat the owner of the online casino money so that we can achieve all the benefits, here are ways and tips for us to play sbobet deposit pulsa online roulette at a live casino.


Of course, this method is most disliked by the dealer and casino, namely when players place their bets when the ball is spinning on the roulette wheel. To minimize this kind of thing, then try to always place our bets as quickly as possible, if we keep doing things like that, surely the dealer will feel very annoyed.

Can Determine Bet

Where we as the best online casino agents will share judi slot terbaru accurate roulette ways to win really easily and quickly we apply them well with each roulette game that we will play. We have to decide to put black and red numbers when playing. The last time that comes out is a number that is black, then in the next round a bettor is advised to re-place a bet with a black number. So vice versa.

Double the Bet

We have to multiply the points of our bets when we lose, before we certainly have to have a large capital in doing this. We will also suffer losses. But we don’t need to worry, our losses will turn into profits for us when we use this trick to play online roulette.

So this is the trick to playing online roulette that we can convey to all of us. Hopefully with these tips it can make it easier for us to get a win in playing online roulette gambling.

How to Play Roulette Online Indonesia The name of roulette itself is not unfamiliar to hear among online gamblers themselves, it is a game that uses a small ball that turns on a small wheel plate that has 36 columns ranging from 0 to 36 and the small ball to end in part of one of those number columns.

This roulette game aims to choose numbers or predict numbers that will come out when the ball ends in one of the numbers. This game is a player situs judi online who guesses the number correctly according to the small ball ending in one of the numbers itself.

To play the roulette game that we must live before playing, that is, you must first register at a trusted agent. You can also register directly here. Registering for Online Gambling, if you have difficulty registering, you can directly contact livechat.

  1. The First Step Before Starting To Play Indonesian Online Roulette
  2. The first step you must have a credit card so you can register at the agent you want.
  3. After that you can fill out the form that you have to fill in according to your own information.

Then you can sort the casino games at registration there are many various trusted football agents deposit 25rb, so if you are worried about the Roulette casino game which we recommend to ask of course to customer service so that you do not worry in registering and sorting the right game.

After you register and fill in your personal information. You will be given an account number to the customer service that will serve you, so that you can make a deposit before getting an ID to play. Our service and after that will be distributed an account to slot online terlengkap along with the balance that you have sent to us all of that we will enter into your game account Roulette game.

With an account that has been shared by our customer service, you can enter the game of roulette and if you are confused when you enter the early stages of playing roulette, this is why we made a post about How to Play Roulette Online Indonesia, so here we will explain for the game. Roulette is so that you don’t worry about how to play the roulette game itself.

How to Play Indonesian Online Roulette

After you enter the roulette game, there will be an option to sort the dealer or a table option to play.

Choose a table that is appropriate or based on the minimum and maximum bet limits because for each table there is a minimum and maximum bet option.

Next, after entering the Roulette table display, you want to look at the many columns and the number table that you want to install.

For that display, there is a display of your balance, win or lose and there is another menu.

So here we will explain how to place a roulette bet:

The balance or credit that you can place on the betting table that has a method of installing is by clicking the nominal chip balance that you want to put on the table or clicking the number you want to install.

  • Repeat is to repeat the bet that was previously placed.
  • Confirm is a confirmation to place a bet that you want to place on the betting table.
  • Cancel All is to cancel all bets that you have placed on the betting table.
  • Clear Last is to sterilize the last bet on the betting table provided you have not pressed the confirm button.

And at the table itself, there are various types of bets that you must know and if you don’t really understand what types of bets are on the Roulette table, it’s a good idea to read the Guide to How to Play Indonesian Online Roulette which we have presented for you to read and You practice because many people are still confused about what bets are on the table, so we will describe all types of bets on the betting table.

Methods of Playing Indonesian Online Roulette

Guide to the Method of Playing Indonesian Online Roulette at the Roulette table with the following types of bets:
Straight Up is placing one of the 36 numbers from 0 to 36.
For example, you put 32 and the number 32 comes out until you win a bet that is paid 35 or 1 : 35 from early bet.

