Provisions in Indonesian legal online soccer gambling games on this occasion we can talk about what the rules are in Depobos online gambling. Online soccer itself is a type of site that can be trusted to become a big site as a gambling house. And most of the Indonesian people who love to play online gambling often visit. because there are many lovers on that site.

Each game can of course have its own rules that have been formed by its faction. as well as online gambling games on online soccer which have been widely recognized by many gambling Daftar Taruhan Bola players in Indonesia. the biggest sites that must have special conditions. Many of the football betting players don’t understand, plus that they will talk to novice members. Well, on this occasion, we will review a little about the provisions in private online balls for types of over. soccer betting.

regarding the following provisions:

  • at number five (5) i.e. the exchange value ½ means 1/2
  • in numbers 5–1 is the exchange value which means a quarter
  • in number 1 is the exchange value 1 and has a meaning of one
  • in numbers 1–1.5 i.e. the whole betting market: 1.1/4 means one quarter
  • at number 5 is the exchange value 1 and means one 1/2
  • at numbers 5–2 the exchange value is 1 , while means one and three quarters
  • at number 2 the exchange value of 2 is two

To read the rules of play, it is important that the situs judi bola resmi that have been made must exceed the results that have been determined for something you have decided. For example, when you point over, it means the number of goals you have to find in the game must exceed the goals that have been set from the online soccer faction. soccer betting.

when you select under it means the number of goals should not be more than the decision that has been given by the online ball. So you have read but also studied the rules of how to play using this over-under betting model. it means that you will be more likely to know how to achieve victory in this game.

soccer betting. For those of you who may have an interest because gambling is one of the jobs to forget all the tiring activities. as one of the most popular gambling games today is online soccer betting. where football matches are one of the most anticipated sports activities – eagerly awaited by a number of football fans. To play a soccer game, of course, you have to be familiar with the rules in online soccer gambling.

Mostly every online soccer bookie or soccer betting has rules of the game that are carried out as the gambling proceeds. Well, to achieve that victory, of course, it is important for each player to obey the rules that run from the city. From online soccer gambling, there will be a decision made and that decision can change at any time according to the needs of the bookie. but the stipulation will be changed because the stipulation is not a standard provision.

One of the provisions is called full time. if where in the bet you follow there is a full time signal. it means the bet is valid for 1 full match. What this means is that bets can be followed and can be valid for up to 90 minutes.

so here are some descriptions related to ball betting that you can make an additional understanding of the problem of the game.

The Depobos site page is a place or place for players to bet online using web affiliates. Finding online gambling sites in Indonesia these days is not a hassle, considering the many accessibility there. As a bettor who wants to play online slot gambling, online casino to online soccer gambling, basically you have to choose which website you want to take advantage of.

There is no doubt that the use of an online casino will be as convincing as choosing perfection and simplicity in playing Daftar Agen Bola the bet. Taking everything into account, we need to find a site that will provide betting developments and accommodations. This Depobos Football Agent will most likely be a website page that can be used to play slot bets and online soccer betting for bettors in Indonesia.

To use it is not annoying, just ask by forming the word Depobos then Google will quickly provide affiliates quickly. There are so many advantages that players can get when using it, one of which can be playing online slot games or online roulette. You can also play different types of bets, for example, perhaps as an online baccarat dealer.

Depobos Online Football Gambling Agent Complete Market

Depobos as one of the well-known online soccer gambling situs judi bola resmi certainly provides a lot of complete business areas in it that you can play. The most prominent market in Indonesia that presents sportsbook game packages can be obtained directly using only 1 Client Id. Whether it’s combining parlay bets, handicaps, over under, odd even, etc. Football betting connoisseurs can clearly experience the distinct benefits of playing any game you need without getting confused.

Top Suggested Sites or what is easier to imply as online gambling sites are obviously the most helpful sportsbook betting stages. Because this soccer gambling agent is very new in providing the development of very large prize opportunities and it is clear that everyone can share and benefit with basic conditions. From mixed parlay events, to rewarding motorcycle events you can reliably participate in.

Indonesia’s Most Trusted Online Slot Gambling Site

As a trusted and experienced online gambling agent, we are based on offering the best assistance so that individuals feel satisfied. Of course, from one soccer gambling game the same as from every game in it. So choose to use Depobos again and again for problems playing online slots.

Not only that, what it really is is offering the security to the bettors to bet. Because it is clear that playing bets using real money in Indonesia are limited. So that slot bets must remain reliable and calm. So taking advantage of trusted Indonesian sites is the right thing to do.

You should also know, when you register as a part and have a record at this online casino. You will always get skilled help, you can in the same way as different types of gambling games. This is clear evidence that if the bet is made on an undisclosed site it will be worth it.

How to Register an Account on the Depobos Football Gambling Site

Depobos, which is the most trusted soccer gambling site in Indonesia, offers various kinds of assistance so that bettors can become individuals. The strategy for taking notes is very basic, similar to this:

  • First you are moved closer to filling in your client ID or username
  • secret key
  • Fill in phone number
  • The email, and email guarantee that you fill in is dynamic and usable
  • Fill in your full name

Here you are moved closer to choosing a bank name, to become the standard medium of exchange to be used later. Players can choose BCA, Mandiri, BNI, BRI, several e-wallets such as OVO, DANA, LinkAja, and Gopay. Undoubtedly, Telkomsel can also be used as another option, and the exchange is via credit.

Fill in the name on whose account the record is, and enter the record number, or e-wallet number and card supplier number.

Fill in the reference code if you have one, and complete the correspondence by tapping the REGISTER menu in the registration structure.

After you register on this online gambling page, then you are ready to get various kinds of offers and associations. Like having a decision to play various types of soccer gambling games from different suppliers, such as: CMD368, SBOBET and AFB.

You can play all of these agents using only one type of record or ID, and you may need to do this once when you LOGIN.

Best Online Live Casino Gambling Agent Depobos

Since it is considered the best and most famous online gambling site, Depobos is similarly dedicated to providing different types of games. In addition to being a slot agent, Depobos also runs as an online baccarat agent. In particular, with one gambling account you can play slots, you can also get authorization for online roulette games.

The Most Complete Credit Deposit Online Gambling Site

You can find a different office by changing the segment in Depobos. Store exchange associations should be made possible by using credit exchange associations. With the help of not being too much of a hassle, it really makes the best impression on the individual. Outsmarting the balance should be possible by paying the store using credit. Depobos is present as an online gambling page that provides players with fundamental exchanges.

Players can take advantage of credits to save on share packages. With Telkomsel credit, you can use it anytime and anywhere to transfer within a short period of time. The presence of the credit shop association increases it for players to fill in the changes. As a result, the balance can be met, and players can bet at any time.

Each player has the option to choose when to go to the trader and play. Attribution 24 hours a day, always present steadily, followed by CS ready to help you. It quickly obliges us to like to meet the association.


In online soccer gambling games is one of the activities favored by the Indonesian people from ancient times. But in playing online gambling it is very easy to play. In playing online soccer gambling, it is very necessary to prepare a smartphone or computer and the internet. By setting up the internet or a smartphone, you can easily play anytime and anywhere without having to let your daily activities go.

But when you play judi bola terpercaya, you definitely want a win. However, winning is not an easy thing to do. Therefore, here we want to give some suggestions on how to perform best and easy suggestions for winning in the game. Check out the suggestions below:


In online soccer betting live site gambling games, it is not something that is done carelessly . However, we will provide some tips that you can apply well in the online soccer betting site. The method that we provide is to make it easier to win and big agen slot terpercaya. Check out the tips below:

Reading Information about Football

The first tip you should do is read a piece of information about football. By reading a football information, it will increase your prediction correctly, because what? Because if we read information about playing football, then we will not be left behind by information that which team will improve its abilities and also which we can choose later in the game.

Show Capital

In betting games, live online soccer betting sites, you should have the main stock capital because when you want to play in betting on online soccer gambling sites, you must have capital in advance for a deposit. If you do not have capital, then surely you will not be able to make a deposit to bet in this gambling game. So in playing gambling, betting on online soccer gambling sites is capital, but use capital that doesn’t make you burdened when playing. Because when you lose, it will not make your concentration disperse in playing and will still focus on winning.

Playing Patiently and Unselfish

The second tip you have to do is to play patiently and unselfishly, if you play patiently and unselfishly, therefore your winnings will be higher, so do your bets by playing patiently and choosing a team that you will bet on correctly. With all those ways, just believe that your chances of winning will be as big as possible.


After that, here we will provide a little information about the types of bets on gambling sites that you will play on soccer gambling sites later. Listen below:

Mix parlay

In a mix parlay bet, it is a game that will be collected together in a bet. The advantage of the mix parlay bet is the biggest advantage. But make sure you play this type of bet. If you get a win in the mix parlay bet then it will result in you becoming a millionaire in the game. But make sure you play the mix parlay online soccer betting site.

Asian Handicap

Handicap type bets are types of online soccer gambling site gambling bets that always beat unbalanced odds because of the opposing team’s statistical dealer value. However, with 1 team that is considered to be losing and 1 more team to be seeded to have the potential to win big.


Gambling games are betting types on online soccer gambling sites that choose one team as the champion of a betting tournament or in a betting league. So the odds on outright always change as a computer goes, but with matches that have entered it will still follow the odds that apply when playing.


In betting the type of over/under bet is if you choose an over bet then your goal match must be within 3 goals (above). But with an under bet, if you bet under then your bet is under 3 goals (under). In betting on the online soccer gambling site, it has been determined by the bookie.

So, these are some of the tips that we give to lovers of live betting online soccer scores, read them carefully so that your victory will be easy to achieve and quickly obtained.

Gambling has been around in particular over the last few millennia. From betting on horse and chariot races at hippodromes or betting on the winner of a fight to the death between two gladiators to e-sports winners and presidential candidates, betting takes place in all domains or areas. Today, there are many sports where betting has become a serious industry, but the most popular globally is, without a doubt, football.

Start betting on the best sportsbooks now from here.

How to Bet on Football: A Guide To Soccer Betting

Thus, we have observed football betting becoming an international phenomenon at Daftar Judi Online Bola. Local dealers (brick and mortar) are found on almost every street corner around the world, online soccer betting sites are becoming more and more popular, and almost all of us know someone who has hit a big jackpot after betting on their favorite team.

So, is soccer betting easy? Or is it very difficult to win a satisfactory and consistent amount of money? Or maybe the question is changed a bit… Can you get a steady and regular income from soccer betting?

How to choose a good online soccer gambling site?

Once you understand how to place a bet and know what you want to bet on, you will face the tough task of choosing a partner who will provide you with the games, odds and chances to win. Choosing the best online soccer betting site to place your bets on is not an easy task, but there are a few things you should agen slot online terbaik.

