Betting Soccer: A Guide to Soccer Betting

Gambling has been around in particular over the last few millennia. From betting on horse and chariot races at hippodromes or betting on the winner of a fight to the death between two gladiators to e-sports winners and presidential candidates, betting takes place in all domains or areas. Today, there are many sports where betting has become a serious industry, but the most popular globally is, without a doubt, football.

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How to Bet on Football: A Guide To Soccer Betting

Thus, we have observed football betting becoming an international phenomenon at Daftar Judi Online Bola. Local dealers (brick and mortar) are found on almost every street corner around the world, online soccer betting sites are becoming more and more popular, and almost all of us know someone who has hit a big jackpot after betting on their favorite team.

So, is soccer betting easy? Or is it very difficult to win a satisfactory and consistent amount of money? Or maybe the question is changed a bit… Can you get a steady and regular income from soccer betting?

How to choose a good online soccer gambling site?

Once you understand how to place a bet and know what you want to bet on, you will face the tough task of choosing a partner who will provide you with the games, odds and chances to win. Choosing the best online soccer betting site to place your bets on is not an easy task, but there are a few things you should agen slot online terbaik.

First of all, try to open your first account with a reputable online soccer gambling site, not a local bookie. These sites usually have millions of customers who have won and lost money on a regular basis. They definitely have good customer support, great deals and are also newbie-friendly like you.

Next, you have to carefully look at what types of bonuses this soccer gambling site offers you. Most betting agents have promotions such as a signup bonus or a deposit bonus, it can be as much as 200% of your initial deposit. It’s quite something to start your betting career with double the money you want to invest, isn’t it? Also, take a look at what free bets they have, their bidding habits or what other exclusive betting offers they have, such as bigger odds or cash prizes.

Last but not least, there are a few more things you should pay attention to. Compare the odds they offer against the competition, and see how they are structured. Are their odds in line with the competition? Are they significantly smaller? You definitely want the best odds for your money, and your online soccer betting site will help you here. Also, if you want to use cash for your bets, look for online soccer betting sites that offer this possibility not many of them do.

How to bet on football matches

Football betting is basically quite easy. You can go to a local bookie or go to their website, look for games you can predict the outcome of, and check the odds the bookie gives you. If you believe in the odds, place your bet, go home, watch the game and then go and collect your winnings. If you want to know all those betting terms, we made a little dictionary:

  • Wager = also called stake, is the amount of money you bet on any given bet slip
  • Betting slip = can contain one or more bets. If it contains more bets, the odds can be played as singles or as accumulators.
  • Odds (Odds) = your bookie money used to pay you for every bet you bet and win. These odds can be presented in decimal (1.50), fraction (1/2) or American format (-100). All three number formats have the same meaning.
  • The most common presentation format is the decimal format, which has the following meaning: If you bet USD 10 at 1.50 odds, you win 10 * 1.50 = USD 15. If you withdraw your original bet, you make a profit of USD 5 .
  • Accumulator = If you have more than one bet on your bet slip, you have the possibility of accumulating the odds, either by simple multiplication (bet odds 1 x bet odds 2 x bet odds 3… etc) or by using a system.
  • HT / FT = Half Time / Full Time (short for Half Time / Full Time)
  • DNB = Draw No Bet. If you place a DNB bet and the game ends in a draw, you get your money back.
  • Free bet = Bonus from your betting site if you lose this bet you will get your bet back.
  • Cashout = Possibility of closing bets before the end of the game. For example, you bet that Real Madrid won against Barcelona and Real were leading 2-1 in the 75th minute. If you have the option to cashout, you can withdraw from the bet, become a winner and win a fraction of the total prize.
  • Over / Under = In football betting, “over” a certain number means “more than”, while “under” means “less than / less than”.
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This is part of the jargon you need to get used to the world of soccer betting.

Popular market

Now that you understand how to place a bet, you can start looking for teams and games to bet on. Of course, you have your favorite teams and leagues, but what if there were better possibilities out there? In the world of soccer, there is a simple rule: the more popular the event, the better the odds and the more choices you have.