  • Split Bet is a pair with 2 adjacent numbers when there is a number out that one of your companions until you want to of course as well as paid 1:17 from the early bet.
  • Streer Bet is a 3 number bet that alternates close together when one of the numbers you put out until you want to win and is paid 1:11.
  • Corner Bet is 4 consecutive numbers when there is a number that comes out of one of the numbers you selected until you want to win and is paid 1: 8.
  • Line Bet is 6 numbers in 2 lines when there is one of the 6 numbers that you select out until you want to win and are paid 1: 5.
  • Column Inside Bet is to install 12 numbers vertically when there is one of the 12 numbers that come out until you want to win and paid 1: 2.
  • Dozen Bet is a stack with 12 numbers horizontally when there is one number that comes out of the 12 numbers you put until you want to win by 1: 2.
  • Zero Cornet Bet is a bet between 3 numbers that are close to the number 0 when there is a number that comes out equal to the number that you put until you want to win and is paid 1:11.
  • Zero Section is one of the 4 numbers next to the number 0 when there is one number that comes out until you want to win and is paid 1: 8.
  • Low and High/ Large and Small are 18 -digit bets marked with Low 1 to 18 and High 19 to 36 when one of the numbers you select comes out until you want to win and want to be paid 1: 1.

Example: Low numbers 1 to 18

Example: High numbers 19 to 36

  • Red or Dark is a bet that only chooses a dark or dark color where each number has a red and dark pattern if your guess is correct so you will win and get paid 1:1.
  • Odd or Even is an even odd bet where the bet separates the odd and even numbers only when there is a sort of even numbers and even numbers until you want to win and want to be paid 1: 1.

Example: Even: 2- 4- 6- 8- 10- 12- 14- 16- 18- 20- 22- 24- 26- 28- 30- 32- 34- 36

Example: Odd: 1- 3- 5- 7- 9- 11- 13- 15- 17- 19- 21- 23- 25- 27- 29- 31- 33- 35

So that’s all we can explain, hopefully the Indonesian Online Roulette Playing Method Guide is useful for those of you who are reading this post if you want to understand more at our agent you can contact us via our website Jasagol. Our guide will always accept feedback or complaints that you feel in playing online gambling.


Roulette is one of the oldest online casino gambling games that can give you a lot of money easily. Besides being popular, this game will also make members smarter in predicting the speed and direction of the roulette ball.

Members can bet where you think the small ball will land on the spinning iron wheel. When the iron ball lands right on the bettor’s choice, the bettor will win the game with a payment of up to 1:35 times.

The guidelines for playing online agen hokijudi99 roulette are:

Members must know that the betting table design consists of 2 rectangular sections which are divided into “inside bets” and “outside bets”. In this “inside bet” there is a choice of numbers according to the player table (0-36).

Players will then be given different coins (chips) to distinguish from one another so as not to confuse.

Baccarat members can choose a number of betting options to be placed. Members can choose several favorite unit numbers (1,17,33,24,5, etc.), choose one group of numbers at a time (1-12, 13-24, 25-36), choose a color (red or black), or choose type of group of numbers (odd or even)

The dealer will then spin the spinning wheel and spin the iron ball in the opposite direction of rotation as a rule of the Roulette game.

Members can continue to place bets when the ball has been played until the city is heard stating “No More Bets”

When the iron ball played by Bursaidr has stopped at a number, the dealer will announce that number and put a mark on the situs judi slot online terbaik on the betting table.

From here the dealer will determine who the bettor wins and who loses.

In addition to the online roulette guide provided, online casino gambling players can also read how to play Indonesian poker which has been created on the Bursaidr blog so that texas poker lovers can master all the games provided well.

How to make the best and most trusted soccer agent payments is determined by placing the chips in the right place on the betting table. Don’t put it wrong because different placements have different payments.

  • Straight Up – Any number from 0-36. It’s paid 35:1
  • Corner – One of the 4 adjacent numbers. Paid 8:1
  • Street – One of the numbers from a row of 3 numbers. Paid 11:1
  • Split – One of the 2 numbers side by side. Paid 17:1
  • Six Line – One of the numbers from an adjacent line in which there are 6 digits. Paid 5: 1
  • Dozen – One of the numbers from the part of the 12 number box marked with 1st 12, 2nd 12 and 3rd 12. Paid 2:1
  • Even Chances – “outside bets” ditandai dengan design 1 to 18 or 19 to 36, Even or Odd, Black or Red. Dibayar 1:1

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games and has been on the market for a long time and we must know the basics. Through this article on how to play mobile roulette, we will see (especially for those of you who have never played casino), how to play roulette. After we have successfully registered on the Official Soccer Gambling Site and SuperBola Online Casino Slot Gambling and have logged in with a credit balance, you can immediately play roulette without having to transfer funds to other games, because the main balance of SuperBola can be directly used to play judi nova88 terpercaya online games. live casino. If you are already proficient at playing, don’t forget to always check the special live casino roll promo provided by SuperBola, there is a 0.7% bonus from the turnover that we can use as additional playing capital.