First of all, try to open your first account with a reputable online soccer gambling site, not a local bookie. These sites usually have millions of customers who have won and lost money on a regular basis. They definitely have good customer support, great deals and are also newbie-friendly like you.

Next, you have to carefully look at what types of bonuses this soccer gambling site offers you. Most betting agents have promotions such as a signup bonus or a deposit bonus, it can be as much as 200% of your initial deposit. It’s quite something to start your betting career with double the money you want to invest, isn’t it? Also, take a look at what free bets they have, their bidding habits or what other exclusive betting offers they have, such as bigger odds or cash prizes.

Last but not least, there are a few more things you should pay attention to. Compare the odds they offer against the competition, and see how they are structured. Are their odds in line with the competition? Are they significantly smaller? You definitely want the best odds for your money, and your online soccer betting site will help you here. Also, if you want to use cash for your bets, look for online soccer betting sites that offer this possibility not many of them do.

How to bet on football matches

Football betting is basically quite easy. You can go to a local bookie or go to their website, look for games you can predict the outcome of, and check the odds the bookie gives you. If you believe in the odds, place your bet, go home, watch the game and then go and collect your winnings. If you want to know all those betting terms, we made a little dictionary:

  • Wager = also called stake, is the amount of money you bet on any given bet slip
  • Betting slip = can contain one or more bets. If it contains more bets, the odds can be played as singles or as accumulators.
  • Odds (Odds) = your bookie money used to pay you for every bet you bet and win. These odds can be presented in decimal (1.50), fraction (1/2) or American format (-100). All three number formats have the same meaning.
  • The most common presentation format is the decimal format, which has the following meaning: If you bet USD 10 at 1.50 odds, you win 10 * 1.50 = USD 15. If you withdraw your original bet, you make a profit of USD 5 .
  • Accumulator = If you have more than one bet on your bet slip, you have the possibility of accumulating the odds, either by simple multiplication (bet odds 1 x bet odds 2 x bet odds 3… etc) or by using a system.
  • HT / FT = Half Time / Full Time (short for Half Time / Full Time)
  • DNB = Draw No Bet. If you place a DNB bet and the game ends in a draw, you get your money back.
  • Free bet = Bonus from your betting site if you lose this bet you will get your bet back.
  • Cashout = Possibility of closing bets before the end of the game. For example, you bet that Real Madrid won against Barcelona and Real were leading 2-1 in the 75th minute. If you have the option to cashout, you can withdraw from the bet, become a winner and win a fraction of the total prize.
  • Over / Under = In football betting, “over” a certain number means “more than”, while “under” means “less than / less than”.

This is part of the jargon you need to get used to the world of soccer betting.

Popular market

Now that you understand how to place a bet, you can start looking for teams and games to bet on. Of course, you have your favorite teams and leagues, but what if there were better possibilities out there? In the world of soccer, there is a simple rule: the more popular the event, the better the odds and the more choices you have.

If you want to bet on a famous game like Barcelona Real Madrid, you are sure to have lots of special offers, great odds and lots of possible bets to choose from. If you want to bet on local derbies from Romania such as Chindia Targoviste FC Arges or local rivals Malta, you might run into trouble.

Here are the most popular football events you should have on your radar:

World Cup, European Championship, Copa America

Tournaments like this happen once every few years but are usually attended by football fans from all over the world meaning that the bookies will go to great lengths to attract customers. Also, it’s a good idea to bet on the national team in general, because the difference in player values ​​is much more noticeable than just on a club scale. While these competitions offer many betting possibilities, they occur only occasionally.

Champions League, Europa League, Copa Libertadores

Continental Cups are fun to watch, pitting teams from across the continent against one another. While these games happen quite often throughout the year, they are very unpredictable. Picking the winner of this kind of game can be difficult, but there are many other possibilities to be had in these games.

First League, La Liga, Seri A, Bundesliga, Ligue 1

The domestic league is sort of the bread and butter for every betting fan as teams have to deliver consistent results here, every weekend. This is where it looks like they will go up or down, pleasant surprises and outcomes this is where we will capitalize on our bets.

In addition, bet on the continent’s biggest leagues, such as the English Premier League (read more about Premier League betting here) and the Championship, Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A, German Bundesliga or French Ligue 1. Of course, there are more options. on the continent, but you can stick with it and make a decent amount of money every weekend.

Domestic Cup

Each country has at least one domestic cup, which runs annually. We usually avoid picking winners in tournament games like these, as it is very difficult to predict whether teams treat this competition with the respect it deserves or see it as another place to rotate their squad. Even though we can’t pick a winner, there are things at play in the domestic cup game.

Types of bets

Finally, now that you have an account at your chosen online soccer gambling site, and have your money ready, it’s time to start placing some bets. There are many types of bets that you can look at, but the most important ones you need to know are the following:

Final result / halftime result

This is the easiest and most common bet. You only place money on the final result (FT) of the game or the halftime result (HT) of the game. For this bet, the home team is always marked with the number 1, the away team is marked with the number 2, and the draw is marked with an X.

Say you want to bet on a match between Manchester United and Manchester City, played at Old Trafford (United headquarters). You should see something like: 1 1.90; X 3.20; 2 -5.50. This means United’s chances of winning the game are 1.90, making them the favourites, while City’s win will give 5.50 times your initial investment.

These bets are called outright bets because you only bet on the full time result. You can make the same bet on the halftime result, or combine HT and FT predictions for better odds.

For example, a bet like “HT/FT 1/1” means that you believe United will be leading at half-time and at the end of the game. Some of these options like “HT/FT 2/1” have high odds of around 30 but they are very hard to predict.

Also, if you think United are in bad form and City should at least avoid defeat, there are several ways to bet on this. First, we have the “Double Chance” bet type, which has three options:

  • 1X The home team wins or the match ends in a draw
  • X2 The away team wins or the match ends in a draw
  • 12 One team wins, no draw

If you believe Manchester City avoided defeat in the previous example, X2 is the way to bet. Also, you have the opportunity to bet “DNB” which is described in the glossary above. “DNB” here means that if City wins your bet comes out the winner, but if the match ends in a draw, you get your money back.

Number of goals

Sometimes, you don’t want to bet on the final outcome of the game, as it can be easily influenced by uncontrollable factors. For example, Chelsea may have played only a minor role in the FA Cup, and have a clear 1.20 bet odds of winning, right? In the 10th minute, a Chelsea defender committed a professional foul, he was sent off, the opponent received a penalty and scored. Things are suddenly a lot more difficult for the Blues and for you, if you choose the outright bet.

One other option is to bet on the number of goals scored in a single game. In this case, most betting websites have an “over/under” system, which is built around -5 numbers. For example, a target bet of “over 0.5” means that you believe at least one goal will be scored, regardless of which team. 2.5 is the most famous number here most bets are placed whether we will see over 2.5 goals in the game or under this number.

Of course, you can also bet on a specific team to score more than a certain number of goals or under. For example, Barcelona if scoring more than 1.5 goals is a win bet if they win 5-0 or lose 2-3 making it a flexible investment. Some bookies also offer betting opportunities on scoring intervals. You can bet that you will see between 1 and 4 goals in a given game. In this case, the narrower the interval, the greater the chance.

There is another special mention here: “both teams to score bets”. This bet is valid if one of the teams manages to score a goal. 1-1, 3-2, 5-4, 6-1 are all winners here. A very good way to abuse this bet is to play it when the very big teams meet the small ones. The favorites might score 3 or 4 times, but they will lose focus and concede a goal.

Correct score

There’s not much to explain here. The odds that online soccer betting sites offer for the correct score are usually great, but these are very difficult to predict and depend a lot on luck. One way to abuse these correct scores is to combine them. Let’s say a solid defensive team meets a much weaker team at home. They will likely win the game and avoid conceding, but will not score as many goals. Placing three bets on the correct score like 1-0, 1-1 and 2-0 will give you better odds than making an “under 2.5 goals” bet.

Handicap betting

Most people believe Handicap betting is a complicated thing to understand. That’s not true. Simply put, the number you see near the team name is the number of goals (or cards, or whatever) they have as a “bonus”. Here’s our explanation.

In the game described above between Manchester United and Manchester City, in the Asian Handicap section of your betting site’s betting list, you will see something like Manchester United +1.

This means United started the game with a one-goal advantage. If the final score is 0-0, United are the winners due to their initial +1 bonus. If the final score is 0-1, bet means a tie (1-1, with starting bonus), you get your money back. An Asian Handicap of +0.5 equals a 1X bet, while an Asian Handicap of -1.5 would mean you expect United to win by at least 2 goals. If you bet United -1.5 and the game will end 1:0, you will lose the bet, even though United won.

The +0.75 bet is no more than half the bet between +0.5 and +1. Your bet is divided between the +0.5 bet and the +1 bet. If the final score is 0:1, you will lose the +0.5 bet, but get your money back on the +1 bet, by limiting the amount of money you lose.

Asian Handicap betting is also available on goals scored, cards, corners, possession, etc.

Special bet

Speaking of cards and holdings, you have the opportunity to bet on these things too. You can bet that one team will be booked more than their opponent, that they will have more possession, you can bet on which player will score one goal, more than one goal, the first goal the odds are endless. But remember, the more complicated the scenario, the less likely it is to happen.

On paper, a bet like United to win by 2 goals, Zlatan to score once and Pogba to be booked while City have more yellow cards overall sounds rather easy. Seeing it, in fact, was much more difficult.

Acca Bet accumulator

The last thing you need to know here is about accumulator betting. We recommend that you stick to one, two or maybe three matches on your bet slip. We have seen in practice that the odds of winning when you bet on more matches drop dramatically. Even if you bet on the favourites, just take a look at the major European leagues for two or three weeks, and see how many of these favorites drop points against weaker clubs.

Of course, almost every day you will see some people win USD 50,000 on a USD 5 bet, after placing 22 selections on the bet slip and miraculously winning them all. No one tells us how many people lost $5 in bets each day, and how many times the guy played the $5 picks before he won the big prize. If you dream of getting big without having to work, you might be better off playing the lottery.


In the end, we hope we have managed to summarize the basics of soccer betting and send you well on your way to making money from this online soccer gambling activity. There are a few things we would like to state before closing this post:

Only bet on what you can afford to lose. Never bet with your hard earned money and need for something else. Think of betting as the best side income, if not just a hobby.

Always document your bets. This will help you understand where you are winning, where you are losing and how you can increase your overall percentage.

There will always be bad days. There will be weekends when you will win every bet you make, and weekends when you will lose bets that have 1.04 odds.

Be consistent. Develop your betting system from scratch, and stick with it for at least 6 months so you can test it in real, hands-on conditions.

Avoid betting at the start of each season, in the early stages of tournaments and on friendly matches. Live betting should be avoided here looking for a better idea.