If you want to bet on a famous game like Barcelona Real Madrid, you are sure to have lots of special offers, great odds and lots of possible bets to choose from. If you want to bet on local derbies from Romania such as Chindia Targoviste FC Arges or local rivals Malta, you might run into trouble.

Here are the most popular football events you should have on your radar:

World Cup, European Championship, Copa America

Tournaments like this happen once every few years but are usually attended by football fans from all over the world meaning that the bookies will go to great lengths to attract customers. Also, it’s a good idea to bet on the national team in general, because the difference in player values ​​is much more noticeable than just on a club scale. While these competitions offer many betting possibilities, they occur only occasionally.

Champions League, Europa League, Copa Libertadores

Continental Cups are fun to watch, pitting teams from across the continent against one another. While these games happen quite often throughout the year, they are very unpredictable. Picking the winner of this kind of game can be difficult, but there are many other possibilities to be had in these games.

First League, La Liga, Seri A, Bundesliga, Ligue 1

The domestic league is sort of the bread and butter for every betting fan as teams have to deliver consistent results here, every weekend. This is where it looks like they will go up or down, pleasant surprises and outcomes this is where we will capitalize on our bets.

In addition, bet on the continent’s biggest leagues, such as the English Premier League (read more about Premier League betting here) and the Championship, Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A, German Bundesliga or French Ligue 1. Of course, there are more options. on the continent, but you can stick with it and make a decent amount of money every weekend.

Domestic Cup

Each country has at least one domestic cup, which runs annually. We usually avoid picking winners in tournament games like these, as it is very difficult to predict whether teams treat this competition with the respect it deserves or see it as another place to rotate their squad. Even though we can’t pick a winner, there are things at play in the domestic cup game.

Types of bets

Finally, now that you have an account at your chosen online soccer gambling site, and have your money ready, it’s time to start placing some bets. There are many types of bets that you can look at, but the most important ones you need to know are the following:

Final result / halftime result

This is the easiest and most common bet. You only place money on the final result (FT) of the game or the halftime result (HT) of the game. For this bet, the home team is always marked with the number 1, the away team is marked with the number 2, and the draw is marked with an X.

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Say you want to bet on a match between Manchester United and Manchester City, played at Old Trafford (United headquarters). You should see something like: 1 1.90; X 3.20; 2 -5.50. This means United’s chances of winning the game are 1.90, making them the favourites, while City’s win will give 5.50 times your initial investment.

These bets are called outright bets because you only bet on the full time result. You can make the same bet on the halftime result, or combine HT and FT predictions for better odds.

For example, a bet like “HT/FT 1/1” means that you believe United will be leading at half-time and at the end of the game. Some of these options like “HT/FT 2/1” have high odds of around 30 but they are very hard to predict.

Also, if you think United are in bad form and City should at least avoid defeat, there are several ways to bet on this. First, we have the “Double Chance” bet type, which has three options:

  • 1X The home team wins or the match ends in a draw
  • X2 The away team wins or the match ends in a draw
  • 12 One team wins, no draw

If you believe Manchester City avoided defeat in the previous example, X2 is the way to bet. Also, you have the opportunity to bet “DNB” which is described in the glossary above. “DNB” here means that if City wins your bet comes out the winner, but if the match ends in a draw, you get your money back.

Number of goals

Sometimes, you don’t want to bet on the final outcome of the game, as it can be easily influenced by uncontrollable factors. For example, Chelsea may have played only a minor role in the FA Cup, and have a clear 1.20 bet odds of winning, right? In the 10th minute, a Chelsea defender committed a professional foul, he was sent off, the opponent received a penalty and scored. Things are suddenly a lot more difficult for the Blues and for you, if you choose the outright bet.

One other option is to bet on the number of goals scored in a single game. In this case, most betting websites have an “over/under” system, which is built around -5 numbers. For example, a target bet of “over 0.5” means that you believe at least one goal will be scored, regardless of which team. 2.5 is the most famous number here most bets are placed whether we will see over 2.5 goals in the game or under this number.