How to Play Roulette on HP: Display

If we have logged in via our cellphone or smartphone, the display for playing roulette will be like the 3 pictures below. The following is an explanation of the important buttons that we need to pay attention to:

After the loading process is complete, there will be a dealer choice. Please select the dealer you want, we can see the history of the roulette in addition to the photo of the existing dealer.

Choose the limit table that suits our balance.

After we enter the table, the display will be like the second image. First, select the chip size that we will use for betting.

Next we can put the chip in the desired slot.

When you are sure with our bet, click ‘Install’. Press ‘Replace’ we want to re-install with the same nominal and slot as before (this button will not be active if we did not install previously). The ‘Cancel’ button is used when we want to cancel / withdraw the last chip we placed. The ‘Clean’ button to cancel / withdraw all the chips that we put. Important note: If we have confirmed ‘Place’, then our bet cannot be withdrawn by ‘Cancel’ or ‘Clear’. bandar casino terpercaya

The video is at the top right corner, and will automatically zoom in when the roulette ball is rolling.

How to Play Roulette on Mobile: Roulette Rules

The goal in playing roulette is guessing at what number or color the ball will stop on the roulette wheel. There are a total of 37 number slots from 0 to 36. The standard image of a roulette wheel is as below.

How to Play Roulette on HP: Winning Money Calculation Uang

We can see the calculation of winning roulette money based on the following information:

Red or Black. Payout 1:1.

Odd or Even. Payment 1: 1.

Small or Large. Payment 1: 1. The ball is small when it stops at numbers 1-18, and big when it stops at numbers 19-36.

1st 12 or 2nd 12 or 3rd 12. Payment 2: 1. 1st 12 when the ball stops at numbers 1-12. 2nd 12 when the ball stops at numbers 13-24. And 3rd 12 when the ball stops at 25-36.
Elongate the first, second and third. Payment 2: 1.

Specific figures. Payout 35:1. We can guess more than 1 number that comes out at once. We can also directly install 1 chip for 2 or even 4 numbers at once like the numbers 2+5 and 8+9+11+12 in the picture below. The nominal value of our chips will be divided by 2 or divided by 4, and the winnings will also be half or a quarter smaller.

Green 0. Payout 35:1. If the ball stops at number 0, then all bets listed in numbers 1 to 6 will lose. Only bets at 0 will be paid.

That’s an explanation of how to play roulette on a cellphone that you can try directly on the SuperBola website, you can ask through our CS if there are things that are not clear. You can also inquire about our live casino promos and other betting games on the livechat below.


We, Hokijudi99, the Trusted & Best Online Roulette Gambling Site, are ready to provide a list of Roulette Gambling, Playing Roulette Gambling or what is known as Online Roulette | Rolex | Roulette. Here We Are Always Present Providing 24-hour full service every day to all prospective online gambling members for free in Indonesia who want to take part in Roulette games on SBOBET Products and others such as: JOKER123, ORIENTAL, Nova88 Casino, Bluebet Casino, Cbet Casino & ION CASINO.

Of course, for now, many of our members have asked us about how to “How to Register for Roulette Gambling on an Android Phone”, “How to Play daftar sbobet Roulette Online Easily”, “Effective Ways to Win Roulette Online at Live Casino” and besides that there are still there are so many questions that are asked of us Trusted Online Roulette Site.

So that we Hokijudi99 Trusted Online Roulette Agent will provide some easy, fast and free guides to all of you members of Bandar Roulette Online. Who wants to do this How to Register Real Money Online Roulette on Android. Well, of course, there are also some bettors who ask the question, Can you Play Indonesian Online Roulette on an Android Phone without having to download it first?.

Playing Roulette Online on Mobile?

So the answer from us is “CAN”, Now you can directly Play the Best Online Roulette Through your Android cellphone without having to download an application into your cellphone which will increase the memory load. So all online casino products, the largest online gambling vendor in Asia, namely SBOBET, provide very FUN and easy facilities to all their loyal members.

Of course, the products that we provide the most trusted soccer agents provide various supportive and very interesting technology features to be able to make each of its members play the cheapest online roulette gambling safely and daftar akun judi rolet. So along with the development of today’s technological era, of course, making all the online gambling games that you can play on the SBOBET Site are also very modern and have very good displays and have very real graphics.

The Best & Trusted Indonesian Roulette Gambling on Android Phones

At this time, all Hokijudi99 Casino Products provide lots of interesting features, namely playing online soccer betting and online casino gambling. Where for Casino games that can be played via your Android Mobile, namely Baccarat (Bacarat), Roulette (Rolet), Sicbo (Dice), Slot Machines (Slot Machine).