Finally, we would like to thank you for reading this article and wish you good luck in your soccer betting career. Stop by to read our weekly game analysis and you are free to express any ideas you may have we love nothing more than making money and winning bets.


There are many types of bets or games in online gambling and the most famous throughout the world is of course soccer gambling, followed by casino gambling and finally slot games.

Football betting Agen Judi Bola Terbesar bets can be played online with a wide selection of sites, one of the best is SBOBET. To be able to play on the site, you must register through an agent who will provide a playing account.

What is soccer betting?

Football betting is gambling that uses football as a betting medium with predetermined betting rules. This bet uses various markets or odds to balance the bet.

Until now, football betting enthusiasts have always increased significantly. It is inseparable from how easy it is to win the bet. In general, players who lose because of placing bets with a high desire to get a lot of money in a short time.

In fact, if players can play calmly and place bets consistently, it is not difficult to get money from soccer betting.

Types of ball gambling markets and how to play

In a football match there will be many choices of betting market systems, in Indonesia itself the most popular is the handicap market – HDP.

For European states the 1X2 market system is the most preferred, of course all market systems have advantages and disadvantages. For more details, we will discuss the betting market system in online gambling betting, especially the SBOBET site.

Asian handicap -HDP

This system originated in Indonesia and was popular in the early 21st century. Asian Handicap betting is a form of soccer akun slot online betting system in which the winning team gives a handicap to the opposite team, the amount of the handicap is adjusted to the competing team.

If selecting a winning team, that team must win by more goals than the market opened when placing a bet for the player who bet on it to win.

The term “Asian handicap” was coined by journalist Joe Saumarez Smith in November 1998. He was asked by an Indonesian bookmaker, Joe Phan, to provide a translation of a betting method called ‘hang cheng betting’ by bookmakers in Asia. source: wikipedia.

Over under – OU

Betting with the Over Under – OU (Over – Under) market system, the winning result is seen from the total number of goals in 2X45 minutes in the match. The result of the bet will win if the player bets on Over or Under and the total goal of the final result of the match exceeds the over market or is less than the under market.

Odd Even – OE

Odd Even is a betting system with a benchmark for the total number of goals in the selected match whether the result is odd (odd) or even (even). If betting on odds then the total goals of the match must be odd, then you will win on that bet. And vice versa if you bet on even or even.


The 1×2 market system type refers to the final score of the match. 1X2 is the naming code for the competing team. Which means, 1 (Home/Host), X (Draw/Series), 2 (Away/Guest). You will win on this bet, if you guess correctly the final result of the match according to the bet selection 1 or X or 2.

Double chance

Double chance is a game variation of 1X2, where in this betting system you choose 2 betting options on 1×2, namely: first, 1 and X Second, 1 and 2, Third X and 2. You will win the bet, if the match results match one of the your choice

Total goal

Total goal is a betting system with reference to the total number of goals in the match. In this system there will be a choice of goal ranges starting from 0-1, 2-3, 4-6, 7-. If the final result of the match matches your choice, then you will win with a fairly large fee.

Correct score

Correct score is a bet by guessing the final score correctly. This is the game system with the biggest payout, of course the payout from this bet is also very large, it can even reach 70x the bet money. Correct score is a bet by guessing the final score correctly.

Half time Full time HT/FT

This type of betting system guesses the combination of the team that wins or draws in the first and final rounds, in this bet there are 9 options, namely:

  • HH – Home wins the first round and Home wins the final round.
  • HD – Home wins the first round and Draws the final round.
  • HA – Home wins first half and Away wins final round.
  • DH – Draw the first round and Home wins the final round.
  • DD – Draw the first round and Draw the final round.
  • DA – Draw the first round and Away wins the final round.
  • AH – Away wins first round and Home wins final round.
  • AD – Away wins the first round and Draws the final round.
  • AA – Away wins the first half and Away wins the final round.

First goal Last goal FG/LG

In this betting system, you have to guess which team will score the first goal and the goal at the end of the match. If there are 5 betting options, namely:

  • HF – Home team to score the first time.
  • HL – The Home team that scored the goal at the end of the match.
  • AF – The Away Team to score the first goal.
  • AL – The Away Team that scored the goal at the end of the match.
  • NO GOAL – No goals scored in this match.

Total corners

Total corners bet is a bet that uses the corner kick as a reference to determine the winner with reference to HDP for this bet.

Team Kick off

This is a type of bet that pits luck, because no skill or match analysis is needed. This bet only chooses which team kicks off at the start of the match.

Tips and tricks for online soccer gambling

In any form of gambling, to win bets requires skill in playing. Like soccer betting, skills in reading comprehensive data and statistics from the teams that will compete will be a plus before betting on one team.

Head to head

Data that needs to be considered, such as the head to head of the two teams, has the team competed in recent years? If a team always loses when they meet this will give confidence that it will repeat itself, so it is very appropriate to choose the winning team in the bet that will take place.


If the head to head of the two teams is a draw, you should see the performance of the two teams in the last 4 weeks, are they in up performance or vice versa? It is very appropriate to bet on a team that has played well in the last 4 weeks. Because usually their game will continue to improve until they reach the top of their game.

Fur atau For

For professional players, they can read fur or handicaps well. Try to choose a fair market by looking at the kei added to the fur. Kei is the value of money that must be added if we are in a position to give kei, in sbobet the team that is burdened with kei will be displayed in minus numbers and colored red while those who get kei are black numbers. The amount of kei will be multiplied by the number written.

According to experts, it is better to bet on soccer betting to choose the lower team that gets fur. Because the data attached shows that betting on the underdog or not winning teams wins more bets with a 65% win rate.


To be able to win in soccer gambling, you should bet with a calm heart, when you lose you have to hold back your emotions and don’t bet anymore. Because you will no longer be objective in analyzing the match, you will even bet blindly on every team that competes without analyzing again.


When it comes to some of today’s leading prestige betting house names can’t overlook Depobos betting. Not only relying on the types of bets at Depobos but also having to appreciate the quality and interesting products and games. So how to play online soccer betting Daftar Judi Bola Online on Depobos  effectively? Let’s find out through the tutorial on playing Depobos football betting below.

1. Introducing the leading prestigious Depobos betting house

Depobos is one of the leading leading bookmakers in Asia with a wide range of betting products on the market from sports, online casinos, lotteries and online games. bets do other bets.

In addition, the house also updated soccer tournaments to play soccer bets from small to large, the popular betting product market to give customers more choices when participating in betting. In the Sports market, apart from Football, this business also offers many other sports such as Basketball, Tennis, Moto GP Racing, American and Australian Rugby

2. 3 basic types of online football bets at Depobos house

In a match, Depobos usually incurs many contracts so that the players can freely choose and play soccer bets. But there will be 3 basic types which are indispensable in any match let’s find out.

2. 1- Handicap

Handicap betting is the most popular type of football betting online. This type of defect makes the Depobos brand because the probability is high compared to the market. At Depobos taruhan bola terpercaya, playing soccer betting with handicaps is divided into 4 types:

  • European handicap
  • Handicap Indo
  • Asian Handicap (Malaysia)
  • Handicap Hong Kong
  • Handicap Table

In which Asian defect rate is the most popular in Asian Market. Because only 2 doors should win 50/50 probability. However, you can increase the percentage by winning the match before placing the bet. Or the simplest method is to go to a famous betting forum like asianbookie, cado forum, etc. See easy matches of bosses.

2. Taruhan 2- Over / Under

O/U is similar to Asian handicap, only 2 doors for you to choose. The most popular O/U matches are based on the number of goals scored in the first half of the match to determine the winner.

You can completely rely on experience, knowledge of football to predict the total number of goals. Over/Underpossible type in match:

  • Goals handicap O/U (first half, all matches)
  • O/U yellow card number
  • O/U penalty corner (first half, all matches)
  • O/U throw-ins (This type of O/U is usually only available in big games)

Some small experiences while playing O/U at Depobos:

Limiting playability for O/U goals in matches between the two big teams, as scores are difficult to predict.

Corner and throw-in handicaps can be used in team play to predict. For example, a team playing direct or ball-to-ball has more corners and throws

You should learn the O/U method when betting this type of bet.

2.3- Chance 1×2

Odds 1X2 is a popular type of bet in Europe, the stakes are very simple, the odds are high, so the bets are very popular. You can bet on the winning team, the home team winning or the draw match. You can bet as follows:

  • 1. Betting Home Winner
  • X. Taruhan Draw
  • 2. Bet on Away Winner

For example match: ENGLISH: Chelsea – MU

1X2 from Depobos dealer is 2.10 3.10 3.75,

If bet on (1) bet $100 the house will pay $100 x 2.10 = 210

if Chelsea wins, if guest of (X) bet $100 the house will pay $100 x 3.10 = 310 $

if both teams draw, if the customer bets on (2) the amount of $100

Then the house will pay $100 x 3.75 = 375 $ if MU wins.

3. Instructions for playing Depobos football betting for new members

To be able to play soccer betting at the Depobos betting house, first, you must register an account at this house. Performing a relatively pure account creation, you only need to follow the instructions in just 5 minutes already have an official account at the dealer.

Step 1: Go to the Depobos homepage

You can register, if you already have a member account, you just need to log in to the dealer. In the toolbar above the main screen, select SPORTS. The Depobos sports betting page interface will appear as below.

Step 2: Choose your favorite pair

To select a soccer bet, look at the menu on the left screen, click [Today] and select [Soccer]. This will help you filter the football matches taking place today. If you want to see the odds or bet on a football match the next day, you can select [Tomorrow].

Choose league or event, time

Step 3: Choose the odds/bet type with the bet amount

Above is a selection of soccer odds and odds for select players. You can choose Hong Kong, Malay or Indo market depending on your preference. Complete the steps above, please enter the amount you want to bet.

Example: If you want to place a blind bet on Dinamo Zagreb with a payout ratio of 0.80, then click on the little red circle. Then the menu on the left will display a bet slip, you enter the amount then press the bet button. (For example, if you want to bet $100 then enter 100).

Next, just wait for the dealer to receive the bet slip for a few seconds, successful bets will be displayed on the menu on the left.

Finally, watch the match to know the result of the match only and pocket your bet amount and move on in the next different league.


Above is an article on how to play soccer betting at the most basic Depobos. At first, you will feel confused while playing, but follow 2 or 3 times you will soon get used to it.

Hope you participate in betting on Depobos and have fun!


Actually, the handicap is in the form of a decimal number that can affect the outcome of a football competition. The far ball handicap is known by the public as voor-vooran. Then it seems, you also had time to do it with friends when you were going to watch football.

Handicap is a type of adult bet that has unique rules and conditions and is in conflict with other market classifications. Because in the relevant market there are nominal handicap odds that you want to understand in order to get a gap to win the bet.

