Basketball Handicap Betting Guide

There are many different ways in which you can bet on the game of basketball and that is one of the main elements of interest in betting on this sport. When it comes to the most popular ways to bet, basketball handicap betting is up there with the other top basketball betting markets.

Many people who enjoy betting on basketball do so on handicap lines, this is a great way to back a favorite to a big hit or back an underdog team to keep the distance. The lines are quite simple to understand and that means they can be used by all types of Daftar Agen Bola Terbaik players, from those who are betting for the first time to those who are much more experienced.

If you have never placed a bet on a handicap line but you want to give it a try, then here is our guide to betting on a basketball handicap.

What is a Basketball Handicap Betting Line?

First, what is a handicap in basketball betting? For those who don’t know, handicap lines are fictional lines created by bookmakers for betting purposes. The idea of ​​this line is to make both teams even for betting purposes.

If there is a strong favorite in the game, they will have a deficit to overcome on the handicap line. The underdog will get an early start and that is used to balance the game.

Asian handicap spread betting example in basketball

Those backing the favorites not only need their team to win, but they also need to win by enough points to cover the handicap daftar slot online. For example, a line set of -7.5 points means that the favorite must win by eight points to cover the handicap basketball spread bet.

If you back an unseeded team with an early start then they can win the game, draw or lose with a lower score than the handicap line. Using the example above, if your team is +7.5, it means you will win if they win the game, draw or lose by seven points or less.

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It’s harder for the favorite to win using a basketball handicap line, so you’ll get a better price than backing them on a standard money line. However, if you back the underdog then there is more chance of them winning because your bet can win even if they lose the game, for this reason, the underdog will have a shorter price on the handicap line than the money line.

One important thing to note here is that bookmakers (read this – best crypto bookies of 2020) may offer slightly different handicap lines, so make sure you look around for good value. Usually, you look for prices to get the best price but with handicap betting, you need to find the best line as well as the best price.

If the game is close to the line, getting a bad basketball handicap line could mean you lose a bet that would be considered a winner elsewhere, so you’ll have to shop around, probably more than with any other type of bet.

Alternative Handicap Lines

If you want to take your handicap betting in basketball to the next level, then once you gain experience with the lines, you can look for alternative lines. Most bookmakers offer this, though not all, so make sure you are with a bookmaker that offers excellent basketball betting markets. Here to be able to find a ranking of the best betting companies for 2020.

how to make a handicap in a basketball betting game

Alternative handicap lines offer you different lines to bet on, with greater odds available. Example of a basketball handicap bet: if the standard line is set at -7.5 but you think the team can win more than that, you can choose a bigger line, say -10.5, and get a bigger chance on that line, because the odds win less.

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This is the type of work you need to do if you want to take your betting to the next level and make more profit, and these alternative lines can definitely come in handy if you think the standard line isn’t big enough and you want more. Mark.

In-Game Handicap Betting

The emergence of in-game betting has been seen in many sports including basketball. The handicap basket line will come into play, and this will change depending on how the game goes. Again, this means shopping around as the lines and odds will differ depending on your bet.

As with all types of in-game betting, if you can read the game well and know what’s coming next, you can place a bet and earn a lot of money before the odds change. Look for big momentum in the game, where teams are rapidly accumulating points and you’ll see the handicap line change significantly. Bet at the right time and you will put yourself in a fantastic position for this game.

Basketball Handicap Betting Tips

By adding handicap lines to your bets, you add another element and therefore, you need to have solid sports knowledge to use these lines. However, use it properly and there is definitely value out there for you to take advantage of.

The easiest way to use these lines, and a place to start for beginners, is with favorites you want to win easily. Pick a few of them and place these types of bets first before you start exploring alternative handicap lines or picking an underdog with an early start.

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If you are able to back a few favorites successfully then you will be rewarded at a much bigger price than you would get in the money line market, where they will be short.

Things are more difficult, so losses will come more often, but on the other hand, when wins come, you will see more profit from your bet.

Areas to look at when making a selection include the schedule and what the traveling team must complete before the game. Anything that can tire the team during the game is a reason to look at the handicap line as opponents can get away with things and build a large winning margin. Click here if you are interested in more topics on basketball betting.

People ask this question

? How do I make a basketball handicap game?

If you think the favorite of the basketball game will win very easily, then with a handicap you get a better chance when betting on the moneyline. If you want an underdog team with a handicap then there are more chances of them winning because your bet can win even if they lose the game.

? What is the spread in basketball betting?

Spread betting is when the bet predicts that the favorite team will win by a certain number of points.

? Are wide basketball bets the same as handicap soccer bets?

Yes, spread betting is the same as handicap betting.

? Is it possible to find the Asian handicap basketball market?

The term Asian handicap is used more for soccer betting. But Asian handicap betting is the same as handicap or spread betting.