Everything can be played through your mobile gadget just by using an Internet connection without having to download again. So, how do you register for an official online roulette game that can be played through the Android?. You just simply follow the steps we provide below.

List of Online Roulette Real Money Biggest Bonus

For those of you who are looking for How to Register for Roulette Gambling Games That Get IDR Easily Playing Real Money Roulette Gambling, of course the method is very easy and doesn’t take a long time. Register for Roulette Gambling is also free of charge when you register.

Easy Transactions Playing Live Roulette Online 24 hours

So, before you join, make sure you have one of the four well-known local Indonesian banks that have collaborated with us, namely Bank BCA, Mandiri, BNI, Danamon, Cimb Niaga and BRI. The Deposit and Withdrawal process is only 10 thousand and is very easy to do using the Indonesian Local Bank in the future.

To start Roulette registration, you can start by clicking on the REGISTRATION menu at the top of this website. Then you will be directed to a new page to fill out the Roulette List Form, After that, fill in all your data completely and correctly. Especially when you fill in your Name and Account Number, because those two things are very important to facilitate your transactions with us.

After you have completed filling in the data properly and correctly, then click SUBMIT to send your data to our system. After Successfully Registering, you can contact the Hokijudi99 Operator to confirm that you have just registered. For more information, you can directly contact our customer service (LIVECHAT) who is always loyal to serve you. Thank You & Welcome to Join.


Tips to Win Playing Online Casino Roulette Games on the Hokijudi99 INDONESIA Site – Playing online gambling via the Internet is a new entertainment for most people today. Through the internet alone, we can already find many online gambling sites that provide online gambling site games.

Starting from card gambling games such as online poker to casino gambling games such as roulette, we can now play online.

Of course, with this article, I will discuss how to win playing online casino roulette at Hokijudi99 INDONESIA. Online casino roulette game is a type of casino gambling game that is very popular and is often played by online gambling situs judi terbaik players.

Where the way the game is so easy and understood in a short time. So that we can immediately be good at playing in a fast time.

When we want to get a lot of wins in the online Roulette game, we have some tips, secret tricks and certain online casino roulette winning formulas that we must learn first.

These tips, secret tricks or formulas for winning online casino roulette are just an understanding lesson so that it is easier for us to win when playing.

How to Choose the Right Indonesian Online Casino Roulette Game

When we decide to play online casino roulette, there are several ways that we can use to choose the right online casino roulette game, which are as follows:

Playing On Online Casino Gambling Sites With Complete Games

When playing online casino roulette, you can only play it on the most complete online casino gambling situs casino online. What is meant here is the most complete online casino gambling site that provides roulette games from various online casino gambling providers in the world. Of course we can play by changing providers while looking for an Indonesian online casino roulette game provider that we like.

Choosing the Right Online Casino Roulette Table

Choosing an online casino roulette table well is a table that has the smallest bet capital installation. Maybe we think that an online casino roulette table with a small betting capital will not provide big profits. Keep rethinking whether we are ready to play at the online roulette table with a large bet capital, while we are still beginners in this online casino roulette game?

Choosing Indonesian Online Casino Live Roulette Games

Of all the types of online casino roulette games that are available on online casino gambling sites, the type of live roulette game is the right type of online casino roulette game to play if you want to get big profits. That’s because the game is recorded and broadcast via live streaming, so the dealer’s cheating will be seen.

Tricks to Win Playing Online Casino Roulette

Talking about this easy trick to win playing online casino roulette, we just need to remember that this trick is closely related to the types of bets that exist in online casino roulette games. This trick to win playing online casino roulette can only be done on 3 types of bets. Indonesian Poker Gambling HGPOKER

These are the 3 types and types of bets on the Indonesian Online Casino Roulette Gambling Game that can be won

Color bet type

The type of color bet on the online casino roulette game consists of numbers in black and red. So we just simply place a bet on one of those colors. Where when the ball stops at the number with the color we choose, then we are the winner. On the other hand if the ball stops at a figure with a color we did not choose, then we are declared losers.

Bet Type Even And Odd Numbers

Just like in the color bet type, this type of bet uses odd and even numbers where the ball will stop in the online casino roulette wheel. What is meant by even numbers in this online casino roulette game are 2, 4, 6, 8 and so on. The odd numbers are 1, 3, 5, 7 and so on.

Dozen Number Bet Type

From the name, the online casino roulette betting type uses 12 numbers per 1 line as the winner’s reference. When the ball stops on one of the numbers in the row of lines we choose, then it is declared the winner.