So through that, in this discussion we will review all the things about handicap shops which will be explained in stages. Starting from the meaning of the handicap, the type of Asian handicap, the table handicap, so how to bet on adult bets and learn about Asian problem odds. After that we will also offer an explanation of the technique of placing bets with examples of layout images on mobile phones.

That way, you will still become an adult handicap gambling Daftar Judi Bola Terbaik player who is good at taking advantage of the possibility of winning. Then you will also get very large profits with minimal capital.

Stage one: Understanding Depobos Handicap Recognition

As previously explained, the meaning of the handicap sbobet online is very commonly used by online lovers is voor or voo-vooran. And the ball handicap is a bet to determine which one football team still wins the battle.

However, one of the claires who will compete will be given an inconveniente or nominal voor value to balance the power.

Why is that?

Because the football team has a different composition of strengths, then it is usually favored by online lovers. That way, the value of the handicap appears to provide a counterbalance to the possibilities in the team that will compete. Because, online soccer gambling also uses a fair structure to provide selected and trusted services by associates.

Problem soccer gambling has two types of versions which include the following:

one. European Handicap

Handicap Europe is a market that only provides bet options for the home, draw, and away team. However, the related European handicap market variant is rarely used by online soccer betting in the Philippines. Because in these shops usually the less favored team will be given a high odds value without other conditions.

2. Asia drawback

If the European handicap provides bets on back, away and draw. Then in the Asian Indonesia handicap you can only look for two possibilities, home or away. However, in this type of market now has various handicap values ​​(hdp / voor), in order to increase the chances of winning for you. With the HDP value, the draw result will not occur for the bet results. And later you will meet with half win (½), win full, or lose half (½). Therefore, this type of part of Asia handicap market is more popular with all soccer gambling in life.

Those are some basic explanations of betting the ball problème as an illustration for an explanation at a later stage.

Then, because of the higher type of Asian inconvenient market used in Indonesian online soccer betting sites. Then this discussion will only explain about Asian countries handicap shops in depth.

Stage 2: Explanation of the Asian Problem Soccer Market

To clarify the discussion in the second stage above, namely the Asian countries’ handicaps have various possible scores. Because in betting on unconvenient markets, you are required to understand the trick to reading nominal odds with HDP values. So that you can estimate the profit opportunities that will be obtained on the full team that will compete.

So for that, here are the positive and negative handicap values ​​as a benchmark in determining betting profits.

Those are some of the positive and negative handicap prices/voor values ​​that you must understand seriously in the soccer betting market. So, you can find out a little bit about the HDP value through the information on winning or losing serious bets. Therefore, the type of deposit market concerned has a very high level of profit expectation when compared to very large profits.

For the purpose of the payback bet in the table above, you do not receive a profit or loss. Then winning by half is when the total profit should be 100, even though with this voor value, you only win 50. And vice versa by losing half.

In addition, when you place bets for the Asian handicap market. Therefore you will see the nominal handicap which is in decimal form. That way, this is a way to predict the value of the handicap so that members don’t misinterpret.

And that’s some explanation of the Most of asia handicap for an overview of the policy in playing and placing bets. That way, you already have an overview for the explanation that will be discussed in the next stage.

Stage 3: How to Play Asian Handicap Soccer Gambling

After you understand some of the explanations from stage 1 and stage 2 above. So at this stage we will immediately practice by giving sample images on the cellphone display. And the picture we will explain as an example is a display through one of the most trusted and largest online agents, namely Sbobet.

And to play and install handicap ball shops, you must first have a Sbobet ball account. This is because without having a sbobet gambling account, you cannot log in and access the game. So for that, register first with a domestic sbobet agent to create an account then follow the official registration process. If you don’t know how to create an account, then you can predict how to register SBOBET which is explained in stages and is easy to understand.

If you have registered and already have an online gambling account, then log in to access and access the game. Then here are some serious tips for playing the Most of Asia handicap soccer gambling on the net.

1. The Main Page of the Sbobet Ball Site On the web

When you get access to your sbobet betting account, you will see a display like in the example picture above. When compared greatly, you still see a few display features when compared to different uses. If you don’t understand the use of these display options, then you can read Tricks to Play Lisonjero Gambling first. That way, members will understand some of the uses in the display features of soccer gambling websites along with some terms in playing.

2. Asian Handicap Market Table

And the example image above is a display of the market table with several display options with different types of battles. In fact, in the left amet table column are the types of handicap shops that have HDP readings. Then in the middle column there is an above under (OU) market, and the rightmost column table is a 1×2 market.

3. Launching Bets On The Problème Bola Market

On the market table you can see the readings FT HDP and FH HDP which means Full Moment then First Half. Which means you can make bets in the full match (FH) round and can launch in the main round (FH). Then there are also the words H and Some sort of which means house after that away with a column containing the value of prospects. After that the blue decimal writing in the away bet column is a big inconvenient in this match. In this way, the team at a distance gave a voor of -0-0. 5 for first of all 1/2 and full time period.

And to place a handicap bet is fairly easy, we simply press or click the value of the possibilities which will then be your bet. Therefore, the odds column will change to a simple blue color as indicated by the arrow above.

If you have selected the probability values ​​at these handicap shops, then access the betting value installation menu. With after, enter the nominal scale of the bet that you bet. Then click place guarantee to confirm the value of the bet that you have installed. Then the placing of bets is directly recorded and stored in my table bet records.

That’s in some explanations about how to hold a handicap soccer gambling market which is explained by an example of a cellphone display image. That way, you already have an idea for placing bets on handicap online gambling markets in Sbobet portable.

Step 5: Formula for Showing Handicap Possibilities of the Ball

It is as if we have understood and explained in the next stage, that the odds price on the problem market can be negative and positive. If the odds value listed on the adult handicap market is positive, then the number of successful bets is still multiplied by the possibilities value. While the negative odds scale on inconvenient soccer betting shops is negative, then the quantity of your bet success is about the whole. However, if you lose, the bet will be multiplied by the odds value. To clarify this, here are some formulas for calculating the odds value in an inconvenient ball.

Let’s take the example of the Everton vs Arsenal competition.


If you make a bet of 100 on Everton with an inconvenient value of and a prospect value of -1. 12.

Then the nominal income corresponds to the gambling value, which is 100. So your credit balance will increase by 200 (with capital).

And if you lose so the number of losing bets is 1. 12 back button 75 = 112, this is because the negative odds scale has a tax or is usually considered when compared to kei.
If we bet 100 for Strategy with a handicap value of -¼ (minus a quarter) and an odds value of 1. 05.

So the total winning bet is 1. 05 x 100 = 105, through that your credit balance increases by 205 (with capital).

And when you bend your knees then the member’s defeat is still 100.


If you win or lose by half, the guide will show you the same, as long as you divide by 2. For example, you place a bet of 100 for Everton with an unconvenient value and a probability value of -1. 12.

Then the amount of the win is 100: only two equals 50. Then your credit balance will increase by one humdred and fifty (with capital).

Then if you lose then the number of losing bets is (1.12 x 100): 2 = 112: a couple of = 56, because negative prospects have a tax / commonly referred to when compared to kei. With the meaning of kei on your bet is 6th.

If you bet 100 for Menu when compared the handicap value -¼ (minus a quarter) and greater possibilities 1. 05.

Then the magnitude of the winning bet is (1. 05 x 100): 3 = 105: 3 equal to 52. 5, when compared so the credit balance of the member will increase 152. a few (with capital).

And the magnitude of the loss is 100; two equals 50, with very forte you return 50.

For the return of capital, then you do not get serious income and losses from gambling. That way our gamble will return complete with no deductions and no nominal additions at all.

And that’s more or less an explanation of the adult problem which consists of how to play, the conditions, then the trick to placing a bet. Moreover, you have also explained how to read the dificultad value with the formula to calculate the Depobos handicap odds. That way, you have got an idea to play and then place a problem bet, let’s try good luck.

In the rules of football betting, of course, bettor is no stranger to the Handicap market or the abbreviation of HDP, this is indeed a favorite for some bettors who like soccer betting, as long as the bettor knows how the role of this rule will certainly make the betting atmosphere much more enjoyable.

Long story short, bettor is definitely not foreign to hear “Fur-Furan” in a soccer betting rule, for those who don’t really understand, I’ll explain the details about Fur-Furan Trusted Online Soccer Bandar.

  • 0-0.25 = 1/4
  • 0.5/0.50 = 1/2
  • 0.75 = 3/4
  • 1 = 1 Goal

Why is there Fur-Furan? so Fur in Football Betting is very necessary in order to be able to balance out one team that is not too championed to win, usually these furs are also in other ball markets but 1 by 1 the admin will discuss how to play Sbobet Judi Bola for bettors.

In addition, in the HDP market between the team that gives fur and the fur, there are differences from the Key / Odds, if you usually bet, pay attention to the numbers that are black and red, if the numbers are “Red” This means that bets placed are subject to tax, for example, placing 100 thousand only. so 90 thousand only depending on the size of the odds.

The following is an explanation of how to play handicap ball with Fur-Furan, before that I will take team A and team B as examples.

0.25 means “1/4” if the bettor chooses team A which gives “Fur” to B so if the score is 0-0 then the bettor selects sbobetasia login A will lose half of the bet amount, to win the bettor needs to be at least 1-0 for team A who give Fur.

0.5/0.50 is “1/2” again in this rule the bettor chooses team A to give “Fur” the Football Bet to team B, if the bettor wants to win it must be at least 1 goal difference, if the final score is a draw then it’s a bet bettor at Bandar Online Ball lost.

0.75/0.5-1 The meaning is “3/4” if team A wins by a difference of 1 goal then the bettor only wins half of the bet, so to be able to win the full bet, you need 2 goals in this Handicap Ball Game.

1 means 1 goal for the advantage of the team that is not defended, so if the score is 1-0 then the betor bet is considered a draw when choosing team A gives fur to team B.

So far, the bettor already knows the basics of soccer betting, how to play this handicap? if the bettor sees a different number of fur-furans from what the admin explained, just add and add and the rules must be in accordance with the explanation.

So long story short HDP is a single bet where the bettor can only choose one, if caught making a left and right bet it can be ascertained that the bettor has cheated and the consequences of this action then all credits in the account are frozen by the Trusted Online Soccer Bandar plus his account at permanently banned so bettors can no longer play on the site and may be blacklisted to all online gambling sites so no one wants to accept bets.

Trusted Online Soccer Dealer, SBOBET

Bandar Bola Online may be a name that is quite popular in the ears of lovers of the world of football, indirectly you must have heard of the name even the caliber of SBOBET is also familiar to bettors who like to bet on football, so just watching the game is not satisfied without challenges and if Betor likes betting sometimes it can be fellow friends,

One of the best and most popular betting games among the Indonesian people is soccer betting. This bet is routinely carried out in almost all countries, including Indonesia, which insists on banning the circulation of gambling. However, many people routinely even look for the football betting exchange tonight on official gambling sites.