Of course, you can also bet on a specific team to score more than a certain number of goals or under. For example, Barcelona if scoring more than 1.5 goals is a win bet if they win 5-0 or lose 2-3 making it a flexible investment. Some bookies also offer betting opportunities on scoring intervals. You can bet that you will see between 1 and 4 goals in a given game. In this case, the narrower the interval, the greater the chance.

There is another special mention here: “both teams to score bets”. This bet is valid if one of the teams manages to score a goal. 1-1, 3-2, 5-4, 6-1 are all winners here. A very good way to abuse this bet is to play it when the very big teams meet the small ones. The favorites might score 3 or 4 times, but they will lose focus and concede a goal.

Correct score

There’s not much to explain here. The odds that online soccer betting sites offer for the correct score are usually great, but these are very difficult to predict and depend a lot on luck. One way to abuse these correct scores is to combine them. Let’s say a solid defensive team meets a much weaker team at home. They will likely win the game and avoid conceding, but will not score as many goals. Placing three bets on the correct score like 1-0, 1-1 and 2-0 will give you better odds than making an “under 2.5 goals” bet.

Handicap betting

Most people believe Handicap betting is a complicated thing to understand. That’s not true. Simply put, the number you see near the team name is the number of goals (or cards, or whatever) they have as a “bonus”. Here’s our explanation.

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In the game described above between Manchester United and Manchester City, in the Asian Handicap section of your betting site’s betting list, you will see something like Manchester United +1.

This means United started the game with a one-goal advantage. If the final score is 0-0, United are the winners due to their initial +1 bonus. If the final score is 0-1, bet means a tie (1-1, with starting bonus), you get your money back. An Asian Handicap of +0.5 equals a 1X bet, while an Asian Handicap of -1.5 would mean you expect United to win by at least 2 goals. If you bet United -1.5 and the game will end 1:0, you will lose the bet, even though United won.

The +0.75 bet is no more than half the bet between +0.5 and +1. Your bet is divided between the +0.5 bet and the +1 bet. If the final score is 0:1, you will lose the +0.5 bet, but get your money back on the +1 bet, by limiting the amount of money you lose.

Asian Handicap betting is also available on goals scored, cards, corners, possession, etc.

Special bet

Speaking of cards and holdings, you have the opportunity to bet on these things too. You can bet that one team will be booked more than their opponent, that they will have more possession, you can bet on which player will score one goal, more than one goal, the first goal the odds are endless. But remember, the more complicated the scenario, the less likely it is to happen.

On paper, a bet like United to win by 2 goals, Zlatan to score once and Pogba to be booked while City have more yellow cards overall sounds rather easy. Seeing it, in fact, was much more difficult.

Acca Bet accumulator

The last thing you need to know here is about accumulator betting. We recommend that you stick to one, two or maybe three matches on your bet slip. We have seen in practice that the odds of winning when you bet on more matches drop dramatically. Even if you bet on the favourites, just take a look at the major European leagues for two or three weeks, and see how many of these favorites drop points against weaker clubs.

Of course, almost every day you will see some people win USD 50,000 on a USD 5 bet, after placing 22 selections on the bet slip and miraculously winning them all. No one tells us how many people lost $5 in bets each day, and how many times the guy played the $5 picks before he won the big prize. If you dream of getting big without having to work, you might be better off playing the lottery.


In the end, we hope we have managed to summarize the basics of soccer betting and send you well on your way to making money from this online soccer gambling activity. There are a few things we would like to state before closing this post:

Only bet on what you can afford to lose. Never bet with your hard earned money and need for something else. Think of betting as the best side income, if not just a hobby.

Always document your bets. This will help you understand where you are winning, where you are losing and how you can increase your overall percentage.

There will always be bad days. There will be weekends when you will win every bet you make, and weekends when you will lose bets that have 1.04 odds.

Be consistent. Develop your betting system from scratch, and stick with it for at least 6 months so you can test it in real, hands-on conditions.

Avoid betting at the start of each season, in the early stages of tournaments and on friendly matches. Live betting should be avoided here looking for a better idea.

Finally, we would like to thank you for reading this article and wish you good luck in your soccer betting career. Stop by to read our weekly game analysis and you are free to express any ideas you may have we love nothing more than making money and winning bets.