We must remember that the percentage of winning payouts for the 3 types of bets that I have described above is very small. Even though the winning payout is small, this winning trick has a winning accuracy of up to 95%. Of course we should be grateful for how many wins we get from this online casino roulette game. In addition, we must be patient when collecting betting capital to play at a bigger betting table.

As we know that this game originated in France, and was brought down by immigrants to the USA and finally arrived in the online world. Originally this type of game had 2 0’s, but it was considered too easy to get a 0 value, so casino owners in America omitted one 0. This last type which only has one 0 is adopted worldwide even by SBOBET, so the rules used here are international/American regulations.

Immediately, we will discuss below how to play fortunebet99 live casino roulette. The installation and playing rules will be discussed briefly and clearly so that they can be put into practice immediately.

This game is also the same as other games such as live baccarat, blackjack 21 and sic bo dice, namely using chips to participate. While the main tools used in this game are an iron ball and a table that can be rotated clockwise.

When the table has been rotated, the ball will be rolled beside the lip of the table in the form of a circle until finally the ball stops at a number / color. If we put the number or color then we will win.

Chips Type Introduction

There are several kinds of chips that can be used when we make bets, these chips have different values ​​from one another. If we deposit our money at a bookies with a nominal value of less than 5 million, we will only get small types of chips such as 1, 5, 10, 25, and 100.

For example, you can see the yellow box at the bottom left of the image that we have marked. There are 5 chips with different numbers as mentioned above. For a brief explanation, here are the number of chips we have marked in the agen casino terbaik:

  • Chip number 1 = IDR 1,000,-
  • Chip number 5 = IDR 5,000,-
  • Chip number 10 = IDR 10,000,-
  • Chip number 25 = IDR 25,000,-
  • Chip number 100 = IDR 100,000,-

For those of you who just want to play or join in the roulette game, it is advisable not to be eager to make bets right away. But it’s better if you look at the column that we have marked green, because there is a track record of the results of each round that has passed. So you can really guess at what number the ball will
fall later.

All gambling games can definitely be calculated using statistical data, try to create and reset from the number data already so that you too can win the online roulette game.

Starting a bet

For those of you who already have predictions or calculations, please place your bets on the betting table that has been marked with a blue box. We can put numbers starting with 0 which is green, numbers 1-36, black and red, odd / even, horizontal rows according to which numbers have been grouped, as well as vertical groups that have also been grouped.

Then wait for the dealer to turn the table and the ball after that the ball will spin and stop at the location where it should have stopped. If the ball stops not at our choice then all bets that we place are considered lost.

Professional Tips:

Make bets like James Bond did. This technique requires a fund of 2 million. Divide the chip into 3 parts; 1.4 million on high numbers (19-36), 500 thousand on 6 numbers (13 -18), and 100 thousand on 0. This will make your chances of winning bigger because you spread your bets in many places.

If the number that comes out is between 19 and 36, then our profit is 800 thousand. If the number is 8 to 13, then the profit that can be obtained is 1 million. And if the number that comes out is 0, then you can get a profit of 1.6 million

The defeat that occurs when the number that appears is between points 1 to 12, which means our loss is 2 million. But if the table often brings up numbers 1 to 12, then we can outsmart by using the Martingale tactic to avoid big losses.

Roulette in general is very suitable to be played by gamblers who are waiting for the results of online soccer and basketball betting they are placing, so they don’t feel bored while waiting for the results of their wins.

There are still several other tips that you can use to benefit from this gambling. But the most often used to beat trusted online sbobet agents are tactics like the ones described above.

One more thing, before you start your first bet on the roulette gambling table, you are required to have an online account first. How to get it, find the answer at a trusted sbobet agent.


Indonesian online roulette agents today are very developed with various facilities that support several online gambling sites. Gambling games that have been developed and updated to make it more attractive for players to play. One of them is this online casino roulette gambling which has received this development.

Roulette is one of the most popular types of casino games played in Indonesia. Because you can quickly make a profit by playing this game with only a very small capital. Because for every number you bet, you will be rewarded 35x of your initial bet.

Therefore, many immediately want to try it for themselves to feel the benefits of playing this game. However, many are not ready to be able to play fortunebet99 this game so they lose their bet. Therefore, it is important for you to first recognize this game, how to play and the right tricks to play to maximize your victory.

Indonesian Online Roulette Gambling Game Rules

In starting this game, you are required to already understand how to play this game because how to play this game is very easy, the difficult thing is the correct rules of the game so you can win. The right rule to start this game is to use a small capital first. Because with a small capital first you can play more times to get the experience of playing first. To make it easier for you to win from this game you can choose to place a bet that gives you a chance to win up to 50%.