Basically, in order to be able to guess the accurate score up to 90% accurate you need 2 odds as a guide in guessing the outcome of the match. The first odds are the asian handicap (HDP) Judi Bola Online with a voor system, while the second odds are over under or over and down bets. Referring to these 2 odds you can predict the match score with a fairly high accuracy.

Guide to Using the Football Betting Exchange Tonight Handicap and Over Under

For those of you who want to guess the original score without referring to the 2 odds, we recommend that you don’t continue. So, how should you refer to the 2 ball odds above in order to predict accurately? The answer is simple, because the soccer bookies know better what will and is happening in the football match.

We will immediately give an example in the English Premier League match that brings Manchester City against Watford. Odds open with a handicap of 2 and an over under of 3.5. By holding on to 2 odds according to the bookie who opened this market, Manchester City will win by 2 goals and the total goals created range from 3 to 4 goals.

Here you can predict the match will end with 2 results, between 3-0, 3-1, 4-2, 2-0. The score of 2-0 will not be situs judi bola resmi in the prediction because the range of goals scored is between 3 and 4 only. Likewise with the 4-0 score which you cannot enter into your prediction because it is too far from the opened handicap odds.

So you have 2 guesses that can be used on the football betting market tonight. The final result of the Manchester City vs Watford match ended with a score of 3-1 for the Blue Sky team to win. This is what we mean by holding on to those 2 odds. We give another example in the Italian League match between Chievo vs Milan which opened with HDP odds of 1 and over under 2.5.

As in the match between Manchester City vs Watford, the prediction of victory by Manchester City with a difference of 1 goal and the range of goals created is only 2 to 3 goals. With this reference you can guess the score between 0-2 and 1-2 and the result is 1-2, then the bettor wins online soccer gambling.

Online Football Betting Tips with Handicap and Over Under

In addition to discussing guidelines for using handicaps and over unders, you must know one thing, namely the selection of matches. It’s better to choose the football betting market tonight for 1 match in the same league, for example, all of the English Premier League. Well, the betting capital that you place is all IDR 50,000. The following is an example of selecting a voored team.

  • Arsenal vs Fulham
  • Man City vs Burnley
  • Man United vs Stoke City
  • Crystal Palace vs Chelsea
  • Watford vs Liverpool

From the 5 matches above, it is clear who won the match, namely Arsenal, City, United, Chelsea and Liverpool. Of course you will not hesitate in choosing the seeded team. However, in tonight’s football betting market, you don’t have to hesitate to choose an underdog team.

Unseeded teams, such as Fulham, Burnley, Stoke City, Crystal Palace and Watford. These teams often become dark horses, which can be a surprise against big teams. Let’s say Watford were able to beat Liverpool a few weeks ago. This indicates that a small or non-seeded team still has a chance to win.

Moreover, you place a bet on an English Premier League match, which is often a surprise. It’s a different story if you choose the Italian, Spanish, German, and French leagues. The Premier League is known for fierce competition and even the title of champion is difficult to predict. There are 6 clubs that are ready to fight for the championship.

That’s all we can explain at this point. Good luck and enjoy the profits from the predictions of the football betting market tonight.


Football betting events are fantastic when played either alone or with friends. Moreover, the game at stake is the Asian Handicap Football Gambling. Various well-known and trusted soccer sites are ready to provide the best guarantee when betting will start until it takes place.

Every player needs to know what the Asian Handicap Soccer Gambling is before jumping into real money gambling. Because later they will be able to make the winning steps more precise and full of success. Therefore they need to review well the guide on how to play Daftar Agen Judi Bola Online the bet through this review.

The Asian Handicap Football Gambling game makes it very easy for bettors to get profits and wins. Because of course this bet involves choosing a team that has no potential to win. But the goal deficit they deserve later.

And for that information this time will make it easier for all people who want to be successful in the game to bet. Where they have to pay more attention to the important guidelines below in order to find a speck of hope to win from day to day.

1. Must Understand the Value of Voor

Each player must understand the value of voor before playing the Asian Handicap soccer bet. Voor means a goal deficit that will make the player entitled to win. But also vice versa, sometimes the voor plunges players to the brink of defeat. The voor value available at various betting tables is from 1 to 3 goals.

Well, the voor selection is usually more directed at small teams against big teams. Sometimes the voor appears before the match starts. So the bettor’s job is to really understand how to map the voor so you don’t feel like a failure. Because this condition is very important for the success of betting the next agen slot terpercaya.

2. Good at Determining Potential Teams

The rest is that players need skill in determining potential teams. Once again, it’s not only the team that wins often, but the team that deserves a big goal deficit of 2 to 3 goals. If the final result in the match is 1-1 with a 2-goal advantage, then the player will immediately win and return certain prizes.

There is no game formula that is most accurate for bettors. However, they can find opportunities to win by observing and understanding the latest predictions on various trusted sites. Because of what? The review is based on the latest data and facts. So that all members can find out the leaked final results in a match.

3. Play on Trusted Soccer Sites

The last thing is to play on a trusted soccer gambling site. Each member will get a chance to win in full and a big profit opportunity if they join as a member. Because of course, the site will guarantee the comfort and safety of each player every time they run real money bets.

We can ensure that playing Asian Handicap soccer betting will be much easier when compared to playing on fake sites. Because satisfaction guarantees at fake agents don’t go smoothly. And that means every player really needs to find an official soccer agent like Sbobet. Because all this time the professional members are very proud to be part of the site.

It’s very easy to play the Asian Handicap Football Gambling after the players read the reviews this time. And we can guarantee their success while playing through a trusted soccer gambling site.


Handicaps in online online gambling are the usual types of gambling that you often see and hear. Where this type of bet has a vote that has been agreed by both parties. Seriously, this article is admin about giving a guide on How to Play Complete Online Gambling agen slot online terbaik.

How to Play Complete Online Soccer Gambling Problems

Because the types of online soccer betting bets in Indonesia are not foreign to you, this is why the administrative article on odds is now so short, but it’s still clear for you to understand how to play  Daftar Judi Bola Terpercaya Online Gambling Problems.

Added bonus New New member Sportsbook 100%

Before attending the study, be optimistic first when you have registered and then become a member.

For those who are not registered, you can register by lightly clicking on this place’s divvt or mouse clicking on the register button below.


Now, after registering and becoming a crew, the next step is as follows

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We will be divvt the most important page in therefore, immediately direct the selection ‘SPORTS’ then just select 1 of the 3 football designers on the internet.

So in the example below the administrator uses Depobos.

Homepage Depobos

Now on the Soccre menu, just select HDP and also O/U.

After that, you can see the teams that will compete.

The way to play is easy, just choose which team you are in, so you excel as well as the clarity of the possibilities and the voor listed.

Portaequipajes Also: Steps to Calculate Complete Online Gambling Chances Handicap Also
Read: How To See Complete Online Soccer Betting Voor

So, for example, the admin is betting on Athletic Bilbao crossing with Sevilla where the possible problme is 0. fifth 89.

It’s just a matter of clicking on the odds, which is 0. fifth there’s 89 which is parallel to Athletic Bilbao, so when compared, it will automatically be included in the handicap betting list.

Then the insight of our bet nominal is for example 100,000

So light isn’t it?

With this poker qq-eye, you also get to choose the type of vooran you want to play, which is an example of 3 or more types of vooran handicap with different possibilities.

After being calculated by the odds formula, therefore, you will get a successful result in the form of a handicap transaction list. / You can also calculate the possibilities yourself.

Not only Problème you also get to gamble for Over/Under, the installation technique also occupies the same click in the odds section in line with Um or Circumstance.

So easy isn’t it for Playing Handicap Betting sbobet Online?

This is the administrator’s review in the article that discusses the tutorial on How to Play this Complete Online Lisonjero Gambling Dificultad.

Handicap is one of the most popular types of soccer bets played by bettors. The popularity of the handicap makes many new players try to play this type of soccer bet, but many of the novice players still do not have knowledge about various things related to this type of bet. Therefore, consider the steps for playing handicaps for beginners below:

The procedure for playing Cara Daftar Judi Bola handicaps for beginners, the first thing that needs to be done for novice players is to create an account or ID, if you don’t have one, you can look for a trusted and verified and safe gambling agent to register.

After that, the procedure for playing handicaps for beginners in this handicap, the team name listed in red is the team that gave the voor or the team that gave the handicap, while the blue team is the team or team that received the voor. Odd numbers or minus odds with a red code are the team that is affected by % or tax. There are three furs (members can choose what they want), numbers with a red code, if they win, they win according to the amount posted, but if they lose, they are required to pay % tax. After creating an account, you will be taken to the main page. On the main menu, you can make bets and on this page you can see various markets.

On the main menu there is a green column called FUR or handicap. While the black column is KEI or market price. But for beginners who don’t know the steps for playing handicaps for beginners, especially for how to read FUR, below is explained how to play handicaps for beginners for how to read FUR. Example :

  • 0-0. 5 = ¼ ball
  • 0. 50 = ½ ball
  • 0. 75 = ¾ ball
  • 1. 0 = 1 ball
  • As well as so on

If you already know how to play handicaps for beginners about how to read FUR, then you can make bets without fear of making mistakes. To place a bet, you can click on the kei number to select the team that will be bet or installed. Then, akun slot online will see an installation column on the left side of the online soccer gambling screen. Prior to placing carefully the partner or opponent first, because after clicking the process bet bets cannot be canceled. Apart from that, also sometimes pay attention if the competition is over but the winnings haven’t dropped. All because of the system or the investigation that is still ongoing. Funds or winnings will be returned or paid no later than 3 x 24 hours.

In handicap competitions, high payouts will be obtained if you succeed in winning the match. In order to win the handicap competition itself, one must be able to analyze each group or team that will be bet or placed as a betting material in order to win in each handicap competition. Meanwhile, for the procedure for playing handicaps for beginners, some say it is very difficult, especially for beginners, but there are also those who say it is easy.

For those who are proficient in playing handicap bets, they already know the meaning of voor in each handicap competition, because in each competition the market offered will be different. Therefore, the size of the voor offered in each handicap competition will affect the bet.

In addition, for beginners, apart from the things that have been explained beforehand, you should also first understand the various menus on the handicap monitor:

1. The top menu contains various menus that are used to view account details such as bet lists, winners / losers, and so on.

2. The left menu is filled with sports branches whose matches are opened with various types of bets. You can choose to bet on sports such as football, basketball, and others.