Bets that can give you a winning percentage up to that big are big or small bets, red or black bets, and odd or even bets. All three types of bets have the same chance of winning, which is up to 50%. With such a large percentage, you only need a few tips to make it easier for you to win from this online roulette gambling daftar casino online.

Tips to Win Playing Indonesian Online Roulette

To increase your winning percentage, you need a few efficient tips to make it easier to win. And below, there are some efficient playing tips for easy wins in playing this game:

Choosing a Playing Table Based on Game History

First, before you choose your betting table, make sure you first look at the game history of the table. Because in the history of the game you can see the pattern of winning and losing cards so that it can make you think whether you can use this table or not. By looking at the pattern of the game, of course you can easily place your bet.

Providing Appropriate Capital

The second is to make sure you have provided sufficient capital and according to your needs. For example, if you are just trying to play, make sure the capital you use is not large and don’t place big bets either. This is so that you can make adjustments first to the game. When you are used to the game, you just start with a bigger capital according to the profit you want to get.


The Best Online Casino Roulette Gambling Site – Trusted Online Roulette Agent – ​​Indonesian Online Roulette – Fortunebet99 is an online casino gambling agent site that has been widely recognized by the gambling community. Our site is known as one of the live casino sites where your deposit can use a deposit in the form of credit. Not to mention that you can access our gambling site 24 hours a day without any time limit. We also have a 24-hour livechat feature so when you have problems with our site you can directly contact our customer service via livechat. We provide a variety of the best online casino games, one of which is online roulette, which is currently being judi casino terpercaya.

To be able to get these advantages through online Android roulette gambling, of course, concentration is needed when playing fortunebet99. If you don’t have a strong concentration, you may experience confusion when placing your bet. You can also access and play this online roulette game through your smartphone. Because we also provide applications that you can get through our site and you can access via your Android or iOS. In the application, live chat is available so you can directly contact us through the application directly.

The Best Online Casino Roulette Gambling Agent

We are a trusted agent among online gamblers. Where many have proven that our site provides a lot of convenience in terms of making a deposit. We accept almost all types of deposits such as through banks, credit, ovo, gopay, link aja, funds, and many other types of deposits. We are also known as an online casino gambling site with the fastest deposit and withdrawal processes among gamblers. Where you only have to wait for brackets of 2 minutes for your deposit and less than 4 minutes for your withdrawal and of course that is very fast for gamblers. On the Fortunebet99 site, many have joined and played with us and have made us their trusted site. Because whatever wins you get, we will pay off quickly.


Register for Real Money Online Roulette – To be able to play online roulette, you must first register on an online casino gambling site. Therefore, you can first join a casino gambling site with an official and trusted license. One of the sites that has a license and is trusted is the Fortunebet99 site where this site is a trusted site in providing you with services to be able to bet on this trusted online roulette gambling game.

So you don’t need to hesitate anymore to join us on this Fortunebet99 site. You also don’t need to worry because to be able to join us is also easy because the registration process is very easy for you to do. After registering you can also directly enter our site by logging in and making a deposit to fill your credit balance. That way you can play this game using real money and get the profit you want of course.

The Easiest Online Roulette Gambling Access

You can access our site easily, apart from using a computer or laptop, you can also use a smartphone, be it Android or iOS. To be able to access our site using a smartphone, you can use the application that we have prepared, you can get it via an alternative link we know by asking customer service agen sbobet casino terpercaya. That way you can access our games more easily.

Even though you play judi sbobet using Android, you don’t need to worry because you can still experience the live roulette online casino features in the application. With all the ease of accessing our site, we make our site a trusted site for gambling lovers in Indonesia.

How to Play Roulette Online to Win

To get a win from this game you can’t just rely on luck or just place a bet. You can get a win, you can learn playing tips so that each of your bets has meaning and also increases your chances of being able to win. But you don’t have to worry because below we have prepared a way to play that can make it easier for you to win from this online roulette gambling game:

  • Big / Small : Place a bet on numbers from 1-18 or on numbers 19-36.
  • Black / Red : Place a bet on black or red.
  • Odd / Even: Place a bet on even or odd.
  • Line Bet: Place a bet on 3 bet types 1-12, 13-24 or 25-26.
  • Column Bet: Place a bet on the numbers that are on the vertical line.



Trusted Online Roulette Gambling Site – Of course, all this time you have known that online casino gambling games are one of the types of online gambling games that you usually play. Initially you can only play this game in a building or casino house, but time has passed so that you can play this game online through sites spread across the internet.

Casino gambling games that are often sought after to be played are online roulette gambling games, because many know that this is the easiest online casino gambling game to play and there are many advantages that can be obtained from playing agen sbobet this game. By joining a trusted online roulette gambling site you can already play this game along with other types of online casino games.

However, to find an online roulette site, you can’t be careless because not the crimes that you usually see every day are now entering the internet world. So maybe you will find a site that has malicious intentions to harm you. For that, if you have to know the characteristics of a trusted site before you look for a site that you will visit for you to play.

Characteristics of a Trusted Online Roulette Gambling Site

To find out whether a site is trusted or not you can see it by going through the characteristics of the site and to find out its own characteristics isnot difficult. A site is said to be trustworthy bandar sbobet terpercaya it has the following characteristics:

Attractive Site Display

The first common feature that you can see is the appearance of a web. A trusted site must think about appearance because they understand that what can attract gamblers is the appearance of an attractive site. Besides being interesting, there are also supporting menus that are neatly placed and easy for you to understand.

Easy Registration Process

After that the second feature is the easy and uncomplicated registration process because of course trusted sites want gamblers to easily join and also the registration process that doesn’t cost a penny. If you find a site that asks for payment for your account registration then it is clear that it is a fraudulent site.

Good Service

A trusted site must have this characteristic, namely good service because as a trusted online roulette gambling site, it will certainly prioritize the comfort of its members by providing the best service. And the services provided are also not half-hearted, namely 24 hours so that you as a member who play on this site can feel the services provided for 24 hours.


Trusted Online Roulette Gambling Agent – ​​The thing that has always been a concern for beginners online gambling players is looking for these online gambling agents. Because not all sites provide online roulette gambling games and the reliability of a site agent must be questioned. Therefore, many are hesitant and confused to look for an online gambling site because of the fear of getting a site that will hurt you later. That’s why finding a trusted site is a top priority.

Not to mention that online roulette gambling is currently popular with online casino gambling players. Since the first this game has often been the most sought after game at home casinos. And in the past you could only play it only at the casino. Unlike now, where you can also play daftar nexiabet this game in your own home online. So that the fans of this game are getting more and more.

With the increasing number of fans of this game, there are also city agents who provide this online roulette gambling game. With the increase in online roulette sites, you have to be more careful in choosing a site because it is possible that from the many sites there are several fraudulent sites. For that you need to know some important things in choosing a trusted online roulette daftar sbobet online.

The Best Trusted Online Roulette Agent Service

As a trusted online roulette agent, you certainly have the best service for its members. And this is an important thing that a trusted online roulette gambling agent must have. The services provided are meant as services in accessing the site easily and quickly. In addition, you can get this service 24 hours a day so that when you need help this trusted online gambling site is ready to help you.

In addition, there are many attractive bonuses that can be obtained by all members of the site. And also the games provided are also fair where there is no cheating made either from the dealer or the players. The games provided are also complete and all the games can be accessed easily and quickly.

With games that are made fair, the online casino site can be trusted. Likewise with the online roulette gambling game where with a fair game you can get a win. By knowing this, you can easily find a trusted online roulette gambling site.


Cheapest Deposit Online Roulette Gambling Sites – Roulette gambling games or online roulette are one type of casino game that is one of the best games among casino gambling players in the world, including Indonesia. This type of game is also very unique and different from the types of gambling games at the casino where in this game a tool is used in the form of a large disc wheel and also a small white ball. This game also provides a lot of advantages in every round of the game if you manage to guess correctly and correctly.

If you want to try this game you can play daftar nova88 online. You only need to register in order to get your User Id and Password so you can play this game easily using your Android or iOS cellphone. In addition, with this User ID, you can play this online roulette gambling game safely and comfortably.

Choosing a Trusted Online Roulette Gambling Site

In order to be able to access this real money online roulette gambling game, you need a site that provides this game. And to choose the site you have to be selective in finding and joining the site because it is possible that there are several fraudulent sites that can always stalk you.

That’s why we advise you to join an official online roulette gambling site. To find out that the site is bandar bola terpercaya, you can look at the appearance of the website of the online roulette gambling site. An official site is certainly very concerned about the appearance of the site so that it can attract many enthusiasts.

In addition to paying attention to the appearance of the website, you can also pay attention to the facilities provided by the site. A site is said to be trusted and official to provide facilities such as customer service, bonuses, and the most complete transactions. The most complete transaction here means that the transaction process, both your deposit and withdrawal, can be processed through BCA, BNI, BRI, DANAMON, MANDIRI banks and can even process your transactions via electronic money such as Dana, OVO, Gopay, Links and other types of transactions.