3. The main window, the main window is filled with a list of competitions with their market. In this main window, the list of competitions will change according to the sport and the type of bets taken on the left menu. Why is it said to be the most important window? Because various bets are made on this side

Below is a description of the sides in the main window:

  • Time, shows the time in competition.
  • Event, shows the competition and the type of competition.
  • Full Time, is a guide about the final result of the bet or FT (2×45 minutes). In full time betting, you can choose 1×2, HDP (handicap), OU (Over Under) or OE (Odd Even). For more details, please learn about tips for playing full handicaps.
  • First Half, is a guide on betting throughout the first half only (45 minutes). In the first half you can choose 1×2, HDP (handicap), OU (Over Under) or OE (Odd Even).
    In addition, in the main window there are also help features. One of them :

Refresh, used to refresh or reload if there is a market change or voor. Every minute or 60 seconds it will refresh automatically and the numbers in brackets indicate how long it will take to refresh again.

Before 10 pm, in this section shows select the competition that starts before when it shows 10 pm. After that, to select it can be done by clicking the down arrow signal.

Double Line, this feature is used to change the appearance format. Double line means one competition, the appearance form has two lines. Double line can be exchanged for single line for one competition with one line.
-Select League, this feature is used to present competitions based on the selected league or match.

Today, this feature shows today’s competition.

Those are the steps for playing handicaps for beginners, hopefully they are useful.


There are many different ways in which you can bet on the game of basketball and that is one of the main elements of interest in betting on this sport. When it comes to the most popular ways to bet, basketball handicap betting is up there with the other top basketball betting markets.

Many people who enjoy betting on basketball do so on handicap lines, this is a great way to back a favorite to a big hit or back an underdog team to keep the distance. The lines are quite simple to understand and that means they can be used by all types of Daftar Agen Bola Terbaik players, from those who are betting for the first time to those who are much more experienced.

If you have never placed a bet on a handicap line but you want to give it a try, then here is our guide to betting on a basketball handicap.

What is a Basketball Handicap Betting Line?

First, what is a handicap in basketball betting? For those who don’t know, handicap lines are fictional lines created by bookmakers for betting purposes. The idea of ​​this line is to make both teams even for betting purposes.

If there is a strong favorite in the game, they will have a deficit to overcome on the handicap line. The underdog will get an early start and that is used to balance the game.

Asian handicap spread betting example in basketball

Those backing the favorites not only need their team to win, but they also need to win by enough points to cover the handicap daftar slot online. For example, a line set of -7.5 points means that the favorite must win by eight points to cover the handicap basketball spread bet.

If you back an unseeded team with an early start then they can win the game, draw or lose with a lower score than the handicap line. Using the example above, if your team is +7.5, it means you will win if they win the game, draw or lose by seven points or less.

It’s harder for the favorite to win using a basketball handicap line, so you’ll get a better price than backing them on a standard money line. However, if you back the underdog then there is more chance of them winning because your bet can win even if they lose the game, for this reason, the underdog will have a shorter price on the handicap line than the money line.

One important thing to note here is that bookmakers (read this – best crypto bookies of 2020) may offer slightly different handicap lines, so make sure you look around for good value. Usually, you look for prices to get the best price but with handicap betting, you need to find the best line as well as the best price.

If the game is close to the line, getting a bad basketball handicap line could mean you lose a bet that would be considered a winner elsewhere, so you’ll have to shop around, probably more than with any other type of bet.

Alternative Handicap Lines

If you want to take your handicap betting in basketball to the next level, then once you gain experience with the lines, you can look for alternative lines. Most bookmakers offer this, though not all, so make sure you are with a bookmaker that offers excellent basketball betting markets. Here to be able to find a ranking of the best betting companies for 2020.

how to make a handicap in a basketball betting game

Alternative handicap lines offer you different lines to bet on, with greater odds available. Example of a basketball handicap bet: if the standard line is set at -7.5 but you think the team can win more than that, you can choose a bigger line, say -10.5, and get a bigger chance on that line, because the odds win less.

This is the type of work you need to do if you want to take your betting to the next level and make more profit, and these alternative lines can definitely come in handy if you think the standard line isn’t big enough and you want more. Mark.

In-Game Handicap Betting

The emergence of in-game betting has been seen in many sports including basketball. The handicap basket line will come into play, and this will change depending on how the game goes. Again, this means shopping around as the lines and odds will differ depending on your bet.

As with all types of in-game betting, if you can read the game well and know what’s coming next, you can place a bet and earn a lot of money before the odds change. Look for big momentum in the game, where teams are rapidly accumulating points and you’ll see the handicap line change significantly. Bet at the right time and you will put yourself in a fantastic position for this game.

Basketball Handicap Betting Tips

By adding handicap lines to your bets, you add another element and therefore, you need to have solid sports knowledge to use these lines. However, use it properly and there is definitely value out there for you to take advantage of.

The easiest way to use these lines, and a place to start for beginners, is with favorites you want to win easily. Pick a few of them and place these types of bets first before you start exploring alternative handicap lines or picking an underdog with an early start.

If you are able to back a few favorites successfully then you will be rewarded at a much bigger price than you would get in the money line market, where they will be short.

Things are more difficult, so losses will come more often, but on the other hand, when wins come, you will see more profit from your bet.

Areas to look at when making a selection include the schedule and what the traveling team must complete before the game. Anything that can tire the team during the game is a reason to look at the handicap line as opponents can get away with things and build a large winning margin. Click here if you are interested in more topics on basketball betting.

People ask this question

? How do I make a basketball handicap game?

If you think the favorite of the basketball game will win very easily, then with a handicap you get a better chance when betting on the moneyline. If you want an underdog team with a handicap then there are more chances of them winning because your bet can win even if they lose the game.

? What is the spread in basketball betting?

Spread betting is when the bet predicts that the favorite team will win by a certain number of points.

? Are wide basketball bets the same as handicap soccer bets?

Yes, spread betting is the same as handicap betting.

? Is it possible to find the Asian handicap basketball market?

The term Asian handicap is used more for soccer betting. But Asian handicap betting is the same as handicap or spread betting.


In order to be able to make bets in a good way, gambling players must understand the form of soccer gambling games they will use first. The form of games provided by gambling sites has many variations. Among the variations of the gambling game, there is an option called the handicap gambling game. This bet has many differences when compared to other games. Gambling Daftar Agen Bola Terpercaya players can experience losses and wins according to the results of the match. On the other hand, gambling games can also determine victory with the help of additional values ​​given to one of the teams according to the rules of the handicap game.

Handicap Gambling Games at Online Soccer Agents

Handicap games are a type of game that involves market value. Gambling players get a different value for each match according to the strength of the two teams that meet. This online soccer betting bet can have a very large market value or it can be very small. When a player uses a large market value, the tendency of the team that gets the handicap advantage to lose is very large. However, the market value is not always accurate in predicting the strength of the team so that when both teams score goals that have a not too far difference, the match results can be different in handicap betting and in the actual match. The market value added to the weak team becomes the additional value that makes the weak team superior to the strong team.

The way to bet on handicaps in soccer is to find the HDP line on the sportsbook. HDP stands for handicap. Select the promo slot online in this handicap line that is parallel to the desired match line on the far right, click the box to bring up the betting window at the online soccer agent and then choose the bet position to be taken. The market value of the handicap is fixed. There is no way to change the value of the handicap and make the market value profitable for the player. This limitation makes the handicap market value a pretty good benchmark when it comes to determining the correct betting position when playing soccer gambling.

Choosing the Best Match for a Handicap Game

The best matches for handicap gambling games are matches that tend to produce a balanced score. This match is pretty easy to find. Gambling players can look for matches between balanced teams in minor leagues or other less well-known leagues. The opportunity to make big profits in soccer gambling games is provided by matches like this. Betting opportunities are also easy to reach because online soccer gambling games can not only be accessed with large devices such as personal computers but can also be accessed with more sophisticated devices such as smartphones. This ease of access to gambling games provides great support for the way people play for soccer betting.

Matches can be observed before they happen. Technological advances allow everyone to see the development of each type of match from various leagues. This data is sufficient to be used in soccer betting. Making estimates for all the teams that will meet can bring up several match options that may result in a balanced score. There are many leagues around the world that are within the reach of sportsbooks. There are also many choices of matches with equal odds. Making this match choice correctly will allow players to always win in handicap games on online soccer sites by placing bets on the team that gets an additional handicap score.


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Tips for Winning in Online Football Gambling Games! Winning the game is something that the players are proud of. Everyone wants to win and avoid failure. The same thing happens in ball games. No wonder people practice soccer every day in order to win when the game arrives. The soccer game that every boy loves, especially nowadays, can’t only be played through live matches.

However, it is now possible to watch football matches online and enjoy them at any time. Live or online soccer games, of course, the players are still fighting for victory. Therefore, this article provides some tips that you can use to win online soccer matches. Want to know the instructions? Read the instructions below now.

The first technique to win online soccer gambling is to have a deep understanding of online soccer games. You must continue to hone and increase your knowledge of soccer so that you can learn more about good ways to beat your opponents. The second trick is to understand the online soccer game you are playing. Of course, in an online soccer game, you must understand some important terms. Understanding these terms can definitely help you get a chance to win.

The third trick is to have a trusted online football website. Of course, to play soccer online, you must have at least one site. The site you play on must be a trusted site, not a scam site. The fourth trick is to be careful while observing the market and soccer odds. Odss provide an opportunity for teams to win football bets. You should observe the items and markets placed by the football dealer.

For example, a feather ball given by an online soccer betting company is of low value, equal to or equal to 1 ball, even with 0.5 or 2 feathers. Now, this is weird. If you encounter such a thing, you should not immediately bet. However, you should be more alert and careful. This irregularity must have a reason that the soccer betting company already knows. Therefore, if you get something similar, you shouldn’t play it right away, but find out why first.

The next tip is to manage your capital and finances. When placing bets in online soccer betting games, another thing that is also needed is that you must be able to set the game capital yourself. You have to control how much it costs to play. In fact, you also have to determine how many times you have to win and lose in a football match. It is important for you to ensure such things.

By controlling and managing your in-game balance, you can avoid future losses. If you just spend your money carelessly without control, then you will definitely experience losses in online soccer gambling games very easily. I wish you could profit, but what you meet is failure and failure.

So, friends! For those of you who are football lovers, you must master the tips above to make it easier for you to win online soccer gambling. If you have never tried these techniques, feel free to try them and practice them now, hoping that victory is on your side.

How to Play on Online Gambling Sites for Beginners

Gambling is one of the variants of gambling games and has the largest user base in Indonesia. The game is very simple, even everyone can play it. Capsa, Dominoes and other games can guess the score of the game, even cockfighting is one of many types of games, From this game you can collect abundant profits.

Gambling is illegal in Indonesia, but don’t be mad. There are various websites on how to play games on online gambling sites that you can play safely and have been verified as legal entities.

Nowadays, more and more gambling sites are distributed evenly. Of course this causes many people to try their luck in this game. Automatically, your chances of winning are getting smaller. If you are not vigilant then the desired profit will be lost. Therefore we have summarized the best guide for playing games on online gambling sites.

Understand how to play online gambling

Online gambling sites are gambling sites that require players to have special abilities. In online gambling, you must have the right thinking and betting analysis skills to win your success. If you can’t be careful even with small mistakes, you should be ready to bite your fingers.

Before delving into this, you really need to understand how to play online gambling. Broad insight, systematic strategy, and learning to conquer the psychology of your opponent are suggestions for learning materials that are suitable for you. If you can do it, then you will enter an unreasonable destiny.

Understand the terms in playing online gambling

There are many games that you can play on online gambling sites. This change has led to the emergence of terms in gambling games. As a person whose main reference is online gambling, you must understand all the terms in online gambling.

In fact, there are more terms used in online gambling than conventional gambling. Even so, this can make it easier for you to play on the site. You must understand these terms, including general terms and specific terms, in order to make online gambling easier.

If you are just learning to gamble (beginner), we highly recommend that you try to play without placing a bet, and using the usual game method (not online) first. This will train your sensitivity before playing games on online gambling sites.

Choose the best and most trusted online gambling

Some of the things that can prove the quality of an online gambling site is the age of the site. The longer it takes to create an online gambling website, then it can be said that the website has qualified quality and can give you the best online gambling.

Apart from that, you should also check the website terms and conditions before making a deposit. Make sure that sharing the profits from the website doesn’t completely cost you. For those who want to try their luck on gambling sites, knowing about gambling sites is one of our best suggestions.

That’s some knowledge about online gambling sites that you must know. The main key to gambling (including online gambling) is patience and thoroughness. If you can apply these two things, we believe you will be able to reap the great benefits that you can enjoy. What are you waiting for? Place your bet now!

List of Trusted Online SBOBET Agents in Indonesia

To express our gratitude to Indonesian game fans, we provide a free registration service. This can be used for gamblers who do not have an official soccer betting account and want to start betting in the online world. The registration process for the latest soccer agent is very easy, fast, and does not require difficult conditions. Players only need to fill in complete and valid personal data to fill out the trusted soccer gambling registration form. Examples include usernames, passwords, Indonesian bank account names and numbers, mobile phone numbers and emails. This data is very useful for smooth SBOBET member account registration and future use of the game.

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One of the facilities that you can enjoy on our website is a list of free football bets. You can get an account to play soccer betting without spending a penny. Of course creating an account is very easy and fast. One of the advantages of an official Sbobet agent is that the data you use when registering on our website will be protected and will not be disclosed to any outside parties. This makes the playing experience more comfortable and will not interfere with the entry of members of the soccer agent into the “bet list”.

The steps to register at a trusted soccer gambling are as follows:

-Go to the main soccer agent website page and press the “register” button here. -Fill in the data on the existing form. -Make sure the data used is valid and still valid. -Complete the registration process, then confirm with the customer service staff on duty. -Wait about 3 minutes to get your account and password.

After getting a Sbobet soccer gambling account, it’s time to choose the game you want to play. As the best football trader, Yukbola provides various football betting markets for you to play. A game can have more than 10 markets, you can play to your heart’s content. The variants we provide are designed to reduce your boredom when playing games for a long time.

Examples of some of the most popular Sbobet football dealer markets: Handicap Over/Under 1×2 Correct Score Mix Parlay

Another advantage of having a Sbobet account is that you can access Sbobet YukBola alternative links for free. We will update the list of links every week so that you can freely visit the Sbobet website without any disturbance.

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The choice of how to deposit funds to a trusted soccer agent soccer betting company varies greatly. You can transfer money between banks, make online gambling deposits via XL and Telkomsel Credit, and make deposits using OVO, LINKAJA or GoPay. All of these processes can be freely chosen according to your needs, and only take less than 5 minutes. Withdrawing funds is not complicated, just fill in the required nominal in the withdrawal form (as long as the amount does not exceed your game points). Please confirm with CS online football agent. After about 3 minutes, check the account balance in your bank account. Note: In some cases, such as bank outages, system maintenance, or other issues it may slightly hinder the deposit and withdrawal process.

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Our best real money online casinos offer more than just football betting. However, trusted soccer betting sites also have many other interesting games. This way, even if your favorite soccer team doesn’t participate in the game, the gambler will not be bored and can try their luck in other games. Even in addition to sbobet, we also introduce online gambling game server providers. In football betting, you can bet on the matches of the World Cup, Champions League, European Union and other national leagues/cups on the SBOBET server, so the bettors can choose various odds.


As the name suggests, sportsbooks refer to a series of sports games that Indonesian gamblers can bet on. The types of sports available are more or less the same as the most popular official score checker site LiveSore, including: soccer, futsal, basketball, soccer, soccer, boxing, badminton, tennis (field and table tennis), horse racing, and swimming .

The game servers that provide these games are the Asian city of Sbobet88, CMD, C bet, max bet, ibc bet, nova 88 (in addition, there is ubobet, which may not be popular).

Trusted Online Soccer Betting Agent Web Service

For the sake of creating a safe and comfortable gaming atmosphere, we provide all the best gambling facilities. For example 24/7 customer service, free football account registration, the most choices among various banks (BCA, BNI, BRI, BII, CIMB Niaga, Danamon and Mandiri), deposits via ovo, gopay pulses XL and telkomsel, unlimited withdrawals, and attractive promotions. This trusted soccer dealer in Indonesia is also trained to be alert and friendly when serving customers 24 hours a day. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about difficulties when gambling on the best soccer fields. Stop wasting time, make a decision and move on. Join us by registering on the soccer gambling list menu listed. There is no doubt that in the future, you will be grateful for making the right decision.

What is a handicap? What does this have to do with the world of online soccer gambling? Why is there a handicap? How to win handicap bets? Does football betting have anything to do with handicaps? Let’s discuss it in this article.

If we talk about the world of gambling, especially the world of online gambling, there are many categories. Starting from a sportsbook that contains sports matches such as football, basketball, badminton, tennis and the like. Live casino, slot games to the latest is the esports category. And if we talk and discuss about soccer gambling, you will often find the word “handicap or commonly abbreviated as HDC” in the sportsbook category in the online gambling world. What is the true meaning of the handicap?

Handicap or HDC is a word commonly used when you want to play Cara Daftar Judi Bola Online gambling in the sportsbook category. Usually, gamblers who often play soccer gambling are definitely familiar with the term handicap or HDC. So it can be said that the handicap is the value given and determined by the bookies, both land soccer bookies and online soccer bookies to provide a balance between the two teams that will compete. Why can it be said the goal is to balance?

Now let me give an example with a football match. If Real Madrid with all its star players and has won many world-class tournaments against Madura United, you could say it only has star players with an Indonesian scale. What do you think?

Well indeed if you say football, the ball is round. Anything can happen when you’re on the field. But if you look at the statistics and history of the two teams, it is very unfair and unbalanced if the match is entered into a soccer betting bet and given the same value aka no handicap or voor is given to Madura United.

Handicap Market In The World Of Online Football Gambling

Is the handicap or voor an advantage for soccer gambling judi slot terbaik? Obviously yes, because a club that was initially unseeded, became on par with its opponent. By giving the example of Real Madrid against Madura United earlier, the difference in team strength that is quite far makes Madura United get a bigger voor advantage (eg +3, +4, etc.).

So if we place a bet on the Madura United team, we already get a 3 goal or 4 goal advantage before the match starts depending on the nominal amount of voor given. Even though we get an advantage in the number of goals at the beginning, it doesn’t mean we automatically win 100%, because if the match is running and the final score of the match is 6-1 for Real Madrid’s advantage, bettors who place bets for Madura United will automatically have to give up the bet money. they pair when playing online soccer gambling.

In general, there are 2 types of market handicaps, namely:

  • European handicap market
  • Asian handicap market

How come there are only two markets? Because at first this football betting appeared in parts of the European world. Gradually soccer betting spread to other parts of the world such as Asia. Although it spreads to all corners of the world, until now the markets that are commonly used are the 2 markets above (European and Asian markets).

European handicap market

This European market uses a home-draw-away system. So gambling players who follow the European market simply choose a team that plays at home or a team that is away or can also choose a draw or draw. As for the odds, because this European market only uses a home-draw-away system, the determination of the odds depends on which team is more favored in the match. The underdog team usually gets a smaller odds or win value, while the unseeded team gets a bigger odds or win value.

Asian handicap market

It is different with the Asian market. There is no such thing as a draw win in the Asian market. What we have is that we bet on one of the teams playing, whether the team that is holding the title of home (home) or the team that is away (away). In this match, there is still the possibility of a draw score (0-0, 1-1, etc.) if the two competing teams have a balanced strength. Even so, in the Asian market, those who enjoy winning are bettors who place bets on one of their teams. The victory can be said to be a full victory, a half win (0.5) or a quarter win (0.25), and vice versa with a defeat can also be said to be a full defeat, a half defeat (0.5) or a quarter defeat (0.25).

The Handicap Markets That Are Commonly Used Are Europe And Asia

I will help explain a little how to calculate the online soccer gambling handicap market.

Handicap Betting 0

In a match that has a handicap bet of 0, it means that the strength of the two teams that will compete is said to be balanced which causes no handicap to be given in the match. If the match with a handicap of 0 results in a draw such as 0-0 or 1-1 then your bet money will be returned to you in full.

Handicap Bet 0-0.5 or 0.25

Matches that have a 0-0.5 or 0.25 handicap can be said to be given a quarter (1/4) advantage for the unseeded team.

Handicap bet 0.5

A match if it has a handicap of 0.5 means that the unseeded team in that match is awarded a half (1/2) advantage for the unseeded team.

Handicap Bet 0.5-1 or 0.75

If the handicap number is 0.5-1 or 0.75 then the unseeded team in the match is given a three-quarters (3/4) advantage.

Handicap Betting 1

For this one handicap value, it can be said to be almost the same as the 0 handicap. The equation is that you don’t need to be confused and confused to calculate whether you get a half defeat or a half win. The difference is that if you bet on an unseeded team and get a handicap advantage of 1 then the final score that appears is a draw, then you still win the bet.


This easy way to play online handicap soccer has a basis so that you can play soccer bets with so much fun. There is an online soccer betting game that is most sought after and is often played by many people. The basis of this type of bet may indeed be the beginning of the online soccer betting game. It’s no longer necessary to bother taking time to create opportunities so that you can play Daftar Situs Judi Bola Terpercaya fun online soccer betting. In soccer betting, you will also find various interesting ways to be able to play and get the win. Basically, everyone playing soccer betting online must be very familiar with the name handicap betting.