Cheapest Deposit Online Roulette Site Situs

After knowing the official trusted online roulette site, bettors want to immediately start and place their bets. An online roulette gambling site with a very cheap deposit, which is only 25 thousand, you can immediately start playing this game.

With only 25 thousand, you can play this game whenever you want because this game is active 24 hours and customer service is active 24 hours too to help process your transactions whenever you want. You can also play this game anywhere using your cellphone whenever you want as long as it is still connected to the internet.


The Best 24-Hour Online Roulette Gambling Site – Real Money Online Roulette Gambling is a game that is much favored by gambling enthusiasts who want to get the maximum profit. Especially now that this game can be played online so that the gambling enthusiasts are increasingly crazy about getting benefits from this game.

Nexiabet is a site that provides real money online roulette games 24 hours which are very trusted and safe in providing services to be able to play agen judi nova88 this online roulette gambling. You can play this game online so you can place your bets whenever and wherever you want. To be able to start playing, you must first register on the Nexiabet site so that you have a user id that will be used to enter our site and play this game even more safely.

The Best Online Roulette Gambling Site in Indonesia

This online roulette gambling game has always been played using real money in Indonesia. This game is also very famous as a game that can be played by everyone because the way to play is very easy, just guess the numbers. Where in this game has a number of numbers, namely 37 starting from numbers 0 to number 36. To find out who the winner of this game will be situs judi bola online  by a small white ball that will be played until the ball stops at a certain number and that number will win.

This game is widely known as a game that provides many advantages so many people like this game. And now you can play this online roulette gambling game through the Nexiabet site by only requiring a minimum capital of 25 thousand, you can immediately play this game and benefit from this game.

Register for Real Money Online Roulette 24 Hours

You can quickly and easily register by registering with the help of Nexiabet customer service. We have customer service that has a fast, friendly and very professional response that is ready to serve you in the process of creating your account and processing your transactions. In addition to the process of depositing and withdrawing you will also be easy to process quickly. And you can play and get all these services through your android phone.

You don’t have to worry because all your data will be safe with us. All personal data will remain confidential and will not be leaked to anyone securely. For the deposit process, you can also use local Indonesian banks, such as BRI, BNI, BCA, MANDIRI, and CIMB Niaga. In addition, you can also make deposits using XL and Telkomsel credits. So what are you waiting for, join and play this trusted online roulette gambling and get as much profit as possible.


How to Win playing Roulette – Online Roulette is one of the types of online casino gambling games available at RoyalKasino and is no less popular than other Online Casino games, because of the tantalizing potential for winnings.

Every bettor always wants to win as much as possible. However, most of the bettors give up and surrender when they experience defeat without looking for powerful Tips & Tricks to win slot depo via pulsa . Therefore, here will be explained several ways to play roulette to win continuously.

Trusted Online Casino Gambling Agent

Let’s start discussing how to play situs judi online to win continuously in the roulette game, which is as follows:

1.Bet On Numbers

This type of bet is quite complicated. Why? Because in playing Roulette Online there are numbers 1 to 18 and 19 to 36. To be able to improve it, it is undeniable that the luck factor is very influential here. But you can try using the trick that will be explained as follows.

Do the round up to 7 times, if it still doesn’t work, try doing the 8th round by selecting the numbers that haven’t come out. If you succeed, then the profit you can get reaches 2 times the value at stake. But if you lose, you better stop playing first or you can start betting with a small nominal.

2.Playing With the Martingale Strategy

Martingale is a theory in probability management that has the possibility of having the same value at a certain time or the previous period by utilizing the principle of multiplication. This system is usually used by players who have a large enough capital, because this is an investment game that makes a lot of money with a lot of capital. If you are a gambler who has strong capital, then you will certainly be able to win a lot. Let’s look at an example as follows.

You place an odd bet with a value of IDR 10,000, after the results that come out you lose, because the results that come out are even. Then in the next round you again place a bet with a value of 2x the previous bet, which is Rp. 20,000, if you still lose, in the next round you multiply your bet back to Rp. 40,000, do this continuously until you get a win. Here you notice the results will always be the same, namely you will still win IDR 10,000 every time you win. If you have won, then you place a bet again as at the beginning of the previous bet, which is Rp. 10,000.

NB: This Online Casino Martingale Roulette strategy can only be used on 1:1 bet types such as Red or Black, Even or Odds, and 1–18 or 19–36.