This type of handicap bet may indeed be the most important basis when you are looking for online soccer betting. Because there is no need for you to feel worried about starting this game. Stay confident when playing soccer online betting. Always make sure what you need when playing online soccer betting. In this game, it is really necessary for you to continue to learn in order to achieve victory in every betting game. So we really really need a lot of ways to be able to play properly. Playing without losing, surely many people want and win more.

Easy Ways to Play Ball Online Handicap

Being able to avoid a big loss is also very good. Because playing bets of any type when playing with origin, the situs judi slot online will be very, very difficult to get. Only some people are really good at playing soccer betting online. Because you must play correctly because the way the person plays is so familiar with the world around soccer. Online soccer betting games, as we will begin to discuss, are indeed very difficult to guess and are called handicap betting. So at this time it is very fitting for you to try it. So here we will provide solutions when playing handicap online soccer betting games.

Handicap betting games can indeed be considered as one of the most basic types of bets for online soccer betting. Maybe this type of game is called the basic game because there is a reason. For online soccer betting players, you must be very familiar with the type of handicap soccer betting game. Because it is impossible for those who play online soccer betting not to know this type of online handicap bet. So you really have to learn to understand for sure what is in this handicap online soccer betting. Because this type of online soccer game bet is indeed quite very exciting to play. So don’t try not to try this type of handicap online soccer betting when you like online soccer betting.

Easy Ways to Play Ball Online Handicap

You need to understand first how to make this game profitable when playing. It is said that this type of bet is definitely played by football lovers. So there is no doubt that this bet is indeed worthy for you to play in this type of online soccer betting. This handicap betting game, you really have to know very well the world of soccer sports. Because so you can understand which team is already strong and not favored to win in the match. Because each team that will compete will have quite different skills and have great players. So it is quite difficult for those of you who are not very familiar with the world of football today.

So to play this game, please first identify the updated world of football so you can play easily. Everything will be easy as long as you have the intention to try to find out and keep learning. How to play in this handicap online soccer betting can make you indecisive in placing bets. Because sometimes a strong or favored team will give voor goals to their opponents. So you will find it difficult to choose a great team and you may change your mind to install a team that can voor. So you have to be sure and sure in betting.


How to Play Sbobet Handicap Betting – Handicap soccer betting is certainly not a new thing for sports betting lovers (Sportsbook), of course handicap betting can be done in basketball, badminton, tennis, hockey, golf, horse racing and many more other sports betting.

Although handicap betting can be done in many sports, the type of handicap installation is certainly more done by online gambling lovers in soccer betting, of course.

The meaning of handicap betting itself is actually an imbalance or profit on a certain party, which means that one of the parties will be profitable in each bet on online football gambling.

For example, like a Daftar Situs Judi Bola Resmi player making a bet on the Juventus match against Sampdoria in Serie A, of course we know that the strengths of the two teams are not balanced.

Therefore, of course, the ball market will be unbalanced and the course of the match will definitely be one-sided without a voor, therefore there is a way to play handicap bets on 100000 deposit online soccer sites.

Some ball terms that players should judi slot terbaru, before doing a handicap installation are.

  • Full Time (FT) = Full time in one running match.
  • Half Time (HT) = Half time or half of the entire match.
  • Odds: This winning multiplication number usually appears in every type of ball pairing.
  • Home (H) = Represents the designation for the home/home team.
  • Away (A) = Represents the designation for the away/away team.
  • Voor = The benchmark value in each match that can provide an advantage for the player.

Usually in this handicap bet there is already a voor value that has been determined on the ball market, generally the voor value is as follows.

Handicap value of voor 0 which means that no voor is applied (bets will run in a draw).

The handicap value of voor is 0.005 / 0.25 which can be interpreted as a running bet with a voor of 1/4.

  • Handicap value of 0.5 is usually interpreted as voor 1/2.
  • Handicap value of 5.1 / 0.75 bets with a value of voor is better known as voor 3/4.
  • Handicap bets with a value of 1 will usually be interpreted as voor 1.

How to Play Real Money Online Football Handicap Betting To Win A Lot

If the player encounters a handicap bet with a value of voor 0, it can be interpreted that the two teams have a balanced ability so that there is no profit that can be taken on this bet.

Therefore it is more advisable to have a strategy and prepare predictions, before betting on a match that has a voor of 0 is highly recommended.

If a player makes a bet on a match that has a voor of 1/4, where the player gets a voor, the player can be declared a full win if his chosen team gets 2 goals over his opponent.

A bet with a value of voor 1/2 will be won by the player if the paired team gets a voor, after that the final result of the match is the team of the pair of players winning 1 goal from the opposing team.

Another with the bet placed by the player when receiving voor 3/4, where the player’s team must win 2 goals over the opposing team is declared the winner and if only 1 goal wins automatically the team of the pair of players only wins half.

For a bet that gets a value of voor 1, of course the player must win 1 goal more than the opposing team, when the match ends without winning 1 goal then the bet is declared a draw.

Apart from the handicap bets discussed this time, of course, players can learn how to place bets on the type of over / under installation to add player insight.

That’s the explanation of how to play handicap bets that we can review in this article, hopefully the discussion above can help players win bets, thank you.

If you want to play guessing win, draw or lose in the match A vs B, please CLICK the Match Odds 1×2 menu. The red line above predicts the host as the winner, the yellow line predicts the draw/draw result, the orange line predicts the guest/opponent as the winner. 1×2 is divided into 90 minutes (full time) and 45 minutes (half time) so you can choose which one you want to play Daftar Situs Judi Bola.

1×2 games, are odds to guess win, draw or lose. Just click on the odds to place a bet.

Example: we install Consadole will win (whatever the score is), click the black number 3.95, then enter the bet in the bet column (eg bet 100 thousand).

  • 1 = Host (Home) -> means we choose the host who will win
  • x = Draw -> means that we choose the match to end in a draw
  • 2 = Away (Away) -> means we choose the away team to win

For example the result of the match is 3-1

The calculation is: (3.95-1) x 100 thousand = 295 thousand. So we won 295,000

*for winning calculations, all odds must be slot deposit pulsa tanpa potongan by 1 first. If the result is Draw/Hiroshima Sanfrecce, we lose 100 thousand

FT 1X2 First Ten Minutes = 1X2 First Ten Minutes means betting to predict three possible outcomes in the first 10 minutes of normal time of a match.


Odd/Even (even/Odd), we only choose the final result of the match, the number of goals from both teams is odd or even.

For example:

Odd number of goals (ODD) = 0-1, 2-1, 2-3

Even number of goals (EVEN) = 0-0, 1-1, 3-1

3-way Handicap

3-way handicap betting markets i.e. markets are not available for all matches. This market exists only for the big and well-known leagues.

The way to make this bet is the same as making a regular 1×2 bet. You just need to choose host, draw or guest. However, this market has a voor system which will be accumulated with the final score. So the conclusion is that the 3-way handicap is like a 1×2 market with fur. However, the winnings from the Togel Online market are very small.


For example, choosing the home team and giving the fur handicap market 1 ball, then the results in the 3 way handicap lose and win will follow the example calculation as follows:

The home team (home) wins 1-0, so we just need to reduce it by 1 so the result is 0-0 or draw / draw. If we install the host, then we automatically lose, to win the host must score two goals, if you choose the guest team, the result is a draw, so the winner is the one who holds the draw position

The away team (away) loses 2-1, then just add 1 ball and the result will be a draw, the away team and the home team automatically lose, the winner is the one who holds the draw/draw position

The home team (home) wins 2-0, if it holds a draw (x) position, the result loses. because if the fur 1 ball is reduced, the result will be 1-0, so the visitors will also lose.

To be able to always win more bets than experience defeat in playing this handicap online soccer gambling, you definitely need the right way to use so that every bet that is played is always right to win the game.

In this case, of course, you will need various ways to win and continue playing handicap online soccer gambling which will make it easier for you to win continuously in playing Judi Bola Sbobet this handicap online soccer gambling.

Every method you have must also be applied properly, don’t think if you already have a way to play this handicap online soccer gambling.

You can directly play the game to be able to win this game without experiencing defeat in playing.

Understand How to Win Continue to Play Handicap Online Football Gambling

To only be able to win continuously in playing this handicap online soccer gambling game, it definitely requires you to be able to understand exactly the various ways that you can apply.

In assembling the team you will bet on in your game, here’s an understanding of how to win by continuing to play handicap ball gambling.

Doing Predictions

Before you start placing your bets to play, make predictions first to be able to help every bet you play.

You can have more chances to win the game, situs judi slot online terbaik if you don’t make predictions beforehand, every bet you play will likely be difficult to win in playing.

Therefore, make predictions that you know before you play the game to make your bets more likely to win while playing.

Knowing Team Development

With you, you can find out the progress of the team that you will bet on in your game.

Surely it will make it easier for you to find out which team will be able to win the game by choosing the team that gives vooran.

The team that gets vooran in playing, that’s why in playing online soccer gambling to be able to find out various developments.

The team is also very important to know so that it can make it easier for you to choose which team is more likely to win the match.

Tips on How to Win Continue to Play Handicap Soccer Gambling

In the handicap game, each game will definitely be played by giving a vooran or getting a vooran in the team that you will choose.

therefore by making predictions on each team that will play can help you more easily choose which team you will bet on in playing.

like those who will get vooran or who will do voor in the match, this will be profitable if you can make predictions on every development of each team you will play.

In addition, there will be various vooran bets that will be provided, which you can choose to bet on.

This is what can help you continue to win this online soccer gambling handicap game.

Therefore, learn various tips on how to win and continue to play handicap online soccer gambling.

Choosing a Small Odds Team

Example Image Odds

Don’t ever think that if you choose a team bet with small odds, there’s no point in playing it.

This is a mistake you think in playing small odds bets, because the facts have proven that small odds team bets will have a greater chance of winning the game.

Instead of choosing a team that has big betting odds, therefore don’t be influenced to get big profits in playing this handicap online soccer betting bet.

Because even if you get a small win in playing, it will also be useful if you continue to win the game while playing.

Choose Who Gives Vooran

Even though in playing handicap online soccer gambling, choosing a team that gives vooran will be detrimental in your opinion and will also win the game more often.

This is a fact that you already know, because the real fact is that the team that gives vooran is a team that has a good game and has a high chance of winning in winning the game,

That’s why don’t think that taking a team that gives vooran will make you lose for risking the team in playing.

In this case we can conclude that not every thing that we think is detrimental, will not be used in playing.

Therefore, continue to learn well how to win and continue to play handicap online soccer gambling that will be able to make you always win while playing SBOBET sportsbook gambling.